Ilm e Jafar : A Glimpse From The History

We have published many articles on the benefits of ILM e JAFAR and we have also discussed the parts of ‘News’ and ‘Practices’ in depth. It is hard to deny the reality of the ILM e JAFAR but in our society it has become a fashion to put a tag of ‘Haram’ on anything that is higher than the intelligence of the persons who claims to hold the authority to issue decree on any matter.

We are presenting here some references from the history to show the authenticity of ILM e JAFAR. Before giving references it will be better to mention the names of scholars along with their books in which they have proved the genuineness of Jafar. These scholars have done a great research on Jafr. The scholars belong to the main two sects of Islam.


Imam Ahmed Raza Barelvi Risala Fi Aljafr
Mansoor Ibne Halaj Baghdadi Sir Al Israr
Mansoor Ibe Arabi Behar Al Waquf ILM Al Haroof
Abu Al Khair Rabey Nasus Al Anwar Harfia
Abdullah Qurtabi Fasus Al Haroof
Mohiuddin Ibne Arabi Qawaneen e Taqveen
Nasir Uddin Toosi Israr e Jafr
Imam Ghazali Zairjat o Ashraf Al Murrabaat
Imam Khomeini Kashaf ul Akhbar
Tookhi Al Falqi Sir Al Akhbar
Mukarram Ali Muazzam Kashaf Al Maknoon
Umar Bin Al Faras Al Hawi Qars Al Shams Fi Bayan Al Haroof
Abdul Aziz Purharvi Muntaha Al Kamal
Nasir Uddin Al Toosi Makhzan Al Haroof
Bayzeed Bastami Haqaiq Al Yaqeen
Allama Zarqafi Madaraj Al Barooj
Jamsheed Basri Maani Al Aadad
Ahmed Bin Antaki Yaqeen Min Al Haroof


A book can be written only to give the names of scholars who have depicted the truthiness of Jafar. These scholars hold utmost authenticity in the history of Islam such as Imam Ghazali(ra). It is surprising to know that many scholars are giving Fatwa against ILM e JAFAR and are ignoring the writings of these greatest scholars of all times.

There is no doubt on the position of Abu Hamid Muhammad Bin Muhammad Al Toosi Al Ghazali ( Imam Ghazali) that he holds among Islamic Scholars. He died in 505 Hijri. Imam Yafeye elaborates the life events of Imam Ghazali in his famous book Mirrat ul Janan. In the third volume of the book on page number 177 he writes that Imam Ghazali holds great ranks and honour among the scholars of Ahle Sunnat. He is also known as ‘Hujjat Al Islam’. Imam Yafeye also writes that Imam Ghazali is the ocean of the knowledge and Prophet MUHAMMAD(pbuh&hp) also showed great pride of having Imam Ghazali to the Prophet Essa(a.s.) and Prophet Moosa(a.s.).

Similarly Allama Jalal uddin Siooti in his book Al Tanbeeh Be Mann Yabt Ullah Aala Ras Kul e Maah writes with the reference of Muhammad Bin Abdul Baqi Al Zarqai of his book Sharha Mawahib Le Denehi volume 1 that he has mentioned Imam Ghazali with great honour and praise. The similar wordings can also be fined in the book Hidayat Al Saada of Shahab Uddin Daulat Abadi. One can ask that if ILM e JAFAR was ‘Haram’ in Islam then why a great personality like Imam Ghazali spent a precious time of his life in proving the authenticity of it.

We now present a glimpse of ILM e JAFAR from the history. The term ‘JAFAR’ or ‘ JAFRA’ is associated with a goat baby when he reaches the age of four months and stops to take his mother milk.

Allama Kamal Uddin Dameri in his book Hayat Al Heywan volume 1 page 197 published from Egypt writes that ILM e JAFAR existed before the Prophet MUHAMMAD(pbuh&hp) and its presence has also mentioned in the Holy Quran in Surah Al Araf from verse number 145 to 150 in which we find the connection of ILM e JAFAR with Prophet Moosa(a.s.) scriptures.

Allama Abbas Qummi Muhadis in his book Safina Al Bakhar volume 1 writes that it was Prophet MUHAMMAD(pbuh&hp) Who arranged to write the principles of ILM e JAFAR on a goat skin due to this reason it got fame by the name of ILM UL JAFAR.

