How to make Talismans and Amulet – Selection of ink, paper, cloth and metal

Ink For Writing

Four types of inks are used in writing amulets and talismans on paper, skin and cloth. The ink has four different colours. The red ink is used in white magic. This ink is normally used in matters of love. The gold colour or yellow ink is made from saffron and is mixed with rose water. This ink is used to write all types of white magic amulets and talismans. The black and blue inks are used in black magic. These inks are mixed with vinegar.


Selection Of Cloth And Paper For writing

The colour of cloth and paper plays a major role. The colour has its own magical powers. Every colour is associated to some planet. Generally white colour is cloth and paper is used in white magic where as black colour is used for black magic. The red and blue colours are used to punish someone.

During a planetary event the colour will be selected related to that particular planet. It is also important to wrap these amulets and talisman in the same colour.

A piece of cloth of lover and enemy are also useful for writing amulets and talisman.  


Use Of Metals

Different metals are used in making talisman and amulets. Metals are engraved with special tools. The metals are selected as per the ruling planet. The planetary events will decide the metal. The commonly used metals and planets are given here:


Sun: gold

Moon: silver

Mars: iron

Venus: copper

Mercury: platinum, aluminium

Jupiter: tin

Saturn: lead


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