Jupiter Exalt 2013 : Magical Jupiter Talisman

The planet Jupiter is known as the lord of stars. It is believed that Jupiter rules both Moon and Sun and is also believed to control the movement of the planets in our solar system.

Jupiter is a benefic planet. It is significator of luck and fortune. Jupiter also rules wealth, religion, philosophy, spirituality and progeny. When Jupiter enters in the Cancer horoscope it becomes very fortunate and favourable for humans and brings wealth , honour, success and progeny.

From 27 June 2013 Jupiter will enter in the first phase of its highest ranks (Sharf). The best peak time (Sharfi Darjaat) of Jupiter will start from 1st September at 4 in the morning after midnight and will last till 7 th September 2:40 after midnight before dawn as per Pakistan standard time.

It is a known fact that Jupiter talismans are made during this period of time to bring prosperity in life and business. We are going to present another Jupiter talisman. This talisman has great importance in spirituality and is very popular for bringing worldly treasures and honour in life.

Total four talismans will be made for each person. Three talismans will be made on gold and one on the deer skin. If someone cannot afford it then first three talismans can be made on a golden paper and fourth on the silver colour paper.

As we have mentioned in our other articles that Jupiter becomes very powerful when it enters in the house of Cancer. This time come after a period of 12 years therefore a great caution must be taken while making these talismans. A very small mistake can ruin the bright and prosperous future of a person.

Human life is mixture of laughter and sorrow. Those who were rich are living a beggar’s life now. This Jupiter talisman is a challenge to those who do not believe in the miracles of spirituality. If this talisman is made according to our instructions and taking into account other rules of Jupiter talisman then it will definitely show its great miracle powers. No wonder if a beggar will be a wealthy person in days with the help of this talisman.

We now explain this talisman step by step for our readers so that everyone can make it with ease. For this talisman we are going to use various things with their numeric values according to Moon Alphabet (Abajad e Qamari):. You have to adopt the same except the name of the person.

1585 بسم اللہ الحمد للہ رب العلمین ایاک نعبد و ایاک نستعین
2130 یا فتاح الذی فتم کل ابواب الرزاق
1094 Name Of The Person With Mother Name
2214 ان اللہ ھو الرزاق ذوالوقوہ المتین
1444 یا میکائیل صرفائیل ابو ولید شمھورش
950 مشتری
9417 Total

Now from the total value of 9417 we will subtract 12 as per the law of this talisman. After subtraction we get a new value of 9405. Divide 9405 by 3. We get a value of 3135. After division by 3 if you get a remainder of 1 add one more digit to the value of box number 7 and if you find a remainder of 2 then add one more digit to the value of box number 4. The talisman will be made in 3×3 fire element (Musalas Atshi).

Musalas Aatshi

We will place our first value of 3135 in box number 1 mentioned in Musals Atshi. Now we add another digit to 3135 and we will place a value of 3136 in box number 2 as shown in Musalas Atshi. We will fill all boxes in the same manner.

To make our talisman more powerful and effective we will now make Moakalaat Alvi and Sifli from the values of the talisman.

For this we will take values of the corners of this talisman. We will take first value from the top right hand side box which is 3140. Subtract 41 from 3140 of the law. We get a new value of 3099. From the Abjad with lunar values we will make the name of Moakal. For our reader convenience we are also presenting here the abjad with its values:

The first value is 3099 to make first Moakal. The letters will be taken as per unit,ten,hundred and thousand method. We explain it further. In value 3099 the right most 9 is ‘unit’ and its associated word is ط next is another 9 and its value will be taken in ‘ten’, the word belong to is ص . Third is zero as it is a 0 therefore it has no value. Then comes 3, its value will be taken in thousand so it will become three thousand. Here we can adopt two methods . The first method is to take 3 as a single unit the word associated with 3 is ج for the value of thousand we will take غ . The other method is to write غ three times. One غ for each thousand. You can adopt whatever method you like. We are writing here Moakal name with both methods. We will write آئیل at the end of these words  ط ص ج غ ائیل : طصجغائیل / طصجغغغائیل

Make three more Moakals in same manner. For second Moakal we will take value of the left corner box which is 3142. Subtract 41 from 3142. The new value is 3101. Its Moakal will be: ا ق ج غ ائیل : اقجغائیل

