Nauroz 2015: An Auspicious Time For The Fulfillment Of Wishes

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The planet Sun starts its zodiacal journey from the Aries. The planet Sun after completing its circle through 12 zodiacs again comes to its initial point which is Aries and when it comes at zero degree this event is known as the Nauroz. It is an aupicious time to make talisman and amulets to enable a person to achieve his aims, targets and fulfil his wishes. We are presenting these talisman and amulets on this event: Nauroz And Seal Of The Sun, Multipurpose And Spiritual Elevation Talisman, Special Nauroz Talisman, Saturn Talisman To Remove Saturn Malefic.

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Venus Exalt February 2015

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The Venus exalt will commence on 17th February 2015 at 19:13 and will last till 18th February 2015 at 14:40 as per Pakistan standard time. At the exalt of Venus we are presenting three different types of talisman: Conquering And Attracting The Masses, Conquering A Particular Heart, Attracting Wealth.

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Philosophy Of The Spirituality

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Spirituality exists in every religion and faith. Spirituality brings happiness to life. Spirituality requires great continuous effort and patience. . If a person has a strong determination and patience then spirituality definitely gives him what he wants.

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Evil Eye A Harmful Negative Energy

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A human eye has always been regarded as a powerful and influential part of the body from thousands of years. In every religion we find the effects of eye on a person. Human history is full of myth and reality about the negative effects of human eye. The discharge of the negative energy from human eye is called Evil Eye. Evil eye causes bad luck, health issues and disease. It can result in the closure of a successful business. Sudden unemployment and lack of productivity are caused by evil eye. It can turn a rich person to a poor.

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ILM e JAFR: Facts Of Various Methods Part 2

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We are presenting the second article of the series. The article is taken from the famous book ‘Tehqeeq e Jafr’ of Babar Sultan. This Jafr method is known as ‘Shibka Jafr’ and was introduced by Babar Sultan againt the method of ‘Mustehsala Anasar’ of Allama Shaad Gilani.

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Digit 9 Ring On Mars Exalt 2014

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We are presenting the ring of digit 9 during the exalt of the planet Mars. The ring brings protection and stability. It is a source of happiness for mind and heart. It helps to achieve highest ranks. It brings wealth and prosperity. It brings out from difficult time period of life. It is also very helpful in the cure for psychological problems.

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Mars Exalt December 2014

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The planet Mars is known as the ruler of human physical strength, determination, bravery and conquest. Mars will come to exalt on 1st December 2014. Those who wish to hold highest ranks in the society, want to protect themselves from the harm of jealousy and prejudice must have Mars Talisman with them. The talisman brings wealth in abundance to those who are associated to a business that includes iron. It also gives big gains to a person working on machines or doing a business to buy and sale of machines.

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Talisman Ras Al Ghaul: Syed Mohammad Ajmal

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Human jealousy and bigotry has resulted in the fall of the society from the throne of humanity. People call black spiritual forces to make the life of a happy person full of misery. Due to the lack of knowledge often tag this condition to Jinn and evil entities. A person under Ras Al Ghaul sees horrifying faces in sleep. In the market we find many shops where there are few or no customers. These black entities create an atmosphere that people do not like to buy things from that particular shop or store. It results in the closure of the business.

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Marriage Delays And Obstacles

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Finding a suitable life partner to marry children is becoming difficult day by day. A girl family is facing an uphill task to find a person who can give their daughter a happy married life, on the other hand a boy family is also facing obstacles in finding a suitable girl for their son.

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The Mercury Exalt August 2014

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The planet Mercury comes to the point of exalt when it enters in the house of Virgo at 15 degree. The Mercury exalt period will start on 23 August 2014 at 14:13 and will last till 24 August at 04:06. Mercury governs education, transport, travel to foreign countries, short distance travel, messages including emails and telephone calls, newspapers, journalism, writing and online communication skills.

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ILM e JAFR: Facts Of Various Methods Part 1

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A great number of articles and countless books have been published in the praise of ilm e jafr. We have started a series of articles on ilm e jafr to bring new dimensions for our readers and we will bring materials from the old books with their jafr methods and also that what was written in the favour or against these methods in old times.

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The Sun Peak July 2014

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The planet Sun is elevated to the PEAK ranks when it enters in the house of Cancer at 20 degree. This year the Sun will be at its peak during the month of July 2014. The Sun will stay in the peak hours from 11th July at 13th hour 57 minutes and 11 seconds (13:57:11). The peak period will last till 12th July at 15th hour 7 minute and 45 seconds (15:07:45). These timings are as per Pakistan standard time.

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