Haziraat Ali Ibn Seina

The method has been written by Ali Ibn Seina in his book ‘’Majmoa Ibn Seina Fil Aloom Wal Roohania’’ published from Egypt. We are presenting this very authentic method for our readers. In the book the author has not put any obligations to perform a ‘Chilla’. The person who has command on it can call Haziraat at any time to get guidance in difficult matters.

Method: To perform this Haziraat you must have a small boy or girl by which you can communicate with Haziraat. The boy or girl must be sitting in front of you. The boy or girl must be in Wazoo. Now write this ‘Ayat Kashaf’ on white paper and paste the page on the forehead of the boy or girl. We are writing here Ayat Kashaf for your convinience :

فکشفنا عنک غطاء ک فبصرک الیوم حدید

During the process keep burning performs.

Place some Olive oil in a white clay cup and tell the boy or the girl to keep looking in the cup. You must recite Darood Sharif in odd numbers then recite the following for three times and blow gently on the forehead of the boy or girl.

تقفول مرقول آہِِ آہِِ آہِِ صرطا طالب بقراھا اھا اجیبو ا یا ایھا الملوک الروحانیون واحضروا فی مندلی ھذا واحرقوا الحجاب بینکم و بینہ حتیٰ ینظر کم بعینہ ویخاطبکم بلسانہ بحق اھیا شراھیا ادونای اصباؤت آل شدای وانہ لقسم لو تعلمون عظیم العجل العجل الوحا الوحا الساعتہ الساعتہ

INSHA ALLAH soon the Haziraat will start coming.

Once you have taken your work from the Haziraat you must allow them to return. For their return recite the following words.

بخ بخ بخ بسلام انفروا خفافاََ وثقالاََ وجاھدو ا باموالکم و انفسکم ذلک خیر لکم ان کنتم تعلمون ۔


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