Loh e Nusrat

During the timing of Saturn, where Aamaal can be done for other purposes, there for those people who are suffering from the problems of marital life it means that if a married couple is having some differences between them and their relationship or a large group has been going through enmity since a long or somebody has an extreme fear or dread of an enemy or if someone has a risk to lost his life in a field of war or at any dangerous place or wish to get victory on a large organization or group plus also require protection and safety, If you want to win any case related with law or etc  so for all these purposes you can take advantages from Loh e Nusrat. It will be a beneficial source for you, if you are facing such these types of problems and just want to get rid so it will be very helpful for you.

This Loh is prepared by taking the help of Holy verse

“نصر من اللہ و فتح قریب “

This Loh is made on the plate of lead (metal).

There is no any hard instructions to follow for its usage; it’s so easy to carry. If you want to use it so first you just need to stitch it in a piece of black cloth and then you can keep it safely with you.

Insha Allah The Almighty Allah will help you soon and grant you success and victory by his grace and merciful kindness.

We have prepared some limited Alwahs (Loh e Nusrat) on the particular and special timings of Saturn.

Many people have acquired its positive results.

Now we have few Alwahs which are left.

Wishful people can contact to get it directly from us.

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