Nowruz 2017: Loh e Fatha Nama – Success In Every Matter

یہ مضون اردو میں پڑھنے کے لیے کلک کریں

There are few in this world with whom luck walks hand in hand with them. Approximately these are only 8 percent of our population. In our materialistic world the only parameter to judge the success is wealth. No one can deny the importance of wealth for a better life. From birth to death every moment of human life revolves around wealth. For affluence two things are essential, your birth in a rich family from which you inherit abundance of wealth or either you belong to a ruling family.

Very few have the opportunity bring financial prosperity to them through their hard work. According to the richest man in world Bill Gates “If you are born poor its not your mistake, But if you die poor it’s your mistake.” Whenever a list of successful people of the world is made it always starts with those who changed the fate of their nations. These leaders ignite the passion for freedom in their slaved nations. The list then includes who have invented something important and at the last place we find names of wealthy people around the world including rulers and heads of business empires.

If we do some study we will find that all of these have one thing in common and it is favourable positioning of different elements in their lives. Abraham Lincoln, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Mahatma Gandhi, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckherberg and others are lucky due to the positioning of planets in their birth charts. When these planets came to a certain point the journey to the rise of wealth, fame and success started for these.

Does it mean that 92 percent of world population is poor because they were born at a time when planets were in negative state at their birth time. Every individual is the combination of unique qualities and flaws. Often the flaw overcomes the quality. We have also seen individuals with intelligence and they could achieve every success in life but their lack of determination and laziness made them a failure.

The most important thing is to find the reason that creates hurdles in his success. When we diagnose that reason and give suitable treatment then the doors of success starts to open without any hindrance.

Every human has his own parameter of success. Similarly every human has set his own area of success. For some good job is success and for others a business that provides good living is a success, there are those who believe that good relations and understanding between couple is success. For rulers their popularity in public and their long rule is success. We can say every human has his own ideology of success.

Human history introduced character to us who began their journey with failure. There are also many characters whose journey was started with great success but ended at failure. This type of failure often happens to rulers and people from show business. There is no guarantee of permanent success.

Despite sincere and hard efforts a person cannot turn his failure to success similarly a successful person cannot continue his success journey continuously. It will be wiser to have a tool in our lives that can give great results to our small efforts to get rid of failure and for continuous success. We have seen many who borrowed money to start a business to turn their poverty to life of luxury but they failed. On the other hand we also find many examples in our society where is successful wealthy person is not happy with his life. It reflects that there is strong connection between poverty and riches, success and failure that brings rise and fall.

Every human has this desire that he is successful in very matter of life. His works day and night to achieve his goal but his hardest efforts does not bring fruits. In spiritual world we find many courses that can bring desired fruits of efforts even with a small effort.

On Nowruz, the event when Sun comes to its initial house Aries this time is considered as the most favourable time for the fulfilment of wishes and prayers. The goal that you want to achieve but have failed can be achieved during this event.

Nowruz event will occur on 20 March 2017 at 15:28:38 as per Pakistan standard time. The same time will apply throughout Pakistan. People living abroad can find their Nowruz timing by following GMT.

We are presenting a talisman on the auspicious event of Nowruz. With the blessings of Almighty ALLAH this talisman can bring success in achieving any goal of life. It has great effects on conquering the masses and winning the love of a particular person. Getting a favourable verdict in a legal matter, overcome enemies, for attracting wealth, removal of hurdles in your career, getting favours from high ranking officials, for highest place and esteem in the society, to ward off black magic, for the treatment of incurable disease. This talisman is tool to achieve your goals.

There verses of Holy Quran used in this talisman have great influence to bring success in every matter of life. Spiritualists in ancient time fully recognized the greatest of this talisman and due it highest effects they were used to make it during their times.

This talisman is known ‘’LOH e FATHA NAMA’’, the success talisman. We are using the spiritual power of these verses of Holy Quran:

نصر من اللہ و فتح قریب و بشر المومنین
حسبنا اللہ و نعم الوکیل نعم المولی و نعم النصیر
انا فتحنا لک فتحا مبینا و ینصرک اللہ نصرا عزیزا
افتح ابواب فتحک لی یا مفتح الابواب

Along with these verses we are using the verse 154 of Surah Aal e Imran. This verse is also known as ‘’Ayat e Qutub’’. The verse is given below:

ثم انزل علیکم من بعد الغم امنۃ نعاساً یغشیٰ طائفۃ منکم وطائفۃ قداھمتہم انفسھم یظنون باللہ غیر الحق ظن الجاھلیۃ یقولون ھل لنا من الامر من شئی قل ان الامر کلہ للہ یخفون فی انفسہم ما لا یبدون لک یقولون لوکان لنا من الامر شئی ما قتلنا ھھنا قل لو کنتم فی بیوتکم لبرز الذین کتب علیہم القتل الیٰ مضاجعھم ولیبتلی اللہ ما فی صدورکم ولیمحص ما فی قلوبکم واللہ علیم بذات الصدور۔

First of all we will take the numeric value of these verses from Qamri (Lunar) Alphabet.


