Hazraat Binaat ul Maluk

Hazraat Binaat Ul Maluk

This Amal of Haziraat is especially publishing for women but if any man wants to do so surely he can also do it . Let us clear you first that there is no any process to read or recite anything for this Amal rather you have to give the Zakaat of the particular Naqsh (Image) after that a Mokila will be appear and you will be able to ask answers of your questions.

Method of Zakaat : Draw the given Naqsh (image) 131 times on first Thursday of the rising month(The first Thursday of the month) then make 131 small pills of flour and keep these Naqoosh in that one by one cover it with flour and give them shape of small round ball as a pill. Afterwards throw all the pills in the sea. Now you are the Aamil of this Amal you have rights. But daily you must have to draw the same Naqsh (image)  just three times so it will be in your under control.

Naqsh  Mubarak

Method of Haziraat: When you want to do Haziraat on someone so draw the same Naqsh (Image) by the ink of rose water and saffron , make fragrance of Agarbati then put this Naqsh (Image) on the head of a person and order him to close his eyes and you may recite 11 times  Durood Sharrif and Char (4) Qul three times then afflate to the person InshAllah within few minutes Haziraat will be successfully completed and the person will be able to see a fairy with his close eyes you can ask to fairy any question also can give her any work to perform. It is 200 percent an effective Amal. Anyone can get the experience of it.

If anyone needs any further and more information about this Amal so feel freely to contact with us.

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