Topaz is a powerful stone. In history Topaz was used to bring strength and invincibility. It was believed that Topaz provides the mind with wisdom and knowledge and for this reason it was given as a gift to figures in high standings including kings and monarchs.

Topaz brings calm and balance in emotions. It brings happiness from children and increase in wealth and knowledge. It also helps to increase the abilities of the person to bring success and stability in life.

Topaz brings good fortune and success in all fields of life. It is very helpful for protection against evil eye. It brings true love, spirituality, peace and hope.

The person who wears Topaz becomes sympathetic, liberal and wealthy. It brings brilliance and cleverness to spend peaceful, pleasant and happy life. It creates strong attachment in couples.

Topaz is has wonderful effects to turn sadness into happiness. It appeases the anger. Topaz brings wealth and high ranks in the society.

Topaz is used in for the treatment of migraine, jaundice, liver problems, anxiety , loss of appetite, and indigestion.

Topaz is also favourable for a girl who is facing problems in finding a suitable life partner.

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