Haziraat Tayfoor

This method of Haziraat is written in the ‘’Majmoa Ibn Seina Fil Aloom Wal Roohania’’ of  Ali Ibn Seina.

Method:  If you want to answer the questions of any worldly matters, Black magic, Disappeared person or stolen things or any other matter on which some one needs guidance you can perform Haziraat by this method.

Select a boy or girl. Tell them to have a bath and wear neat and clean clothes. Write the following talisman on the outer side of the right hand.

Make a mixture of ‘Kajal and Olive oil’ and with this mixture draw a circle on the palm of the right hand of the boy , girl. Tell them to keep looking in the circle. Burn perform ‘Shama Asghar’.

You must recite Darood Sharif and reicte the following words for three time and then blow gently on the forehead of the boy , girl.

This method will call ‘Khadil Al Mulk Tayfoor’. The person that will appear during haziraat will be with the White beard with a wooden stick in his hand and wearing earrings.

Say greetings to Tayfoor and quickly ask your questions. He will reply with various signs. You can ask thousand of questions to Tayfoor. He is very kind and gentle he will not be angry.

Once you get answer of your questions politely allow Haziraat for their return.

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