Part 1

According to the dictionary the meaning of Jaffer is a deep and abysmal well therefore it is abstruse and difficult to get acquisition of it. Terminologically Jaffer is such a name of knowledge that Sahiban-e-Ilm profess to give prediction about commencing future circumstances through it. It’s an exquisite lore of Aima-e-Masoomeen which computes in Uloom-e-Illahiyaat. Only Anbiya-e-Karam and Aima-e-Athar are just actual inheritors of this Ilm. They got this Ilm from Zaat-e-Aleem-o-Khabeer. According to Ulma-e-Jaffer this Ilm has begun at that time when Almighty Allah gave an honour of mundane caliphate to father of human (Hazrat Adam A.S) and along it taught him names of everything hence these all blest names came as a base of this Ilm. After Hazrat Adam A.S this Ilm continued as a chain in Anbiya Karaam. Insofar it reached to the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W and from him it reached to Hazrat Imam Ali A.S and like this after all it reached to Hazrat Imam e Jaffer Saddiq A.S and he gave priority to it like such other Ulooms also issued some methods (qaiday or tarikay) of it for the benefits of momineen therefore it is attributed by the name of Hazrat Imam Saddiq A.S. According to the master of dictionaries cowhide and pelt are the amphioxus meaning of Jaffer but these are just literally and have no any connection with Ilm e Jaffer. In fact Ilm e Jaffer is such a name of a power of numbers and letters, through it come to know about the forthcoming accidents not only this rather Naqoosh o Wazaif o Amaliyaat are also prepared by it which are amazedly useful and affecter. Albeit Ilm e Jaffer is counted in Astronomy but presumption do not enter to work like Astrology and Geomancy and this Ilm stands on rules of factuality and fiducially. Answer of question comes like that doing directly speak with some Delphic existent but undoubtedly intellectual perspicacity power or ability and memory of Jaffar should must be good.  Mostly the reason of commonalty getting unsuccessful result for the acquisition of Jaffer is that basically they don’t know about the comprehensiveness and factuality of Ilm e Jaffer and they think that its a knowledge of that letters which are worked out in our writing and reading whatever but this is totally wrong concept and it is certainly nowise. Knowledge and practice are exigent for the acquisition of this sacrosanct Ilm.

Some instructions are given below by following these guidelines you can achieve success.
You must have to keep your mind free from mentally agitation at the moment of setting and fixing a question for mustehslah.
Take the mustehslah to do after ablution and in blotless condition.
Before solving the question, pray and ask to Almighty Allah! Please give me the solution of my (xyz) problem. He is merciful He will not back you empty hands.

In simple example Ilm e Jaffer is like a television screen which works on the base of spiritual power. If spiritual power will not be best so result of picture (mustehslah) will also not be fine. Worship, devotedness and asceticism are must be necessary for maintain the progression of this spiritual power therefore try to be punctual for pray and fast. Yours source of acquisition of income and food should must be legitimacy. In against of someone you should not keep any bitterness feeling in your heart. Try to completely care about Huqooq-Allah and Huqooq-Al-Ibaad. Keep lighting a flambeau of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W Wa Aal-e-Muhammad’s love in your heart. Keep continue the recitation of Durood shareef affluently. InshAllah the door of afflatus and miracle will be opened.

To be continued…..

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