Nauroz 2015 And The Seal Of The Sun

After completing its journey in the 12 zodiac houses the planet Sun comes to its initial point of journey which is Aries. The Aries gives exaltation to the planet Sun. As per spiritualists it is the most benefic time among the various planetary timings. It is a time when sky showers its positive rays on the earth and if the associated material is provided to make a talisman during this time then it give amazing positive effect to its wearer.

The Nauroz will occur on 21 March 2015 at 3:45:07 as per Pakistan standard time. People living outside Pakistan can add or minus the timings as per GMT.

Masters of spirituality make different talisman on the associated metal of this time on gold as it is the metal of the Sun. The talisman is made with particular verses of Holy Quran and also with different ALLAH names which are associated to this event. The combination of the required metal with its associated Quranic verses and ALLAH names make the talisman a unique gem that can provide greatest benefits which are beyond a human imagination.

The talisman and amulets associated to this event bring highest ranks and honour in the society. It helps to control enemies and also brings success and victory. The wearer of this talisman becomes a prominent personality in the society. No blockage and black magic can harm him. We live in a material world and everyone wants to spend a life of luxury. The talisman creates an atmosphere that brings countless sources to make our lives full of prosperity and happiness. The talisman is also associated with promotions. Those who are working in offices and want to hold highest position the talisman is a perfect solution for them.

In our society jealousy is the common factor of enmity. People suffer heavily form the hands of enemies. The talisman is empowered to work as a protective shield against enemies and jealous person and to overcome them. It is written in the books that due to this talisman Mughal emperor Akbar came to the throne at young age. It is also narrated that Ismail Shah of Iran, Ali Qulli Khan and Nizam ul Mulak also posses this talisman.

We presented various spiritual methods associated to the planet Sun exaltation. On the event of the Nauroz we are presenting an authentic and powerful method. The master of spirituality Kaash Al Barni has also written about this method. At this particular time burn incense associated to the planet Sun such as red sandal, luban and ood. Take a bath and wear neat and clean clothes. Put a red cloth in your waist or wear a red turban. Sit on a neat cloth of red or yellow colour it is better to use the cloth of the same colour on which prayer is offered. Your face should be towards east. The talisman is made on the piece of pure gold weighing 19 Misqal, 19 Ratti or 19 Masha. If it is not possible to make it on the gold then it can be made on a mixture of gold and silver or only on silver. It can also be made on a piece of paper which has golden side with the saffron. After creating boxes for the talisman write بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم on top and وکفی باللہ شھیدا محمد رسول اللہ on the right and left side of the talisman. At the bottom of the talisman write the Sun talism ابرثا صبرثا صارثا صورثا . After it write values in the talisman. It is written in books such as Mufati ul Jafar, Israr Qasmi, Jawahar ul Haroof and Mufati ul Istehraj that when Shah Quzwein came to throne he asked Nawab Aliyah tul Aliyah to request Sheikh Baha ud Din Muhammad to make a talisman from him so that he can expand his kingdom, for longevity and victory against enemies. The Sheikh told the king that he has to wait till the Sun exaltation starts. On the elected event Sheikh made a round talisman on gold with the value of Surah Washams and the value of the name of the king. The king was used to wear it on his arm. With the blessings of the talisman he gave great expansion to his kingdom and defeated his enemies. It is also written in the books that Shah Ismail of Iran asked Abdul Samad to make this talisman for his use. After the few weeks when Shah Ismail experienced the greatest benefits of the talisman he put Abdul Samad in the prison so that other people cannot ask him to make this talisman.

In the book Kunzul Eiman it is written that Imam Ali a.s. said ‘The one who used seal of the sun he attained the ranks like the sun’. Abdul Samad writes that Surah Washams hides Ism e Azam and this belongs to the planet Sun and not every person is able to understand it. As per the method take the numeric value of your name along with mother name and add it to the total of Bimsallah and Surah Washams which is 20123. Subtract 30 from the total and divide it on 4. Make a round 4×4 talisman. After division to 4 if you get a remainder of 1 add an extra value to box no. 13. With a remainder of 2 a value will be added to the box no. 9 and with a remainder of 3 the box no. 5 will hold an extra value. Fill the other boxes by adding 1 to the previous value.

We present the method with an example for our readers. We are making this talisman for a person named Adeel:

Value of person with mother name: 696
Value of Bismallah, Surah Washams: 20123
Total Value: 20819
Subtract: 30
New Value: 20789
After division to 4 the value is: 5197

Place this value in the box no. 1 of the talisman and fill the entire boxes by adding 1 to the total of the previous box. After division to the 4 we have a remainder of 1 therefore an extra value will be added to the box. no 13.

When you have finalised the talisman recite Surah Washams for 50 times and blow on the talisman. Stitch or put the talisman in yellow or golden cloth and keep it in a safe place. Next day before sunrise you should stand at a place where you can observe sunrise easily. Place the talisman on your right hand and start the recitation of Surah Washams. You should continue recitation till the sun shows its upper circle. Now say the following words ‘ O the creator of the universe with the blessings of this talisman bestow me best in the life as You have bestowed to the Sun and there shall be no downfall in my rise. Make me the commander and bless me with the highest ranks that You have given to the planet Sun’. Recite Darood Sharif 11 times at the start and end of the prayer then wear the talisman on your right arm.

A noble person says that use the talisman when only it is needed. According to him after first day of recitation in front of the Sun place the talisman in rose water in a bowl and hide it. At night place the talisman under the sky. Continue this exercise for seven days. When the seventh night is elapsed put the rose water in a bottle and save it. Put the talisman in yellow or golden cloth. Whenever you need to use it take out some drops of rose water and rub on the face, put the talisman on your right arm and recite Surah Washams for 50 times and blow on yourself then raise your face towards Sun and say ‘ O the creator of the universe give me success and fulfil my wish and keep me at highest place as Sun’. With the blessing of the talisman your wish will be fulfilled.

The wearer of the talisman should try to sit where Sun is on his right side when he is in a gathering and try to wake up before sunrise and recite Surah Washams at least one time at sunrise or after Fajar prayer.

Everyone can make this talisman there is no need to ask for any special permission. Those who are unable to make the talisman can contact us before time.

The final talisman with its writing pattern is given here:



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