Mars Peak September 2013 (Auj e Mareekh)

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun. It is also knows as Red Planet. In history Mars is personified by the Greek god of war Ares.

In astrology Mars is tied to our ambitions, motivations and energy. Mars also rules our sexuality and sexual energy.

From the 25th of September Mars will be at its peak ranks (Auj ) in the house of Leo. Scholars of ILM e JAFR prepare special talismans which helps to achieve success in our goals either they are related to daily life or to legal matters. The other talismans which are prepared during this time are related to human sexuality and physical energy.

Mars will be at the 19 degree position in the house of Leo from 25th September to 27th September 2013. You can prepare talismans associated to Mars during this period. For our readers we are writing here the most suitable times to make these talismans. Kindly note that the timings mentioned here are for the city of Karachi, Pakistan.

  • When 25th September day has been passed and night falls 12:23 to 1:23 or in other words on 26th September from 00:23 to 01:23
  • 26 September morning from 07:22 to 08:22
  • 26 September 14:23 to 15:24
  • 26 September 21:24 to 22:23
  • 26 September after midnight (morning of 27 th September) 04:22 to 05:22
  • 27 September morning 11:22 to 12:22

We are now presenting three different kinds of talisman for our readers.

Victories And Success

This talisman is made to achieve victory over opponents in day to day life or if you are fighting a legal battle against them in court. This talisman will bring victory to you.

This talisman also helps those who are riding the rough tides of the life. The talisman brings ease and comfort in life no matter how hard life has become.

For this talisman we will take the help from a very famous Quranic verse :

انا فتحنا لک فتحا مبینا

The numeric value of the verse is 1233.

Iron is the associated metal with Mars and its associated colour is red. The talisman will be made on a piece of iron. Take a red colour Permanent Writing Marker and draw the talisman.

We are giving here an example to make you understand the talisman easily. For this talisman we will not take numeric values of word بن / بنت bin(son) or bint(daughter). Let us assume that we are preparing a talisman for a person with numeric values of his / her name along with mother name are 706. We will add numeric value of the Holy Verse 1233 to 706. The total will be become 1939.

For this talisman we are making a square of 4×4. As per the rule of the talisman we will subtract 30 from the total of 1939. We will get a value of 1909. Now we will divide this value on 4. After division we get a new value of 477. After division we get a remainder of 1. As per the law of the talisman if you get a remainder of 1 then an extra value (1) will be added to the box number 13. After division to the 4 if you get a remainder of 2 an extra value will be added to the box number 9 and if you get a remainder of 3 an extra value will be added to the box number 5.

Here is an exemplary talisman. You can fill the values in the boxes by following this example.

Here is the final talisman with its values.

Note : You must write all the numeric values of the talisman in Arabic or Urdu.

Ring For Sexuality

Those who are suffering from the sexual problems and have tried various medicines but find no cure must try this ring. This ring improves sexual appetite to a great height.

The ring will be made on iron as it is the associated metal of Mars. We are mentioning the method to make this ring. Take the numeric values of your name along with mother name according to the lunar alphabet. Add a value of 2640 to the numeric value of your name and then divide the total to 28. Take the corresponding letters from Arabic Abjad for the remainder that you got after division.

We are giving here an example so that a person in need can make it for himself with great ease. For instance the numeric value of the person name along with mother name is 461. We will add 2640 to this value and it will be 3101. We will divide 3101 to 28 and get a remainder of 21. Now take related words from the Arabic Abjad. We will take words in the method of Unit and Ten. The corresponding word for 1 is Alif. 2 will become 20 and its related word is Kaaf. Unite these words and write Teysh at the end. We will get a final word like this:


Inscribe this word on the ring with a needle or some other tool with a sharp tip. The other method to make the word is as per the orders of the words in the Arabic alphabet according to our remainder. We get a remainder of 21. The 21st letter of the abjad is Sheen. After adding Teysh we get a word :


We suggest you to inscribe both words on the ring. The person who holds this ring will enjoy physical relations as in his youth.

Physical Weakness And Blood Deficiency

A human does suffer from physical weakness for various reasons. It can be due to a long sickness also. There are many energy boosting medicines and vitamins but sometimes they show no positive results.

Some people are suffering from the blood deficiency. Blood deficiency can cause major problems to a woman to achieve pregnancy.

We are presenting here a rare method to overcome these health problems so that you can enjoy life in its full and be thankful to Almighty. This can be made as a talisman or a ring.

Take the numeric values of the patient name along with his / her mother name. Add 1678 to it. With red ink draw square of 4×4 of fire element(Murrbba Atashi).

We are giving the method to fill the square.

Write the name of Moakal لو خا ئیل at top of the naqsh.

This is a precious gem. Those who are in sports and want to build a good looking body should also try this talisman.

We have explained the methods of preparing talismans or ring with detail. We hope that it will help you to make these things for you and for others.

Our institution is making few talismans and rings during this time. Any wishful person who can pay the price of the time can obtain these talisman or ring from us.

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