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Roohani is a incontestably modern name for those personnel who recently visit here. But those personnel who knew about they know well that it has been converted into  

In October 2004 the first time online roohani magazine Jamal-e-Jaffer Pakistan has been introduced in net world. During these five years the best articles has been published on the related topics of Ilm-e-Jaffer, Ilm-e-Rammal, Ilm-e-Naqosh, Ilm-e-Haziraat, Numerology, Taskheerat-e-Arwah, Muraqba(Meditation), Hypnotism, Telepathy, Mesmerism, Jafr Aasar, Ilm-e-Najoom(Astrology), Huroof-e-Sawamat and etc etc.During this period not only domestically even internationally thousands of peoples expressed their preference and enviably about it. Where the modern ways has been presented of Uloom-e-Roohani there also introduced different softwares for get the easiest ways in these ulooms from the organization.In which the abstraction of fortune time, calculation of ascendant and the famous jafri mustehsla tarha-e-anasari which has been served to the readers by the name of Late Allama Shaad Gillani. Due to every month website updatation the website has become in the form of monthly mangazine. Many peoples showed their concerns and expressed their feelings to learn about inscrutable studies and cause of their views we started a institution way of Occult science.Also in this regard some peoples gave me pressure to stop this website where i am giving the precious data at free of cost but we instead to lossing our courage we started to do more hardwork for the better promotion of Roohani Aloom and gradually we got success and began our new step of Online Roohani Book Store. In which we offered the centuries old Arabic , Persian and Urdu collection. As we tried to make collaboration of modern science and spiritual uloom. Due to some reasons we had to stop the website of Jamal-e-Jaffer Pakistan and the readers waited for the articles extremist. Jamal-e-Jaffer was a complete name but it had one defect that according to the website name we should just publish Jafri Amaal so we selected a name such like this in which can all the related purposals of Roohaniyat can come so we choosed the website name During this we also felt a big change in IT world where peoples began to get interest in Roohani Aloom. Also few friends published their website in urdu language on the topic of Roohani studies which is surely good but we visited some websites so we came to know that all the data of the website was copied by our website Well we dont have any complain from them because indeed this cheating has showed their less ability and knowledge about Roohaniyat. Our aim and goal for creat is still same as when first we presented Let us define it again that for long time many books has been published on the topic of Uloom e Roohaniyat but nobody tried to publish the single one on the internet when presently it is the world of Information Technology where many peoples are doing research on many other studies so it is also necessary to do research and investigate about our centuries old forefathers Roohani studies.  

In our this modern era the spritual knowledge is reckoning in superstition. Why is it? May be it is caused by those Aamileen(evocators) who are performing the sacred aloom into the form of infamous. Often seen that those pupils who just sit on the footpaths and atleast can’t write the name of Almighty Allah but they profess their self on the top in Roohaniyat. In our people’s mind some things such like Sifli Aamal ,Seher wa Jadoo (spell and magik), Jafr wa Najoom, Noorani Aamal and illusions count in the list of magic.  

Which library on the topic of Amaliyaat is available for us they tottally are the copying process so now it is too difficult to do rectification of them. Often seen that some persons buy some books on the topic of Amaliyaat and become Amil.  

So in real is it too easy to make a Aamil?  

In real is it too easy to get spiritual knowledge?  

We are trying our best and the same purpose is also our aim to show the facts in front of our readers so that they can be able to understand the reality. In our country many Aamileen make a source of income through give the permision of any Amal to the peoples but in real are they able to give the permision? We will try to unevil like such a lot of these types of facts in front of our readers so that they can understand the inwardness of Roohani Aloom. Which Aamal are published on our website we are giving openly permision to do it to every students in case anybody is not understanding any thing so freely contact us and get information at free of cost.   

Now it is need to gain benefits from the Ilm(knowledge) of our forefathers We looked about all these situation and started a Institute Of Occult Science and in history it is the first institute which is doing publication of spiritual knowledge and studies through internet and also in urdu language so now you can fulfil your spiritual inclination through internet. Some topics will be prefer gradatory such like Ilm-e-Jafr, Ilm-e-Najoom, Rammal(Geomancy), Naqoosh, Aadaad(Numerology), Ilm-ul-Nafs(Breathing exercise), Palmistry, Muraqba(Meditation), Hypnotism, Mesmarism, Telepathy, Hazraat-e-Arwah and etc so those persons also can get benefits who are entering in this field as a beginner.   

In this modern era it will be proved that it is E-format magazine after study that you can surely say that you are getting benefits from online Roohani magazine. We will try our best to publish our articles in easy way so somebody who doesn’t have higher qualification can also understand our articles and gain the benefits. Also we are thinking to upload some softwares which are totally related with Roohaniyat which will be the unique path in the history of Roohaniyat.  

Your’s Own

Muhammad Hassan