Effects of letters

The Knowledge of letters (Ilm-e-Huroof) is like an extensive universe but when we look so rarely see some peoples who have knowledge about it. Some peoples make fun of it so some say that it’s not effect-able but all those people have no any idea and knowledge. Even though they are ready to say that the given medicines from any physician are effective but delay to accept this fact that God can create and give some special effects to any letter. Remember that the metal is only one like gold, silver, iron, copper etc but thousands types of jewelry, utensils and other useful items are made by it and its our common observation but if the metal is in un-wrought or imperfect condition so we can’t make just only a simple plate of silver similarly it is just a letter for example (الف) but it covers many kinds of effects but it needs artistic and art way. If you have a piece of iron so it will not be useful for you but if you will give it to a skilful manufacturer so he can make it a useful fragment like this letters are useless for you but the ancients are taking lots of work through this source also should must have to know that every shred works on its own place and its power is to be useful at the same place. For example if you want to make any pretty ornament jewelry for a woman so it is necessary that the metal should be soft if you use iron for making it so instead of the symbol of honor it will look inelegancy. Same like this it should must to know that at which place what letter can be useful. If we cogitate more so there is an alphabet (الف) which is useful and powerful on its place for example: (الف) comes as a first alphabet in word Allah but it is also the first alphabet of word Iblees and alphabet (الف) is giving its effects on both sides. Now how the manufacturer knows about the importance, power and the exact place of every shred similarly like that person can understand the power and right place of letters who has knowledge about puissance of letters. At this time we will let you know about alphabet (ن) which is highly consecratory letter and a Surah begins with this wordings in The Holy Quran “ن والقلم وما یسطرون”. The Almighty Allah has closed and covered immensurable sea of meanings and aims in this Holy verse. No one is fully able to tell the whole exact meanings of The Holy Quran but it has explicated as much as human intelligence and knowledge can work. Even it has written by Ulma-e-Roohaniyat about that it is just only a letter,  if it’s amal is to be done so a human can become like, that not only elf and homo even angel will also be his follower.

This is the twenty-fifth letter according to Shamsi Tarteeb and forth letter of development.  According to Shamsi method it is belonged to the Jupiter. Some teachers (related with this field) gave their statement that it is also belonging to the Moon and our research is also same that letter (ن ) is belonged to the Moon.

This process is actually not for lazy persons if you can work hard so now do some analyze and give attention on the method InshAllah you will acquire religion, wealth with the acquisition of world. You have to write this given Naqsh 217 times daily till 21 days and on 22 day it will have to be written 235 times instead of 217. It doesn’t need any specific timing you can fix the timings for do it by your own choice and facility but remind one thing that daily you must have to complete this writing process in one session and there should not to be have any changing in fixed timings if you are late for 2 or 5 minutes so it is okay doesn’t matter. All the naqoosh will be written by the ink of saffron in ablution condition. After this process keep a Naqsh in the centre of flour’s pill, cover it and give it a shape of small round ball like these cover all the Naqoosh in flour’s pills one by one then throw all the pills in any sea , river or lake etc but there should be fishes. One more important thing it is not compulsory that the Naqoosh will be thrown in sea, river or lake daily it can be collected and thrown together after every 3 or 4 days. If it is not possible at all after doing efforts to throw it in any sea, river or lake so in such situation it can also be buried in any forest etc.

Caution and Restraint

You must have to avoid taking every kind of meat, milk, yogurt, butter etc in your meal during these 22 days process. Punctuality of Prayer is must and compulsory to follow the legitimate orders. InshAllah by the Gracing of Almighty and Merciful Allah its influence and effects would be observed within 22 days otherwise after 22 days process start to write 22 Naqoosh in your daily routine. I promise that you will have no need to do struggle on some other way for fulfill your legitimate purpose. You will have to abnegate (about taking meal) just for 22 days. After these 22 days duration when 22 Naqoosh will be written in the daily routine as a (Mudawamat) so it will have no need to follow or do any restraint. Note it out one more thing this process can be done for every legitimate purpose; write your motive at the down side of Naqsh for example: Development in employment, get rid from debits, get health, for appearance of some one (Falan bin Falan) and etc that’s mean this process can be taken to use for fulfill or achieve every kind of legitimate purpose.

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