The Mercury Exalt August 2014

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The planet Mercury comes to the point of exalt when it enters in the house of Virgo at 15 degree. The Mercury exalt period will start on 23 August 2014 at 14:13 and will last till 24 August at 04:06. Mercury governs education, transport, travel to foreign countries, short distance travel, messages including emails and telephone calls, newspapers, journalism, writing and online communication skills.

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ILM e JAFR: Facts Of Various Methods Part 1

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A great number of articles and countless books have been published in the praise of ilm e jafr. We have started a series of articles on ilm e jafr to bring new dimensions for our readers and we will bring materials from the old books with their jafr methods and also that what was written in the favour or against these methods in old times.

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The Sun Peak July 2014

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The planet Sun is elevated to the PEAK ranks when it enters in the house of Cancer at 20 degree. This year the Sun will be at its peak during the month of July 2014. The Sun will stay in the peak hours from 11th July at 13th hour 57 minutes and 11 seconds (13:57:11). The peak period will last till 12th July at 15th hour 7 minute and 45 seconds (15:07:45). These timings are as per Pakistan standard time.

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The Knowledge Of JAFR: Four Elements Methods

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The method has been associated to the ‘Father of Jafr’ Allama Shaad Gilani. The method brings answers with great ease and clarity. The letters produced by this method are self speaking.

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World Famous Jupiter Talisman – Jupiter Exalt

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As we have mentioned in our previous articles that year 2013 and 2014 are the years of Jupiter. In 2014 the planet Jupiter will be at its exalt starting from 24th April at 10:12:52 in the morning and will remain in the exalt till 1st May at 10:11:41 morning time. In the 2013 the Jupiter […]

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The Exalt Of Sun 8 April 2014

Posted on 28. Mar, 2014 by .

Planet Sun is known as the king of the planets. It is the most powerful planet of our solar system. It showers positive energies on earth. Body and soul get benefits from these positive energies. The Exalt of Sun is of high importance. When planet Sun enters in the house of Aries and reaches at 19 degree it comes into the state of Exalt. At this time Sun showers its cosmic rays on the earth. If these rays are absorbed and put into different spiritual amulets and talisman then these bring a highly positive attraction to holder of these talisman or amulets.
During the year 2014 this precious and benevolent time is coming on 8th April at 2:56 am. and will end on 9th April at 3:20 am.

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Nauroz 2014 A Precious Time To Fulfill Wishes

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Nauroz is a time when planet Sun enters in the House of Aries at 0 degree. It is a very blessing time period to ask for the fulfillment of your wishes. This precious time of Nauroz will occur on Thursday at 16.58 GMT on 20th March 2014.

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Jupiter Second Exalt 2014

Posted on 16. Feb, 2014 by .

We have mentioned in our pervious articles that the most benevolent planet Jupiter started its journey towards exalt. The first phase of exalt was when Jupiter entered in the house of Cancer on 27 June 2013 after a period of 12 years. Jupiter was at its highest exalt when it reached to 15 degree in […]

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Husband Wife Love And Marrying Your Love

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Nature created humans with the combination of fire, water, clay and air. A human is also given the appetite to excel for the best in life.  It is hunger to excel that has resulted in inventions and modernity to every field of life. If we observe closely we will find that the love is a […]

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ILM e JAFR : A Glimpse From The History

Posted on 02. Dec, 2013 by .

We have published many articles on the benefits of ILM e JAFR and we have also discussed the parts of ‘News’ and ‘Practices’ in depth. It is hard to deny the reality of the ILM e JAFR but in our society it has become a fashion to put a tag of ‘Haram’ on anything that […]

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Roohani Aloom Video Channel

Posted on 14. Oct, 2013 by .

Roohani Aloom is pleased to inform its readers that we have started our video channel on Daily Motion. The sole purpose of the channel is to provide video lessons to those who wants to learn spirituality. To watch our first video lesson please click on the picture given here. We will be uploading videos on […]

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Mars Peak September 2013 (Auj e Mareekh)

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Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun. It is also knows as Red Planet. In history Mars is personified by the Greek god of war Ares. In astrology Mars is tied to our ambitions, motivations and energy. Mars also rules our sexuality and sexual energy. From the 25th of September Mars will be at […]

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