For third Moakal take the value of left hand side bottom box. The value in this box is 3138. After subtraction of 41 we get 3097. Its moakal is : ز ص ج غ ائیل : زصجغائیل

The value of fourth moakal is 3136 which at the right hand side bottom box. After subtraction of 41 we get a value of 3095. The fourth moakal is: ہ ص ج غ ائیل : ہصجغائیل

We will make another moakal by adding the values of top right hand side box and left hand box at the bottom. Their respective values are 3140 and 3138. The total is 6278. Again subtract 41 from this value. The new value is 6237. The moakal for this value is: ز ل ر و غ ائیل : زلروغائیل

We will also make a moakal from the total value of the talisman , which is called Awan Al Amal. The total value of the talisman is 9417. After subtraction of 41 we get a total of 9376. The moakal will be: و ع ش ط غ ائیل : وعشطغائیل

Next we are going to make Sifli moakal for our talisman. Kindly note that when we make sifli moakal at the end of words we will add word طیش .

For Sifli moakal we will take values of middle boxes. From the value we will subtract 319. The value for first sifli moaktal is 3135 which is at the middle of the top row. After subtraction of 319 we get a value of 2816. The sifli moakal is و ی ض ب غ طیش : ویضبغطیش . The value for next sifli moakal is in the middle of left hand row which is 3137. Subtract 319. The new value is 2818. The second sifli moakal will be : حیضبغطیش ح ی ض ب غ طیش . From the bottom middle box we will take value of 3143 and subtract 319. The new value is 2824. We will make third sifli moakal from this value د ک ض ب غ طیش : د کضبغطیش . For final sifli moakal we will take value of the middle box from the right hand side row. The value here is 3141. After subtracting 319 we get 2822. The sifli moakal for this value will be ب ک ض ب غ طیش : بکضبغطیش .

This talisman also needs an Azeemat. Azeemat are sentences in which we add Moakal Alvi and Moakal Sifli that we have made for our talisman. For our readers we are writing here the Azeemat for the above mentioned talisman:

عزمت علیکم یا ایھا الارواح بھذ التعویذ واللوح یا طصجغغغائیل ،اقجغائیل ،  زصجغائیل ، ہصجغائیل ، زلروغائیل ، وعشطغائیل حق اللہ الحق الرزاق (Name Of The Person) باذن اللہ بحق ربکم الحاکم وعلیکم ان اجیبوا دعوتی امروا ھولاء الاعوان یا ویضبغطیش ، حیضبغطیش ، دکضبغطیش ، بکضبغطیش حق اللہ الحق الرزاق از غائب ( نام طالب مع والدہ (Name Of The Person) باذن اللہ بحق بسم اللہ الحمد للہ رب العلمین ، ایاک نعبدو وایاک نستعین  یا فتاح الذی فتح کل ابواب الرزاق ان اللہ ھوالرزاق ذوالقوۃ المتین مشتری یا میکائیل یا صرفیائیل  یا ابو ولید السید شمھورش اللہ الحق خالقکم موحد کم  وباریکم بارک اللہ فیکم وعلیکم العجل العجل العجل الساعتہ الساعتہ الساعتہ الوحا الوحا الوحا۔

We now have all our four talismans with us. Tie a talisman to your right arm or wear in the neck which is made on deer skin or on silver colour paper. Place first gold talisman at your home. The second gold talisman will be placed at your place of work, shop or business office. The third and last gold talisman will be kept in Quran where Ayat Darood Sharif is written. This particular verse is in the 33rd Surah of Quran e Kareem. The name of the Surah is Al Ahzab and verse number is 56. إِنَّ اللَّهَ وَمَلَائِكَتَهُ يُصَلُّونَ عَلَى النَّبِيِّ

Distribute some sweet among children. Daily recite some verses of Quran and after it recite the above mentioned Azeemat for 110 times daily with Darood Sharif 11 times at start and end. Then prostrate (sajdah) and recite 33 times Subhan Allah, 33 times Alhamdolillah and 34 times Allah o Akbar. With the help of this talisman soon Allah will open every door of success and prosperity on you.

Those who cannot make the talisman for themselves or find no one around them to make this Jupiter talisman can obtain the talisman from our institution for a Hadia .

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