Imam Musa Bin Jafar Al Kazim(a.s.) said that during the last days of the life of Prophet MUHAMMAD(pbuh&hp) He took Hazrat Ali(a.s.) to the mountain of Uhadd. Then according to the order of ALLAH(Wahi) the Prophet MUHAMMAD(pbuh&hp) called the goats living in the mountain. Goats gathered around Prophet MUHAMMAD(pbuh&hp). Hazrat Ali(a.s.) took a four month old goat and slaughtered it on the order of the Prophet MUHAMMAD(pbuh&hp). Hazarat Ali(a.s.) cleaned the skin of the goat. Then angel Jibraeil(a.s.) came with a pen and ink. The ink was not made from the materials of the earth. Jibraeil(a.s.) said that the writing on the skin goat with this ink will never be faded. The ink was of green colour. The angel Jibraeil(a.s.) conveyed the words from ALLAH to the Prophet MUHAMMAD(pbuh&hp) and then Prophet told Hazrat Ali(a.s.) to write these words. This was a special writing which paints the future of the world, the incidents that will happen to pious persons and the children (Syed / Sadaat) of Prophet MUHAMMAD(pbuh&hp) and matters of the future governments.

Imam Jafar Sadiq(a.s.) said that the articles in the book of Ilm e jafar were in the form of alphabets. Imam Hassan Mujtaba(a.s.) presented the words Alif, Baa , Seen Laam and till the final alphabet. He also said that from each alphabet a news word was extracted. The knowledge of ILM e JAFR that passed to the people was based on two alphabets. For reference see Kitab Al Akhtisas.

Imam Jaffer Sadiq(a.s.) also said that only Prophet MUHAMMAD(pbuh&hp) and His successor (Wasi) can be masters of ILM e JAFAR. Ordinary people cannot attain mastery in this knowledge. He said that the book of jafr holds the entire knowledge related to every person’s life, death, grieves and happiness but in volume the book is short. Hazrat Ali(a.s.) was used to tie the book of Al jafar with Zulfiqar sword.

The book of jafar was written by the hands of Hazrat Ali(a.s.) and later Imam Jafar Sadiq(a.s.) also wrote a copy of the book with his own hands. The book has been travelling from generation to generation in the family of ‘Syeds’/ ‘Sadaat’. The authenticity of the book of jafr has been recognised by the scholars of Sunni and Shia sects.

Ibne Khuldoon Maghrabi in the pretext of his history writes that Haroon bin Said Aajli narrated the sayings of Imam Jafar Sadiq(a.s.) that the book of jafar gives the detail of future incidents specially to the future of Ahl e Bait(a.s.).

In the book Tareekh e Asar Jafri page 74 it is written that the book of jafar is with the family of Abdul Momin. On the other hand the Turkish emperor Saleem Usmani first claimed that the original book of jafr written by Imam Jafar Sadiq(a.s.) was found in Egypt and the book is safe in his library. Traditions say that the original book of jafar is with Imam Mehdi(a.s.).

Ibne Khalkan in the book Tareekh Dakhyat Al Ayaan writes that the pupil of Imam Jafar Sadiq(a.s.) Abu Musa Jabar Bin Hayyan wrote a book titled Kitab Al Jafar Al Aswad. The book contains the lectures and teachings of Imam Jafar Sadiq(a.s.). The book has thousand pages. Other evidence show that in this book Imam Jafar Sadiq(a.s.) told the rules and methods of Chemistry to Jabar Bin Hayyan by using ILM ul HAROOF. Jabar Bin Hayyan is world famous for his esteemed position in the Chemistry.Two more books on ILM e JAFAR such as Jafar e Abiaz and Jafar e Ahmar are also associated with Imam Jafar Sadiq(a.s.).

ILM e JAFAR is a true knowledge. If a person who is obtaining answer does not make any mistake or does not force his personal ambitions in obtaining the answer then ILM e JAFAR always gives true answer.

Allama Abdullah Al Jazairi says that ILM e JAFAR gives more authentic answers than astrology and geomancy, in fact ILM e JAFAR is the living miracle of the Holy Quran. Allama Syed Jafar Behar Al Aloom Najfi said that if you want your answer in the manner of Holy Quran then you will get the answer from the verse of the Holy Qruan. For instance if you put a question that Who will put life to dead bones the answer will come from the verse of the Holy Quran that The ONE who is the creator of these bones.

In the future we will publish more articles on this topic.


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