Taskheer e Khalq o Taskheer e Matloob

Love is the most important element among living beings. The one who has the power to win hearts is known as uncrowned king.

Today we are presenting here an amal that will help a person to win hearts of mass or the heart of particular person. Those people who are attached to public business such as doctors, shop owners, lawyers, journalists or hotel and restaurant owners can get tremendous benefits from this amal. This will help to bring majority of customers to your business. 

If anyone wants to win the heart of particular person to get married with him or her, or there is a lack of understanding and love between husband and wife, this amal will put your love in other’s heart to bring stability in the relationship. 

This amal will be performed on new moon first thursday (Nau Chandi Jumey Raat). The amal is written by respected Kaash Al Barni and also by the author of book  Mufati Al Jaffr but in fact this amal belongs to Sheikh Abdul Majeed Maghribi. 

Now we are elaborating the amal for readers. In this amal we will use the spiritual powers of Surah Al Tauba verse no. 128. The verse starts fromLA QAD JA’AQUM RASOOL MIN AN FOSIKUM  AZIZUN ALYHE MAA ANITUM HAREESUN ALYKUM BIL MOMINEENA RAUF RAHIM. 

According to Sheikh Abdul Majeed Maghribi if you want to win the heart of a particular person then the same verse will be used asLA QAD JA’AQUM RASOOL MIN AN FOSIKUM  AZIZUN ALYHE. 

If you want this amal for your business success then you should write your name along with your mother name word by word. Then write the entire verse of Surah Al Tauba 128 word by word and perform the amal of Takseer Jafri. Takseer Jafri is a typical method in Ilm Jaffr in which words  are moved in various lines is such a way that the last line places the words exactly as in the first line.  

If you are doing this amal for a particular person then first write your name along with your mother name then verse and then the name of the second person along with his or her mother name and perform Takseer Jafri. 

Now write down words from the right most lines of takseer and from the left most lines of the takseer. If you get even words then unite four words together to make a word and if you get odd words then unite three words together to make a word. At the end of this word add word ”YUSH” to make Awan al Amal. 

Take numeric values of the first line of takseer and subtract 41 from it. Whatever total you get write down its words and add word ”AYEIL” to make Moakal of the amal. Take now the numeric values of the entire takseer jafri lines. Subtract 319 from it. Whatever total you get write down its word and add word ”TEYSH” to it. It will be the Jinnat ul Amal. 

From the total numeric value of the takseer jafri subtract 60 and then divide it to 5. After division whatever total you get make a Mukhammas ( Five by Five ) naqsh. After division with 5 if you get a remainder of 1 then add 1 more to the value of box no. 21, if you get a remainder of 2 then add 1 to the value of box no. 16, if you get a remainder of 3 then add 1 to the value of box no. 11 and if you get a remainder of 4 add 1 to the value of box no. 6. 

At top of the naqsh write 786 and write the words of Awan al Amal around the naqsh. If you are making this amal for winning the heart of mass then on the back of this naqsh draw a picture of a man sitting on a chair facing a large number of people standing in front of him. Write the name of Moakal over the head of the man sitting on the chair. Write the name of Jinnat ul Amal over the heads of people. Also write the names of Awan al Amal all around this picture. 

We are demonstrating here a table by which all the boxes of the naqsh will be filled: 


























If you are preparing the amal to win the heart of a particular person then there is no need to draw the picture at the back of  the naqsh. 

The naqsh for mass will have this Azeimat  at the bottom of it: 

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم اقسمت علیکم یا ارواح العلویات والسفلیات (موکل نام)، (اعوان العمل نام)، (جنات العمل نام) بقضاے حاجتی تسخیر خلائق و رجوع خلق بحق الاسم الاعظم یا بدوح بحق خالقکم و موحدکم و بارکم و بارک الله فیکم و علیکم العجل الساعتہ الوحا         

The naqsh for a particular will have this Azeimat: 

اقسمت علیکم یا ارواح العلویات والسفلیات (موکل نام)، (اعوان العمل نام)، (جنات العمل نام) ا حضرو (نام مع والدہ جس کا دل جیتنا ہے) فی محبت (اپنا نام مع والدہ) العجل الساعتہ الوحا         

During the preparations fumigate the related perfumes of this amal. Take measures of Rijal ul Ghyb. The naqsh will be made on a 2×2 or 3×3 Silver plate. The naqsh will be inscribe with some fine sharp needle.  

When the naqsh is ready wrap it in a white paper and keep with you. Within few days you will notice that people have started to respect you. They are feeling an attraction for you due to this your business will increase as large customers will come to you.  

When preparing this naqsh for a particular person then prepare two more naqsh on white paper. Tie one naqsh to a tree bearing sweet fruits and place the second under a warm iron. Now recite the Azeimat written at the bottom of the naqsh for 21 times. Your message of love will travel like electric waves and will ignite the second person heart with your love. With the blessings of ALLAH in few days you will get the love of your life.  

Those who are interested can request us to prepare the naqsh for them.

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