Hidden Secrets – Planetary Aspects And Their Role In Amulets & Talismans

Hidden Secrets - Planetary Aspects And Their Role In Amulets & Talismans

What Are Planetary Aspects And Its Role In Amulets And Talismans

If you have ever been curious about the role of astrology planetary aspects in amulets and talismans, you may be wondering what the heck planetary aspects are and how they change our lives. In short, astrology aspects are the relationships between two planets to a particular specific geometrical degree. There are 12 signs of the zodiac and each sign has a different influence on people born under it. We are happy to share our knowledge with you in this guided blog post on planetary aspects in Astrology and their role in making and crafting amulets and talismans. This blog gives you a clear explanation and complete guide about the significance of each astrology planetary aspect and their signs. It is very important to define here that you must have knowledge about other subtleties of astrology.

Your Birth Chart And A Map Of Celestial Writing

Your Birth Chart And A Map Of Celestial Writing

Since the earth is constantly moving. If we want to know at which particular times the particular place on earth, and which star sign is rising at which degree, to understand this, we create a natal chart. What is a birth chart? A birth chart means a map of celestial writing. When an astrologer creates a birth chart, so he has to analyze the chart deeply about degree, signs, houses, places, etc, before giving any prediction according to the birth chart. There are twelve star signs in astrology same like the twelve houses. All twelve houses in the horoscope have varying relevance, but at different phases of life they all have a strong intrinsic tie with the other houses; therefore, you cannot disregard any house or focus just on the most significant house in your horoscope. A Natal chart can be a useful tool for getting to know ourselves better and for learning how to live more harmoniously with the universe. Our solar system is a complex place, with a lot of energy and information circulating through it.

What Are Astrology Planetary Aspects And Their Signs

What Are Astrology Planetary Aspects And Their Signs

Astrology aspects are a way of understanding and predicting the influence that our planets have on our lives. This energy and information manifest in our lives in many ways, including in the way we relate to each other and the world around us. Astrologers say that every astrological aspect between two planets is going to affect one or both of them. Astrological aspects signs help us understand the relationships between the planets and their influence over us. This can help us that which kind of specific mantra, spell, or verses can be recited and craft amulets or talismans that have the right energy for us. Here, we will explain how we can use astrology aspects and what they mean. It is necessary here to first mention the list of planet names and their signs.

List Of 🌏 Planets Name

List Of 🌏 Planets Name

According to astrology, planets affect us according to their related effects and elements. There are nine major planets that can be influenced us. They are Mars, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto. The position of planets determines how they influence us. For your more convenience when a specific degree is made between two planets so that position is called the astrology aspect. This means that the sun, moon, and planets can form an angle with each other by a specific degree.

Here Is The List Of Seven Major Planets And Their Symbols Which Will Be Used To Make Ancient Amulets And Talismans

  • Saturn ♄ = Sat
  • Jupiter ♃ = Ju
  • Mars ♂ = Ma
  • Sun ☀ = Su
  • Venus ♀ = Ve
  • Mercury ☿ = Me
  • Moon ☾ = Mo

Benefic And Malefic Planets According To Western Astrology

Benefic And Malefic Planets According to Western Astrology

Benefic Planets

These three Ju, Ve, and Mo are called benefic planets.

Malefic Planets

These three Su, Sat, and Ma are called malefic planets.

While Mercury is not listed in these both benefic and malefic planets. When Mercury aspects to any benefic planet it can give a beneficial result and when Mercury aspect to any malefic planet, then it can cause problems. 

Planetary Aspects And Amulets

Planetary Aspects And Amulets

We split the entire sky into 12 sections. As we know that there are 12 zodiacs. Each zodiac has 30 degrees, so if we multiply 30 degrees by 12 zodiacs, the result will be a total of 360 degrees. Planets travel through the various houses and zodiac signs on their orbits, the planets communicate with one another by linking at specific geometrical angles. We refer to these processes as planetary aspects. It is very clear to make you understand what is planetary aspects. Now we are going to discuss those planetary aspects which are used to make amulets. Various methods of making amulets and talismans are practiced in the world but which style of modality we are going to describe here belongs to Arab Muslims and Sufis.

