Acquire success in the Exams


Since last several months we have been getting lots of emails of many readers about getting success in the exams. So now we thought to give in your service an effective Amal for this purpose. Often many students face failure result in the exams though they do hard work Sometimes we see that some students repeat the same standard two or maybe three times after show their sincerity with studies , lots of hard work but unfortunately they do not get the good result. This Amal is such a unique gift for all those students. Before 37 days of timings of exams student should to do this Amal first go in to the Sajda then recite the given Amal after that come back in normal position and invoke to Almighty Allah for the success in Exams say these sentences ” Oh My Lord Please give me success and better result in my exams if any mistake will be done by myself so help me at that time my teachers may not find out any mistake during checking Allah you are great please take myself in your endless merciful blessings and give me the key of success Of course there is no one great except you”.


We have given this Amal to some students and Alhamdullillah they got success. If student could not do this process so doesn’t matter their parents can do it. One more important thing there is no any restriction that in language you are giving your exams in Urdu, Arabic, Persian, English and etc.


Verses are these:    


After the prayer of Zohr, Magrib and Esha go in to the Sajda and recite these verses one time after farz and sunnat prayer of Fajr recite it one time in Sajda and do like this also after farz and nafal prayer of Asr. Then immediately after recite should to pray for your success to the Almighty Allah. Remind one thing never think that I have come to know about this Amal so there is no need to study now If you will think like this then it will be really not good for you and yours study. Also in this situation this Amal will not be beneficial do your best to achieve goal in the academic pursuits. Knowledge and Study are very compulsory to stepping on with the society we can make our self systematical and methodical otherwise we will be nothing so always show your concern about it. But if any student is week in studies and faces the failure result again and again so Of course he/she can get much benefit as a gift through this Amal.

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