Ruby is a red stone. It is considered as the queen or king of all stones. It is stone of love, admiration and passion.

Throughout the history Ruby is known as the talisman of passion, prosperity and protection. Ruby is a stone that has been known as protective of home, worldly possession, children, and psychic protection.

Ruby is associated with planet Sun. Legends say that emperor Kublai Khan offered an entire city in exchange for a sizable Ruby.

Ruby stimulates circulation and amplifies energy and vitality to the body. Ruby brings depth and stability in a relationship. It allows it wearer to experience all forms of love from wild to mystical communion. Ruby helps to maintain passions and is excellent for increasing the chances of conception.

Ruby holds intense energy. It sharpens the mind and excellence in concentration. Ruby brings courage and success in every matter of life especially in matters of dispute.

Ruby is a shield against all sorts of evil and black magic. It protects the house from intruders.

Ruby brings good flow of blood in entire body. It is considered to be helpful in treating the reproductive organs. Ruby is also used for treatment of sexual dysfunction and impotence or infertility. It stimulates the adrenals, kidneys and spleen. Ruby helps to treat inadequate circulation of blood and energy flow in the body.

Ruby makes a person to be in more courageous mental state. It strengthens the ability to fulfil desires. It helps to remove negative energies from one birth chart.

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