Revealing The Truth About Astrology And The Elements

Revealing The Truth About Astrology And The Elements

I have been involved in this field for more than thirty years and still practicing. English is not my mother tongue so it might be possible that my writing style is something different from other authors but I tried my best to reveal sacred and hidden knowledge to understanding the science of astrology and its elements, so everyone can easily understand these degrees and get benefits. Electional astrology is such a typical subject to learn but which important techniques and modality I am writing about here, are quite different than others. In this technique, we just need to keep in mind only about aspects to make or craft amulets and talismans.

List of Planetary Aspects Which Are Used To Make Amulets And Talismans

List of Planetary Aspects Which Are Used To Make Amulets And Talismans

These are five ( 5 ) major planetary aspects 

  • Trine △ ( 120°)
  • Sextile ⚹ ( 60° ) 
  • Opposition ☍ ( 180° )
  • Square □ ( 90° )
  • Conjunction ☌ ( 0° )

Trine △ And Amulets

Trine And Amulets

Trine can bring good fortune, peace, significant coincidences, and the possibility of a positive turn in one’s life. This is the best time to make amulets, especially for acquiring wealth, having prosperity in your life, getting your love back, and promotion in your work.

Sextile ⚹ And Amulets

Sextile And Amulets

Sextile is another good fortune time after trine to make amulets for a calm state of mind, meaningful coincidences, and a chance for a positive change or opportunity in one’s life. It is the optimal time to craft amulets, whether your goal is financial success, personal happiness, to return a lost lover and bring your ex back, or professional advancement or opportunity.

Further Sextiles Explanation

Further Sextiles Explanation

Astrologers say when sextiles occur, it means to have ‘good feelings this is because the energy is balanced, which is good for us. This action of the sextile, ♀ and ♂ are in a beautiful harmonious relationship with each other. They can be seen as being in a partnership.

Mars, the male planet, represents energy and action, while venus, the female planet, represents the feminine energy of love, harmony, and beauty. When ♂ is in a sextile to ♀, this action is called that both parties have come together and are in agreement with each other.

Opposition ☍ And Amulets

Opposition And Amulets

This aspect is the opposite of one planet to another. It is a very malefic aspect of crafting amulets to create hatred, enmity, hostility, and separation between two people. If we try crafting a beneficial charm at this time, it is unlikely to have a positive effect, and doing so may have a negative impact on its intended target.

Square □ And Amulets

Square And Amulets

The aspect of a square is often referred to as a second malefic aspect. It appears to be the second most malefic aspect. We can make the same kinds of amulets and talismans as we do during the aspect of opposition.

How To Use This Planetary Aspects Information

You can use this information to better understand how to deal with challenges, frustrations, and conflicts in your life. Squares can have a negative effect on relationships and on jobs, and they can also be a sign of depression. “It’s not uncommon for people to feel a bit down and out when they’re under the influence of square,”. A person may have trouble expressing their sentiments if their natal chart occurs a square between Mercury (governing communication, ideas, intelligence) and the Moon (ruling emotions, the unconscious, and habits). Mercury, the character’s logical mind, will have trouble reconciling with the Moon’s more private feelings.

Planetary Aspects – Amulets and Talismans

Conjunction ☌ And Amulets

Conjunction And Amulets

The term “conjunction” is used to describe the astronomical event in which two planets share the same zodiacal degree. However, it delivers outcomes based on the planetary influences If benefic planets mean Ju, Ve, and Mo, anyone of them is in conjunction, the outcomes will be positive. If malefic planets, such as Sat, Mars, and the Sun, are aligned, then we should expect a bad result.

What Will Be The Results Of Mercury In The Phase Of Conjunction

A great outcome for generating good deeds can be expected if Mercury forms favorable aspects with other planets same like this if mercury aspects with malefic planets so the conclusion will be negative.

