Mars Dignified: Talismanic Ring For Sexuality And Physical Health

یہ مضون اردو میں پڑھنے کے لیے کلک کریں

The planet Mars will enter its point of Dignity on 17 August at 18:24 and it remain there till 19 August at 7:59. The time is as per Pakistan standard time.

By looking that life pattern of various species living on planet earth one point emerges with greatest importance that every creation wants the continuity of race. They want to continue the process of life. Humans have been searching for the magical fountain of life from centuries to flourish life. The natural process for the existence of life is to birth to next generation.

Every species on this planet has a unique way to give birth to new life. Plants and trees are dependent on winds to spread their seeds so that new plants and trees can grow. They also heavily depend upon birds and animal for the reproduction of life through their seeds. Birds and animal are bound to become a couple to bring their offspring. The birth of new plants, tress, birds and animals is a confirmation from these species that they want the continuation of life.

Humans are not different than animals and birds in reproduction process due to this he is called as social animal. With many similarities animals for reproduction we find humans have some different ideas to bring next generation in this world. Human not only wants the continuation of life but through this process he also wants to keep the name of his family and tribe alive in the world. Some human brings next progeny to be a better human than him.

Human life style is a mixture of comfort and discomfort. The pressure to succeed in life, pollution and ignoring health brings many physical problems. A healthy looking person lacks ability to bring new generation due unseen health issues.

The climate change is also playing a vital role along with our life style to reduce the ability of reproduction. The global warming movement is high lighting the issues causing harm to the existence of human race. According to medical research the climate change and hard working conditions are the cause for less reproduction in males. These conditions put negative effective on sperm. With the help of some medicine this problem can be controlled.

We have countless males who are not suffering from above mentioned conditions but still they are deprived of happiness of children. On the other hand we also find lots of male patients who have tested every medicine to cure impotency but no success in bringing next generation.

Apart from bringing off springs human also express their feelings through physical relation. It is in the nature of human that when they start living as a couple then start to express their passions through words and also by making physical relation.

The physical satisfaction is also among the key factors for a successful relation. Unhappiness and dissatisfaction in a physical relation also results in divorce. The work atmosphere for men often decreases their sexual power and due to this reason he starts to show less interest in sex and sometimes makes different excuses to find a way to avoid physical relation. Some medicines do give him temporary solution but these are not the permanent solution for happiness and satisfaction that he is looking in physical relations. These medicines also have lots of side effects which bring other health issues.

When a male loses his sexual power he starts to lose his confidence and issues. At the event of Mars dignity we are presenting a very power and unique ring that can be used to achieve full sexual health. The details of this ring making will be given after few lines.

A high vigour is the essential element for success in life. A healthy body develops a healthy mind. The increase in pollution is the reason for various diseases. The sickness effects the functionality of mind and a person becomes depressed and negative towards life.

Nature has blessed every human with immune system fight against disease. Sometimes this system fails to protect us from a disease. There are many who a good diet but they are not healthy as they should be. They lack physical energy. People in the field of sports require great level of energy. The Mars dignity ring not gives sexual powers but also work as protection shield against many diseases. This ring gives great physical strength to a healthy and happy life.

Now we are writing the method to prepare Mars ring. The ring will be made during Mars dignity and in the hour of Mars. To make this take the numerical values of your name along with your mother name and add the value of letters ج و غ and then add the value of ALLAH names Qawi and Mateen قوی ، متین. Then add a value of 1631 to the total. Divide the total to 28. Whatever remainder we get we will take its letter or letters and will put word Teish طیش at the end. Here is an example:

Values of your name with mother name : 1530
Values of letters ج و غ : 1003
Values of ALLAH names Qawi قوی ,Mateen متین : 616
Special value : 1631
We get a total of : 4780
After division of 4780 to 28 we get a remainder of 20. The letter associated to 20 as per lunar alphabet is ک . Now add word طیش to it to get a word کطیش . We will engrave this word on the ring.

The ring will be made on pure silver and the associated metals of planet Mars. Keep burning incense of Mars when making ring. When you have made the ring place it near the incense for few minutes then wear the ring. Whenever you want to make physical relation or are participating in sports event wear it few hours before it for wonderful magical results.


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