Sapphire is known as the Holy Stone. It is associated to prophecy, divinity, wisdom and royalty. Sapphire is a stone of intuition and meditation.

In ancient and medieval era Sapphire was known as the stone of faith, good fortune and protection. Sapphire is used to bring peace, joy and inner beauty. Sapphire has the power to turn dreams into reality and to live a prosperous life.

Sapphire holds a prominent place in various religions. In Hebrew tradition we find that Prophet Suleiman(Solomon) a.s. and Prophet Ibrahim(Abraham) a.s. wore Sapphire talisman. It also narrated that the commandments given to Prophet Moosa(Moses) a.s. were engraved on the tablets of Sapphire. The Greeks considered Sapphire as the stone of wisdom. For Buddhists and Hindus it a stone of devotion and spirituality.

Sapphire brings mental clarity and hope in life. It releases depression. It opens the mind towards beauty, intuition and brings self discipline. Sapphire brings calm and focus to the mind.

Sapphire is also used for hearing problems, cancer, insomnia, bleeding, blood vessels, hair loss, vision problems, viruses, back ache, nails, and skin problems.

Sapphire rays helps in awakening the Third Eye. Sapphire talisman protects its wearer from poison. Sapphire talisman has great power to remove black magic.

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