Chart Of Planetary Aspects To Craft Amulets And Talismans

 Aspect Trine / SextileWhen and why should the ritual be recited, and what should the amulet contain?
Mo with MeFor conquest and love, connected with the beloved.
Mo with veFor connecting women, love, and marriage.
Mo with SuBringing about a bond between respect and kindness in the minds of higher-ups.
Mo with MaStopping someone from sleeping as a punishment and escaping from envious people.
Mo with JuFor respect and dignity, promotion.
Mo with SatFor the better production of agriculture and prosperity.
Me with veTo get the love of a beloved one and victory over marine creatures.
Me with JuFor the development of knowledge growth and creative works.
Me with SatFor the solutions to troubles. Stability in relationships.
Me with MaTo keep the love and affection forever.
Su with MaFor subjugating the army and overwhelming higher-ups.
Su with JuTo promote growth and financial well-being and acquire a strong profile among influential people.
Su with SatFor fulfilling ambitions and rising in the profession.
Ma with MeTo cure or prevent diseases and stay healthy.
Ma with veTo resist or avoid the temptation, attract the opposite gender towards you.
Ma with JuTo acquire wealth and achieve higher ranks.
Ma with SatIn order to increase agricultural output and properties.
Ju with SatTo be protected from the anger of superiors
Square And OppositionIn what circumstances should the rituals be performed, and what should the amulet hold?
Mo With MeTo craft amulets to make buddies hate each other.
Mo with veTo create enmity between men and women.
Mo with Suto make temptation between higher authorities.
Mo with MaTo get rid of the poison and anger of insects۔
Mo with JuFor revealing secrets that were kept hidden۔
Mo with SatTo hurt or kill an enemy۔
Me with veTo cause separation among friends and to close the business of opponents.
Me with MaTo fall the writer in illness to stop his business.
Me with JuTo destroy the enemy’s estate or properties.
Me with SatTo devastate a place.
ve with MaTo make two lovers hate and dislike each other۔
ve with SatTo make mischief among women and men۔
Mars with SunTo scatter opponents and make situations of war and conflicts between them.
Ju with SuTo destroy a building or inhabited place.
Ju with MaTo harshly punish your enemy.
Ju with SatTo weaken the position of any superiors or rivals.
Sat with SuTo make two lovers hate each other and drift apart۔
Sat with MaTo kill or silence your enemy for your benefit.
ConjunctionHow should the rituals be done, and what should the amulet have?
Mo with MerTo get meet with writers, politicians, and business tycoons.
Mo with veFor love, marriage, and calling the beloved.
Mo with MaTo overcome the jealous people, to meet with nobles and win over enemies.
Mo with JuTo get better at business, اcquisition of wealth, and learn new things.
Mo with SatTo put your enemies through hell by torturing or destroying them.
Me with veTo find romantic companionship and musical education.
Me with JuFor the development of intellect, acquisition of knowledge, getting the love of men, and conquest over spiritual practitioners. 
Me with SatTo desolate a place or cause havoc and destruction of an enemy.
ve with JuTo win someone’s heart and make him/her your obedience.
Ma with MeTo cause a building or property damage and display hostile intent.
Ma with veTo gain dominance over females.
Ma with JuTo give the warriors power to beat the army and win the battle.
Ju with SatAiming to poison the minds of educated people and sow discord between them۔
Prograde PositionHow should the rituals be done, and what should the amulet be made of?
MeTo gain seniority and knowledge.
veTo get the friendship and love of women.
MaTo instill strength, courage, and bravery in the army۔
JuTo retain the building and property upheld.
Retrograde PositionHow should the rituals be done, and what should the amulet be made of?
MeTo bring someone down from his lofty perch by humiliating him.
veFor abortion and infertility in women
MaTo make infertility in women and abortion.
JuTo destroy a population or town, or city.
SatTo drive an element of hatred and hostility between a loving couple.



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