Mars Exalt December 2014

Nature has blessed the seven planets of our solar system with hidden magical powers. These planets put different rays on the planet earth effecting lives of its inhabitants. The planet Mars is among them.

The surface of the planet Mars is red enriched with iron. The associated metal to planet Mars is iron. Human blood also contains iron. The metal of iron is famous for its power. From ancient times to modern era iron is used as a tool to win battles by designing various battle field equipments such as swords, arrow, canons, guns etc.

The planet Mars is known as the ruler of human physical strength, determination, bravery and conquest.

The planet Mars comes to exalt when it enters into the house of Capricorn at 28 degree. Mars will come to exalt on 1st December 2014 at 7:49 and the exalt period will end on 2nd December 2014 at 14:52. Please note that these timings are according to Pakistan standard time.

Those who wish to hold highest ranks in the society, want to excel in every field of life and want to influence the society. Those who want to protect themselves from the harm of jealousy and prejudice must have Mars Talisman with them. The Mars talisman is also very helpful for players who want to outshine others with their brilliance in the field of sports.

The talisman brings wealth in abundance to those who are associated to a business that includes iron. It also gives big gains to a person working on machines or doing a business to buy and sale of machines.

Mars talisman also protects people who are facing negative effects of the planet due to its positioning in their birth chart. The talisman is a blessing to safeguard from accidents. The talisman gives courage and energy to heart. It brings victory in battles, gives command over enemies and also works as a shield against the evil of enemies. The talisman protects from dangerous animals. It is also very helpful in the treatment of Hemiplagia, Parkinson, Colic and Mucus. It brings win to athletes and animal race.

We are using the magical powers of very famous verse from the Holy Quran:

نصر من اللہ و فتح قریب

The numeric value of the verse according to Lunar Alphabet is 1302. The verse is consist of 27 letters and dots(nuqta). The total numeric value is 1329. If you are making the talisman for general purpose then take the numeric value of the verse only but if you want to control a particular person then add the numeric value of his name to the value of the verse.

Take a bath and wear neat clothes and sit in a peaceful place where no one can disturb you. You can make an amulet with an ink made from Saffron and Rose water. If you want a talisman then make it on Copper or Silver to get best results.

To make an amulet or talisman subtract 360 from the total numeric value. Divide the new value to 9. Put this value in the box marked with number 1. Keep adding values to the rest of boxes by adding 1 to the total. After division if you get a remainder of 1 then add an extra value to box number 73. With a remainder of 2 add an extra value to box number 64, with remainder 3 a value will be added to box number 55, with remainder 4 add value to box number 46, with remainder 5 add value to box number 37, with remainder 6 add value to box number 28, with remainder 7 add value to box number 19 and with a remainder of 8 an extra value will be added to box number 10.

Check the total of every line from top to bottom. If the total is same then your amulet and talisman is right otherwise check the values that you have written in the boxes.

The talisman will be made during the Mars exalt in the hour of the Mars.

We are presenting here the final shape of the talisman with its method of writing.

mars talisman

This talisman will be engraved at the back.

mars talisman back

Writing method of the talisman.

mars taliman writing method

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