Loh e Fatohat o Taskheer

Today we are presenting a talisman which will help the possessor to obtain success in every matter of life, apart from success it will make others to obey you and act according your desires.

The procedure of this talisman has been written in various ancient spiritual books. The method of making the talisman has also been written by Tamtam Hindi and Kaash Al Barni.

According to these spiritual masters this talisman brings success, respect and winning the heart of mass in such a way that its effects are beyond human imaginations.

We are now giving here the details to prepare this Loh. The Loh will be made on brass. A naqsh of 7×7 will be made on the piece of brass. In this naqsh we will use the spiritual powers of Qurani verses known as ‘Ayat e Fatohat’ means Quranic verses that brings success and conquer.

In ancient times this Loh was made for kings to help them rule over their people and to win battles against other countries. In modern day people from all fields of life can use this Loh to make their life a success.

Spiritual masters of olden were used to prepare two Loh for their kings. One Loh was placed in the crown or turbine of the king and the second one was placed under the door of the enemy. Today it is not possible to put second Loh in your enemy house. In our view only one Loh is sufficient to attain our objective.

The following Quranic verses are used to make this Loh:

نصر من الله و فتح قریب …………………………………. values 1302
ان فتخنا لک فتحا مبینا ……………………………………. values 1333
ربنا افتح بینتا و بین قومنا با الحق و انت خیر الفاتحین ………….. values 3109

Total : 5744

Inscribe this total in the naqsh of 7×7 for this Loh.

Write the name of opponent along with his city name and amalgamate with Haroof Swamat to make words.

Opponents will face failure against you and people start obeying you.

If you want that your luck always shine like a bright star and you have a control over people then this Loh will make it happen.

Apart from this Loh you can also make a Murraba naqsh (square) on a stone know as ‘Yasham’. For this murraba naqsh use the numeric values of

لمن الملک الیوم للھ الواحد القہار ………..value 867

With the blessings of this Loh people will obey him.

Kindly note that the Loh will be made on Nau chandi Thursday. New moon first Thursday.

Those who are interested in this Loh can request us to prepare the loh.

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