Story of a Fisherman (Ibrat)

Once there was a fisherman, blissful in his work and lived happily. He just hunted fishes otherwise he spent remaining time at home. He was so undemanding person until the hunted fish was not finished he didn’t go back again to gill the new one.

One day when his wife was cutting the hunted fish so she saw an incredible thing and she shocked there was a twinkle flashy pearl in stomach of fish.


Prince My Prince! Come look what I got.

Tell me what did u get?

Look at this pearl how much it is pretty and beautiful.

Where did u get it from?

From stomach of fish

I think today is our fortunate day come give it to me my adorable wife.

I will sell it so may be we will get some other foods except fish to eat.

Fisherman took the pearl from his wife and reached to the locality goldsmith.

Assalam o Alaikum

Walaikum Assalam

Sir we got a pearl from stomach of fish.

Give it to me let me check.

Ohhhhhh It is very noble.

I have no strength to purchase such a precious thing.

Although if I sell my home, shop and everything nevertheless I can’t pay you the amount of this pearl

You can do one thing go the biggest goldsmith in the city.

May be he could pay you its price.

Go May God prefer and bless you.

Fisherman reached to the biggest and richest goldsmith of the city.

And told him whole story

Show it to me let me see what you got.

Oh God…Swear by Almighty God! Brother, I am not able to buy it.

But I have a solution about it you should go to the governor of city.

He will surely be able to purchase such this type of pearl.

Thank you for your help, I am going to meet with the Governor of City.

Now at the door of City’s Governor

Our fisher friend is staying here with his precious goods and waiting for the permission to get entry in the Palace.

Now in front of the City’s Governor in Palace

Sir this is my entire story and here it is that pearl which I got from stomach of fish.

Oh God … what an incomparable thing you found I just wished and had a desire to see such a thing.

But how I decide its price???

I have a solution, go in my treasury.

You will be allowed to spend six hours there.

Take amount and things how much you can so may be like this some price of this precious pearl will be paid by me.

Sir six hours??  Two hours will be enough for me.

No, you will have six hours and you will be allowed to take anything from my treasury what you want.

Our fisher friend entered in the Governor’s treasury and surprised to see a very big grand hall decently distributed in three parts.

One part was fulfilled by diamonds, jewelry and gold.

Second part was decorated with a kind of soft comfortable, delightful brisk velvet’s beds.

And the last part was covered by every kind of foods such like after look at once anyone can feel water in mouth.

Fisherman said to his own self

Six hours?????

Like me for a poor fisherman it is too much.

What will I do at last in these six hours?????

Well… why not I should take start from foods???

I have never seen such these types of foods. Today I will eat a lot and make my tummy full.

And like this I will also get the energy which will be helpful for me to collect and gather diamonds and jewelries.

Then our fisher friend entered in the third part of treasury and he spent two hours there from the given six hours by Governor.

In just eating, eating and eating

After that he got up to go towards the part where diamonds and jewelries were.

But he looked at the velvet’s bed and he said to his own self.

Today I fulfilled my stomach completely.

What will be wrong if I will do some rest???  Like this I will have fun when I will collect diamonds and other things.

I will not get a chance to sleep on such these types of velvet’s bed next time so why should I miss it???

Then he putted his head on the bed and gradually went in the arms of slumber.

Awake up awake up fool fisherman.

Your time has been finished.

Ohhhh …. How???

Yeah you heard correct get out from here.

Be kind with me please I didn’t get enough time Please give me some more time.

You have spent six hours in this treasury and now you want to wake up from your negligence.

Do you want to collect more???

You have been given a long time for collecting all this finance.

So that when you go out from here so you could eat these types of foods rather much better than it.

And could make these types of bed rather much comfortable than it.

But you became like a fool and fell in carelessness.

You thought this well is entire universe where u lived.

Didn’t think to go out and see the comprehensive of ocean.

Get him out

No, No please give me one more chance.

This story has been finished and completed here.

But the topic of getting (Ibrat) didn’t yet end.

Did you all recognize that precious pearl??

That is your soul…..Ohhh ibn e Adam Ohhh weak creature.

This is such a thing that which price can’t be comprehension.

Okay thinking about treasury………what was that???

Yeah that is a world.

After see its greatness how much we are rapt for its acquisition?

Diamonds and jewelries were in that treasury???

That all are yours virtuous deserts

And that comfortable velvet’s beds???

That is your osculation.

And that delicious foods???

That is lust.

And now oh a Fisher friend

There is still time come on and wake up from your negligence and leave that comfortable and velvet’s bed and take start to collect all those diamonds and jewelries etc which are in your under control before the end of given time.

Otherwise you will have just a desire.

Appointed guards of treasury will not allow you to take some more time.

And they will get you out from all these favors of Lord in which you are living.

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