Mars In Leo | Mars Talismans Of Exaltation & Dignity

یہ مضمون اردو میں پڑھنے کے لیے یہاں کلک کریں

Nature has blessed every planet with different energies. When these energies enter into earth atmosphere they bring various effects in everyone’s life. The planet Mars is the ruler of Aries and Scorpio zodiacs. Mars is famous as the planet of wars and glory. On the other hand Mars is very powerful for protections against enemies. The Mars comes to exaltation when it enters into Capricorn and comes at 28 degree. Arab astrologist also have same concept of Mars exalt. Talisman of Mars are unique in their effectiveness. The planet Mars is like a sailor that helps us to accomplish our life projects.   

The planet Mars has red surface and is enriched with iron. The metal of Mars is iron. Iron traces can also be found in blood. The iron is known as the strongest metal and due to this ability weapons are made out of it to win wars. The planet Mars is associated with human physical power, courage, bravery and adventures.

This year Mars exaltation will start on 30 July 2019 at 12:37 pm and will end on 1st August 2019 at 2:26 am. The timing given here is according to Pakistan standard time.

In past we have published articles on Mars exaltation and dignity. These articles describe many methods to prepare different talisman, amulet and ring related to this auspicious event. There links are given here so that everyone can benefit from this event.

Fathamandi Talisman – Victory Talisman

Those who wish to hold highest ranks in the society, want to excel in every field of life and want to influence the society. Those who want to protect themselves from the harm of jealousy and prejudice must have Mars Talisman with them. The Mars talisman is also very helpful for players who want to outshine others with their brilliance in the field of sports. The entire process of this talisman is given here, Link

Talisman For Victory Over Enemies

If you are working in office or own a business and other people are jealous of your progress and prosperity and they are creating various hurdles in your smooth flow to success. If you are a married person and your in-laws have made your life a misery or the woman whom your son has married is destroying the peaceful and loving atmosphere of the home. In any matter where you are the target of enemies by using this talisman you can protect yourself from their evil doings against you. The details can be read on the link, Link

Talismanic Ring For Sexuality And Physical Health

By looking that life pattern of various species living on planet earth one point emerges with greatest importance that every creation wants the continuity of race. Each specie on this planet has a unique way to give birth to new life. Humans are not different than animals and birds in reproduction. Human life style is a mixture of comfort and discomfort. The pressure to succeed in life, pollution and ignoring health brings many physical problems. A healthy looking person lacks ability to bring new generation due unseen health issues. Apart from bringing off springs human also express their feelings through physical relation. The physical satisfaction is also among the key factors for a successful relation. Unhappiness and dissatisfaction in a physical relation also results in divorce. Mars ring gives great physical strength to a healthy and happy life. The link is here.

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