Venus Conjuncts Jupiter 25 October 2015

The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter is considered as the most fortunate of the planetary alignments. The conjunction of these planets will occur during the month of October 2015.

Venus conjuncts Jupiter in Virgo zodiac sign on 25 October 2015 at 01:06 as per Pakistan standard time. Some people do have this opinion that when Jupiter resides in Virgo it does not have any positive effects. We suggest that these must try to make some talisman during this time and see the results.

The planet Venus is known as the lesser benefic where as planet Jupiter is known as the higher benefic. The combination of these two planets makes a highest benefic point.

Venus is the source of love, relationship, money, comfort, availability of luxurious items. Planet Jupiter brings fortune, wealth and luck. Jupiter has the power to expand whatever comes into it circle. During its conjunction with Venus it enlarges Venus powers to bring highest blessings in life.

The Venus Jupiter conjunction is the most fortunate of all of the planetary aspect. This combination bestows financial prosperity along with great luck for a person.

At this event we are presenting various spiritual methods to take full advantage of this propitious time. All the methods will be performed during conjunction time and can also be performed an hour before and after this time. The methods presented are for wealth, love, summoning a person and getting favors from high ranking officials.

Wealth Talisman:

Everyone dreams a life where he can fulfill his wishes and accomplish his responsibilities without any obstacle. To achieve it money is best tool available in our materialistic world. When we gave good amount of wealth or good financial sources it opens the doors for the freedom to make choices for a better life. Money also shows us new paths of opportunity by which we can excel in life. The shortage of money blocks choices to live a good life.

The method presented here is very powerful for attracting wealth. The verse used for this talisman is very famous verse to become rich. This is verse number 33 of Surah Al Noor of Holy Quran 
یغنیھم اللہ من فضلہ .

The numerical value of the verse is 2186. Take the numerical value of your name along with your mother name. Add your name numerical value to the value of the verse. Subtract 30 from the total as per the rule of the Square Talisman. The value you get after subtraction will be divided with 4. After division if you get a remainder of 1 an extra value will be added to the box no. 13 and if the remainder is 2 then an extra value will be added to the box no. 9.

The talisman will be filled according to the Square of Fire element. We elaborate the method of the talisman with an example.

The numerical value of the Verse : 2186
The numerical value of the name: 706
Total : 2892
New value after subtracting 30: 2862
New value after division with 4: 715

To make a conjuration for the talisman we have to derive the name of the Servitor (Maokkil). We will make the Servitor from the total of 2892. As per law we will subtract 41 from 2892. We now have a value of 2851. The letters of this value as per Arabic alphabet are: ا ن ف ب غ . We will combine these letters to make a word and will also word Aeel at the end to make Servitor name.
The name of the Servitor we get is انفبغائیل .

We have a remainder of 2 therefore an extra value will be added in box number 9 of the talisman. Write 715 in the box no. 1 and fill the rest boxes by adding 1 to the value of the previous box. At the bottom of the talisman write the following conjuration:

wealth talisman venus jupiter conjunction conjuration october 2015

The exemplary talisman with its template is given here. The values written in the talisman are in English to enable our readers to understand the placement in the boxes. In the original talisman the values must be written in Arabic or Urdu.

wealth talisman venus jupiter conjunction october 2015

wealth talisman venus jupiter conjunction template october 2015

Love Talisman:

Love is the most powerful emotion that nature has blessed to it’s creation. If we look at our 24 hour struggle it becomes evident that the purpose of every human effort is to bring comfort to his love ones. Love has many colours. The love between parents and children, love between family members and love towards a particular person without whom life seems incomplete. Human life goes better when he is loved and when he loves other.

Sometimes it becomes hard and almost impossible to put your love in another person heart. With all your true feelings opposite person seems standing miles away ignoring your feelings and bring hurt and tears in your life.

As we have mentioned above that Venus Jupiter conjunction is an ideal planetary aspect. The love talisman made during this time brings wonderful results in winning the heart of the opposite person and makes him/her to burn in your love. We are presenting a method which is quite easy yet very powerful to win the heart of the other person so that he/she are madly in love with you. We have tested this method on many occasions and always find it in great effectiveness to put your love other person heart.

