Magical And Psychic Attacks: Types, Protection And Cure

The world was created for human beings to live with peace and harmony and enjoy the treasures of the nature. But human soon turned this world into a place of harm. The modern day world is a place of danger and fear. The progress in human knowledge has brought an ease and comfort to life but on the other hand it has also opened the doors to utilise this knowledge to work with negative energies. Every human invention does possess a threat to the well being of a person. With atom we can create electricity to remove darkness and also cure for various diseases but on the other hand human is using the negative energy of the atom to destroy other nations and to kill innocent people.

Life is not an easy journey. Majority of us do face lots of hurdles in day to day life. Failures in various matters of life bring mental and economic instability. Most of us never pay attention to these hurdles and failures. Many of us consider these failures and hurdles as part our destiny. Some never pay attention to these though living a miserable life.

We never ask this question to ourselves that are these obstacles and failure have been sent to us by other people?. What is the reason behind misfortune in life?. Why we are bound to face problems and jinx in every matter of life?. Is it happening due to some rough tide of life or these rough tides have been made to make us suffer?.

The objective of this article is to provide useful information to our readers on various types of magic, physical and psychic attacks and how we can protect ourselves from these negative forces so that our life is not ruined.

Magical, spiritual and psychic attacks do become a reason for physical and mental sickness. The spiritual remedies given in the article only apply to the condition where magical attacks occur. It also happens that sometimes physical and mental illness is associated to the magical attacks which is not correct. The role of medical treatment cannot be ruled out for cure.

People take actions to make someone’s life difficult for various reasons. They act on their own or they hire the services of others to carry out certain methods of harm. The main source to harm is the use of negative energy by these people. This negative energy can be sent in the form of some entity that starts to interfere in daily matters of life. The negative energy sent by a human is commonly known as Black Magic in our society. People who work with negative energies have achieved this skill by studying the rituals of ancient societies. The present knowledge is based on the knowledge of ancient civilizations or has a link to it. When we study the Holy Quran we find details of two angels Harut and Marut in the second Surah Al Baqarah verse 102. These two angels were present during the era of Prophet Sulaiman (a.s.). These two were descended to earth for the trial of the faith of the people. These angels taught only by saying that ‘We are only for trial’. The verse also reveals the presences of magic carried out during that time. The magic was taught to humans by Satan and his clan. Once again the corrupted human mind started to use negative energies to fulfil their desires.

Human beings are not the only creation living on the planet earth. Our world is home to various unknown and unseen entities such as Jinns and others. Various cultures and traditions prove the presence of these entities. We find details about this entity in Surah Al Jinn of Holy Quran. The common meanings of word Jinn in Arabic are to hide. It is a creation that is hidden from human eye. The space in our houses, shops and place of work is residence of these entities. Open places are the colonies of entities. Sometimes humans unintentionally step into their space which results in a conflict with these entities. It is difficult for us to perceive their presence in our surroundings. Our living style brings the risk of disturbance to these supernatural entities. These entities possess highest levels of energy. When we cause a disturbance to their world they react by sending their energies to attack our aura and penetrate into our body to harm our immune system resulting in physical and mental sickness. These can bring magical attacks to a healthy person. Some of these entities can put a person in great depression while others can put a person in rage and violent activities.

As we have mentioned earlier that open places are colonies of supernatural entities. Similarly place around graveyard is also considered as home to these entities. By passing through these places we must take full caution. We must not do anything that can offend these forces. We must not pick and eat any fruit from the plants and trees grown in open and deserted places. We have seen many cases where a spirit took control of a person when he slept under a tree, urinated and picked some fruits from these places. We have various cases where people went under spirit possession when they did something which displeased these spirits such as urination near graveyard. If a person is possessed by a spirit he suffers from physical and mental health problems. He can go under severe attacks of hysteria and fits.

The connection of humans with the forces of negative energies is evident from the history of various civilizations. From Babylon to Egypt, Hebrews, Greeks, Hindus and Muslims have used and are still using negative energies for various purpose. In recent years many incidents have been reported in the media. Israeli media also wrote about the use of Pulsa Di Nura curse on various prominent personalities including two Israeli prime ministers Yitzak Rabin and Ariel Sharon. According to media reports a group of faithful in Israel recited the curse of Pulsa Di Nura against Yitzak Rabin and he was killed within a month. Later opponents of the Gaza pullout plan recited the Pulsa Di Nura against prime minister Ariel Sharon. It is reported that six months later Sharon suffered two strokes and went to coma until his death. Many incidents can be read in the media where supernatural energies were called.

We are often asked that why humans use these negative energies and why they put black magic to harm others. There are countless reasons behind such actions. The greed to possess worldly luxury has created many moral issues in the society. People are jealous to you because your life is progressing while their life lacks progress. They are not feeling comfortable with your high living standards, career, your family and your personality.

There are many methods through which black energies are sent to others. The normal practice is to perform some demonic rituals. Make talismans and amulets associated to dark spirits. The black magic is a negative energy which is used to inflict harm to you. This harm can damage a person’s physical, emotional, spiritual or mental state. Some black magic appears in the form of a spiritual and psychic attack. Apart from attaching some entity to a person typical talismans and amulets are also made to use the four elements such as fire, earth, wind and water. The negative energy can be delivered to a person by dissolving the amulet into water or putting a talisman in the water so that water becomes polluted with negative energies. Juices and sweets also play a major role in the transfer of magical energies to a person. Some talismans and amulets are tied to a tree or hanged in the air. This type of talisman and amulet calls upon the negative forces residing in the air to harm others. Some talisman and amulet are put near fire to summon the forces of fire to bring magical attacks. Some talismans and amulets are buried in a grave to call on dead or negative forces living in the grave yard to attack a person.

