Loh e Hijjab Mubarak

Loh e Hijjab Mubarak

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We are now offering Loh e Hijjab Mubarak to our visitors. This Loh will be beneficial in all terms. It prepares by the help of seven letters of Syrian language. These seven letters are called Ism e Azam in Syrian language.

Its translation in Arabic Language is:

Those have this Loh they always be safe from archfiend and magic, evil eye, envy, vermin, oppressor animals, incidental mishaps and etc that’s why it is called Loh e Hijjab Mubarak. These all effects are not enough at all it was seen that this Loh also gives its effects to your wealth, helps to give you an honorable magnificence status in the society and aggrandize you. You will never suffer from any hardly financial circumstances. Your progress will be developing day by day these all effects situate by non-expected sources. Magic and spell can never effect you and you can not be a debtor by it rather it gives you an energetic power so you will also be able to give benefits to others. There are seven letters and each letter has a specific name and attributable Talisman each letter has acquainted planet and Moakkil o Awan o Khudam there are also related Ism e Illahi. We have presented all the related things through this table.

First you need to know about the day of birth of those person who needs this Loh if could not know about day of birth so need to know about his zodiac then come to know about the related day of his zodiac now begin the Loh e Mubarak by the related Talisman of the day which u did sequitur. If anyone’s day of birth is Sunday or star is Sun (Shams) so the given wordings will be Talisman.

When prepare this Loh write Talisman and Names of Allah (Ism e Bari Talah) according to the eliminated line prepare this Loh in the timings of attribute star and on its related day. Start to use this Loh after fumigate of related Olibanum (bukhoor) so it will be full effective. If the related planet may honors the attributable day so it will be more beneficial.

This Loh will be prepared by the given method for those persons whose star is Sun (Shams) or the day of birth is Sunday. To intend the same format we will define the Loh of everyday and stars.

When Loh will be ready so give it up fumigation of Oilbanum (Bukhoor) then recite Surah Fatiha once and afflate on it also read the Azeemat which attribute with the day for example like this Loh relates with Sunday. Afterwards read a chaplet (Tasbeeh) daily which is related with day and star. Like who belongs to Sun (Shams) or born on Sunday so the given Azeemat will be for them.

اجب یا روقیائیل یا ابو عبداللہ المذھب بحق یا فرد الفاء یا للطھطیل

If you will consider on the given tabulation so it can easily come in to your knowledge that how did the Azeemat educt?

This is the Loh e Hijjab it is made for those persons who belongs to the Sun (Shams) or Sunday. By some analyze and speculations can easily educt the Loh to make related with everyday.

More Benefits:

(1). If a person involved in internal diseases like Colic, Heart Infirmity or multiple disease related with heart and the disease is irreparable according to the surgeon and physicians , medicines are not working out and giving its influence so write this Loh by Saffron and Rose then after Azeemat write your aim on behind of it then patient should to drink it for seven days InshAllah patient will be cured.

(2).   For confutation of spell and magic, any kind of obturatetion, solution of problems and difficulties, easy childbearing, muzzle of enemy, to get rid from the prison, get excess in wealth, for sacrament, getting marry, escape from the wrath of ruler, acquisition of employment, get success in law cases and also this Loh works excellent in vincibility (Taskheer) e Khalaique.

It is necessary for the Aamil that when any need for the purpose write the aim on behind of Loh after Azeemat and give it to the applicant and say him/her to recite a attributable chaplet (Tasbeeh) related with day or star daily InshAllah surely applicant will get success.

Guardedness: The internally power of letter (ش) is also working in the process of preparation this Loh. Skilful and literati peoples know very well about its effects but those persons who are suffering from Arthralgic they can not sustain it because pain can be increase by the effects of this Loh. Those persons who are victims of joints pain they first should to consult with the doctor and after cure they can use this Loh.

Method of using Loh e Hijjab Mubarak for good works:

Whenever if moon situates in sign Gemini according to the Islamic date and does not aspect any malison and if the ascendant is Pieces or Sagittarius so at time who will begin to prepare name’s attributable Loh by the ink of rose water, musk and saffron then keep it along also start to recite the related Azeemat so InshAllah all the hardships will be solved soon. Also he will be able to see hidden things it will be possible to meet with Spirits and Elysium

For Marriage:

If any girl or woman is facing problem to get marry cause of proposals or feeling that there are some binding ness from any envy so prepare the Loh for her by hers attributable name and give her to keep it along and say her to continuously recite the related Azeemat. InshAllah soon she would be able to get marry in a very good place.

Escape from the wrath of ruler

Anyone who will keep along The Loh e Hijjab Mubarak related with his name and then if he goes to any officer or ruler he will surely be safe from the wrath and anger. It is also beneficial for those persons who are employed in a company and their officers are exasperated. It is also beneficial for get safety from thieves, dacoits or any incidental mishaps but must have to continue the related Azeemat.

For get rid from spell, magic and epilepsy:

This Loh is very effective in the case of spell, black magic and specter or epilepsy and choreal disease. Prepare this Loh according to the patient’s name and give him/her to keep it along and say to recite the related Azeemat. InshAllah all the bad prevalency will be conclude soon.

For laxity of wealth, acquisition of employment and extent richness:

This Loh gives its excellent effects in developing business, to get sacrament, excess of wealth. Prepare this Loh and hang it on the place of shop, factory, business place , house, trade goods etc. InshAllah you will achieve your goal and yours all related aim and motive will be fulfil but it’s a term and condition that applicant should must have to continue the attributable Azeemat of his name so by reciting it continuously the effects of Loh will be double.

Those peoples who wish to get this Loh from us directly they can contact with us.

Hadiya of Loh e Hijjab Mubarak is 3100 Rs

Postal charges will be extra.

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