For the talisman of love we are taking magical powers from the verse of Holy Quran. The verse 14 is taken from the Surah Aal e Imran of Holy Quran. The numeric value of word ‘Love’ will also be used in the talisman. The verse 14 of Surah Aal e Imran is presented for our readers:


The entire process for the Talisman of Love is given here with an example so that anyone can make it. For this talisman we need the numerical value of the name of the person along with his/her mother name who wants to put his/her love in other person heart. We will also take the numeric value of the name of the name of the person along with his/her mother name to whom you want to be in love with you. The numeric values of the Verse and word ‘Mohabbat’(love) will also be added.

The numeric value of the first person name with mother name is: 1595
The numerical value of the second person name with mother name is: 628
The numeric value of word Mohabbat (محبت) is: 450
The numeric value of the Verse is: 9158

The talisman has its unique pattern. From box 1 to box no. 4 we add the value of the name of the person whom we want to attract. From box no. 5 to 8 we will add the value of the name of the person who wants to have his love in other person heart. From box no. 9 to 12 we will add the value of word Mohabbat(love). For box no. 13 we take the sum of box nos. 4, 7 and 10. The box no. 4 has a value of 694, box no. 7 has a value of 1639 and box no. 10 has 472. The sum of these boxes is 2805. We will subtract the numeric value of the verse which is 9158 from 2085. After subtraction we get 6353. Put 6353 in box no. 13. For box no. 14 we will take sum of box nos. 3, 8 and 9. The sum of the values in these boxes is 2783. After subtraction from verse value 9158 we get new value 6375. We will put 6375 in box no. 14. For box no. 15 the sum of box nos. 2, 5 and 12 will be subtracted from the verse value. The total of box nos. 2, 5 and 12 is 2761. After subtracting the verse value 9158 from 2761 we get 6397. Place 6397 in box no. 15. For box no. 16 we will take the sum of box nos. 1, 6 and 11. The sum of these boxes is 2739. After Subtracting verse value 9158 from 2739 we get 6419. Put this value in the box no. 16. At the bottom of the talisman we will write the following conjuration:


On the back of the talisman we will draw a Square of Fire element. It will not contain any numerical values instead each will box will hold word Baduh alphabets. We present here both side of the talisman for our readers.

Front Of The Talisman


Back Of The Talisman


Unity Talisman:

Life is full of surprises. Life brings good and bad. Sometimes human behavior brings fear of losing someone we keep close to heart. The relations that look stronger and mightier than sky touching mountains fall apart like a fragile glass.

With small differences with the family children suddenly leave the house. Their parents suffer the pain day and night. They remain worried about the well being of their children.

Marriage and love relations though seem strong but in reality they are as weak as a thread. A simple misunderstanding can bring oceans of distance. Those who took the oath to be together vanish in the fog of separation.

Today we are presenting a very powerful method to bring back lost love, relatives who are not talking to each and children who have left home. The talisman presented here has the great powers r to achieve it goal with ease. Apart from this the talisman creates a great unity between family members and lovers.

Hakim Tarablisi has mentioned this talisman to create love and understanding among couples but we have tested it with great success in above mentioned troubled relations.
For this talisman we will take the numerical value of this conjuration:



We will make a box(naqsh) of 5×5 on pure silver and second one will be made on a piece of white paper with ink of Saffron and Rose Water. The silver talisman will be kept with the person who wants his love or relative back and the paper talisman will be tied to a tree where it remains hanging in the air.

Favors And Luck Talisman:

To excel in career apart from hard work and eligibility everyone needs an extra favorable push from seniors in the office. In our day to day life we have to visit various offices for our work such kids admission in a good school. Favorable settlement of property matters kept pending in government offices for years. Facing various hurdles in getting desired result from the matters where a senior officer has to take decision. To get a favorable verdict in legal matters.

The talisman presented helps in above mentioned matters apart from this it also increases your chance to the highest level for getting good job. It also works like a magnetic tool in attracting promotions and advancement in career. The talisman not only provides favors from private and government officials it also enhances your luck in your interactions people from all fields of life.

For this talisman we will take the help from the names of Almighty ALLAH. These names are known best for to attract others so that you can achieve your target without any hindrance. The names used in this talisman are یا کریم ، الوھاب ، ذوی ، الطول .

We will take the numerical values of these names and make a box of 4×4 with DAUR E TASALSUL method. It is a unique method of adding the values in the box along with the names. We present here the talisman:


At the bottom of the talisman the following conjuration will be written:

اللھم سخر لی جمیع خلقک کما سخرت لسلیمان ابن داؤد علیہم السلام

The wearer of the talisman has to recite the names used in the talisman for a particular number.

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