What Are Planetary Aspects?


All planets in our solar system remain in motion and none of them is stationary. These planets move in a particular angle and degree. They move in their destined paths. The movement of planets in the zodiac makes different angles and these angles create special relation among planets. This relation produces special cosmic rays which are transmitted to planet earth. These rays sometimes hold positive energy and sometimes negative energy. This relationship of planets is called planetary aspects. To understand what are planetary aspects we give a short description of these.

What are Benefic And Malefic Aspects?

For positivity in life we use the powers of Trine and Sextile of planets. This is very effective energy to achieve its goals in a positive way. For negative works the powers of Square and Opposition of planets are used as these produce negativity in life.

What Is Conjunction?

This is a place where two or more planets occupy a single zodiac house. This conjunction is benefic with benefic planets and malefic with malefic planets.

What Is Sextile?

In astrology when two planets are at a distance of 60 degrees from each other then it is called Sextile. In this aspect both planets produce positive energy. Spiritualists make different types of amulets and talismans during this time period.

What Is Trine?

A distance of 120 degrees between two planets is called Trine. It is considered a very auspicious event. In this period both planets generate positive energy. Many talismans and amulets are made during this time. This aspect is more powerful than Sextile.

What Is Square?

The square occurs when two planets are at a distance of 90 degrees from each other. It is known as malefic period and is powerful to disrupt the lives of other people.

What Is Opposition?

When two planets face each other at a distance of 180 degrees then this event is called Opposition. It is also a malefic time period and different items are made to give harm to others.

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