Another reason for coming under negative energy is our spiritual or religious vows. To fulfil our desires we make some promises to the highest force of the universe as per our religious belief. In Muslim world religious vows (mannat) are often made for the fulfilment of a wish. These vows are a promise made to highest forces. Once the wish is fulfilled we never pay attention to complete our religious vows. These broken promises work as a negative force against us causing unimaginable problems in life.

When a person comes under various problems and his mind fails to guide him to the solution then he seeks advice from many. They guide him according to their knowledge and experience. Spiritual actions are very sensitive in nature. A recitation of a mantra or verse from Holy Quran can benefit a person but the same cannot benefit others. When we recite something which is not suitable for us it brings negative effects. The adverse effects created by this spiritual recitation or action bring countless blockages and health issues for a person.

When someone is under the influence of magic attack it can be seen through its symptoms. These symptoms appear in different way and with different intensity.

The person attacked with magic starts to face bad luck in his life. It starts with slight feeling of something wrong in daily life. As the time passes the negativity increases and person starts to experience that whatever he intends to do goes in the wrong direction. Bad luck, obstacles, failures occur on every step.

The attitude of other people goes against the person who is under the magical attack. People start to argue and lose patience with him and it can also result in harsh exchange of words and physical injury.
Loss of job and decline in earnings and business with shortage of financial sources and increase in debts are also a reason for magical attacks. Unexpected increase in daily or monthly expenditures and sudden payments come as strong blow to the already fragile financial position.

The person under the attack of negative energies starts to feel lonely. His best friends, family and lover turn against him. Magical attacks also bring mental unbalance. A person under attack feels lost. He finds it difficult to adjust with the normal routine of the life. His mental condition brings him depression, anxiety and fears.

The other sing of a person under the attack of negative energies are headache, frightening dreams, fatigue, lack of physical strength without any reason, pain in various parts of the body, thoughts to commit suicide and uneasiness at home or place of work. During sleep the person under influence of negative forces can feel weight on chest and difficulty in breathing.

When an entity is used to harm a person there is a possibility that the targeted person may hear some voice when he is alone or lying on his bed. He can also feel some bad smell.

When a person becomes sick he takes every step to restore health. Most of us exercise daily for physical fitness so that we do not fall sick. If someone is under magical attack or possession of some entity then it become necessary to get rid of it for a successful life. Those who are not under the attack or influence of negative energies can take precautions with help of various talismans and amulets which are specially made for the protection and removal of these energies.

As we have mentioned earlier that various types of tools are used to cast magic and to call black entities to harm a person therefore it becomes essential to know the exact source of the attack. We cannot remove black magic with another spell and tool of black magic. The black magic will be cured when it is removed with divine methods. These methods include the recitation, divine bath, talismans and amulets. In our society it is a general practice that when someone is under magical influence he is taken to a nearby religious person or to someone who claims to remove jinns. The method to remove jinns cannot cure a person if he is harmed by some other entity or black force and broken religious promises. The healer or spiritualist must know the source of magic before doing a cure for it. The wrong cure will worsen the situation. Fever has many types. If a doctor prescribes malaria fever medicine for all patients most of them will not be cured because their fever is not malaria. The best cure in magical attacks comes only from those who can distinguish different type of magical attacks and know the cure for each type of magic.

We present here some unique and highly powerful spiritual methods that can help a person to cure from magical attacks, spirit possession and any type of magic.

Five Protection Shields:

These verses will be written on 5 plates of pure silver on a positive astrological event. These plates are known for their great result in the removal of black magic and other negative energies. These silver plates will work as protective shield and also a cure. The silver plates will be inscribed with these prayers and verses of Holy Quran.

1 complete2





When you have finished in the inscription of the plates then you have to recite these as per the numbers given.


After recitation infuse on the plates. The will be tied together and can be wear on the right arm and neck or can be kept in the wallet.

Burning The Magic:

This amulet has been tested and has shown greatest result in destroying every type of magic whether it is casted by some human it is the result of some fiery entity.

abas jalaney ke ley

The amulet will be written with blue ink in 3×3 fire element format. Once you have written the amulet now move the amulet around your head in clockwise circular motion for seven times. On every circle you have to recite the following conjuration.

abas jalaney ke leye conjuration

Now blow on the amulet seven times and burn it. The ash will be thrown in water. The course must be performed for continuous 40 days.

Mercury Magic Talisman:

This talisman is known for its highest in removing and curing every type of magic and entity. The talisman will be during the Exalt of the planet Mercury or any other astrological time in which Mercury is in positive state. This talisman can be used in other matters too but at this moment we present it for the cure of magic. This talisman is also known as Staff Of Prophet Moosa a.s. (Moses). This talisman has also been presented by Al Haj Al Tilmissani. We have tested this talisman many times with great success.

mercury talisman magic break

The talisman will be engraved on pure silver. The weight of the silver must be 118.18 grams. The talisman should be worn in the arm and neck or can be kept in the wallet.

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