Planetary Events

Venus Exaltation March 2018

The planet Venus will be exalted on 3 March 2018 at 11:39:13 and this event will end at 06:55:18 on 4 March 2018 as per Pakistan standard time. At the exalt of Venus we are presenting three different types of talisman: Conquering And Attracting The Masses, Conquering A Particular Heart, Attracting Wealth. Read more

Planetary Events

The Planet Mercury Exalt 21 Sept. 2017

Planet Mercury brings great benefits to humans when it is exalted and dignified. It directly effects various matters of life. The power of speech and writing, education and specialization in higher studies, sharpening the memory, attracts children towards studies, removes obtuse, gives intelligence and wisdom, heals speaking impediments. It also gives health to patients suffering from various mental diseases including schizophrenia, mental instability, epilepsy, protection against accidents, news papers, magazines, online communication, TV, social media all comes under Mercury domain. At the event of Mercury Exalt various talismans and amulets are presented. Read more

Planetary Events

Mercury Exalted Sept. 2017

The planet Mercury comes to the point of exalt when it enters in the house of Virgo at 15 degree. The Mercury exalt will start on 21 Sept. 2017 at 07:08 and will last till 21 Sept. at 21:13. Mercury governs education, transport, travel to foreign countries, short distance travel, messages including emails and telephone calls, newspapers, journalism, writing and online communication skills. Read more


Mars Talisman For Victory Over Enemies And Opponents

On the auspicious event of Mars dignity we are presenting a talisman that will save you from the evil of your enemies and opponents. Your enemies will be failed in harming you. With blessings of this talisman people will abandon their enmity and will start praising you. The planet Mars will enter its point of Dignity on 17 August at 18:24 and it remain there till 19 August at 7:59. The time is as per Pakistan standard time. Read more