As per our research the numeric value of verse 154 of Surah Aal e Imran is 20572.

The total of all verses is 27675. Add the numeric value of your name along with your mother name to this total and make a 5×5 (Musadas) talisman. The template of the talisman is given below:


To make a 5×5 talisman you have to subtract 60 from the total of verses and your name and then divide it to 5. Place this value in box number 1 and fill the rest of the boxes by adding one to the previous value. After division with 5 if you get a remainder of 1 then you have add another value in box number 21, with a remainder of 2 an extra value will be added to box number 16, with a remainder of 3 you will add an extra value in the box number 11 and we will add an extra value to the box number 6 with a remainder of 4.

The outer layout of Loh e Fatha Nama has a unique method. It’s outer lines will be written with ‘’Qauloho Al Haq Wallaho Al Mulk:

قولہ الحق ولہ الملک

First of all write ‘’Qauloho’’ on the right top side. Next write ‘’Wabil Haq’’ under ‘’Qauloho’’. Then write ‘’Anzalnaho’’ under ‘’Wabil Haq’’ and then write ‘’Nazzal’’.

Now start from left top side and write ‘’Al Haq’’. Then write ‘’Bil Haq’’, then ‘’Anzalnaho’’, then ‘’Wabil Haq’’ and afterwards write ‘’Nazzal’’. The template for layout is given here:


On the day of Nowruz take 2 to 3 roses from your lawn or buy from market and keep them at a clean place. Take shower before the event time of Nowruz. Wear white dress and put some good quality perfume on it. When you are making talisman make sure that no one comes to your place. Select a neat and clean place. Burn Sandal, Odh and Luban. Also bring seven colour sweets and present it as gift to Hazrat Ali a.s.

Fifteen minutes prior to the event time place roses gently in a bowl of water. Few minutes before the event time put your attention towards the bowl. Make sure that no fan is on in the room and if there is wind outside you should also close windows. When the event time will commence you will a slight movement in the flowers. This is exact for the fulfilment of wishes, prayers and achieving your goals. At this time start making talisman.

You can also make talisman associated to Saturn and Jupiter exalt. During this event you can make any talisman and amulet and can perform any prayer.

Other best choice is to make greatest and unique talisman of Prophet Suleiman a.s. You can find the details on the following link:

The Loh e Fatha Nama (success talisman) will be made of pure gold or pure silver. Write the following conjuration at the bottom of it:

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم۔ وکفی باللہ شھیدا محمد رسول اللہ ۔ اللھم سخرلی جمیع خلقک کما سخرت لسلیمان ابن داؤد علیہم السلام بحق وکفی باللہ شھیدا محمد رسول اللہ
فلاں بن فلاں العجل العجل العجل الساعۃ الساعۃ الساعۃ الوحا الوحا الوحا

When you have made the talisman put it in a clean plate and with 11 times Darood at the start and end recited the following with their given quantity:

Hasbunal laahu wa ni’malwakeel 450 times.
حسبنا اللہ و نعم الوکیل
Fasayakfeekahumul laah; wa Huwas Samee’ul Aleem 800 times.
فسیکفیکھم اللہ وھو السمیع العلیم
Yaa Muqadimo 184 times. یا مقدم 184

Yaa Alio 110 times. یا علی 110

Yaa Fattaho 489 times. یا فتاح 489

Yaa Naseero 350 times. یا نصیر 350

Yaa Walio 46 times. یا ولی 46

Once you have finished the recitation blow on the talisman for 11 times. If you have prepared more than one talisman then single recitation will be enough for all. Place these talismans near Odh and Amber incense for few minutes.

Give some money to poor and wear the talisman in your neck or right arm. You will feel a strange force helping you in every matter of life.

Please make sure that you are in state of purity when wearing the talisman. If you are not pure then place the talisman at a safe place and when you are pure wear it again.

Those who wish to have a talisman from our institute can contact us before Nowruz.

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