Sun In Aries And Nauroz March 2016

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This year the auspicious time of Nauroz will start on Sunday 20th March at 9:30:08 as per Pakistan standard time. The time will be applicable to every city and town of Pakistan. Those are living abroad and are interested to prepare a special talisman on Nauroz should calculate the time with GMT.

During the years we have presented various spiritual items on Nauroz including Talisman Assad Ullah Ghalib, Winning the heart of a particular person, Talisman Fathanama, Haroof e Taskheer, Talisman Seal Of Sun, Talisman for health and of Surah Al Tauba of Holy Quran.

The talisman presented this year is a living miracle of Asar e ILM e Jafr. Many spiritualists have written about it including Late Hakim Sarfaraz Ahmed Zahid. The original method was written by Late Allama Shafaq Rampuri. Sarfaraz Ahmed wrote that this Asar Ul Jafr is an art that deals with putting various parts together. If all the parts of an engine are put together correctly the engine will definitely work, similarly a person who has the knowledge of how to work with Asar Ul Jafr prepares this method if works like a bullet. He also wrote that a person with Asar ul Jafr knowledge is not bind to prepare it at a particular time. He has the liberty to prepare it at any time.

21 years ago we used the same method to test it and we found that whatever Safaraz Ahmed wrote was true. Keeping the words of Sarfaraz Ahmed in my mind we also tested this method to achieve a positive objective during unfavourable celestial hours. The talismans and amulets prepared in unfavourable time showed total effectiveness in achieving their objective. Sarfaraz Ahmed wrote that ‘’This thing will not be digested by the self claimed masters of ILM ul Jafr and they are not going to like it. They will open doors of criticism against me, but I do not care what they will say, I have written what I found true’’.

These words of Late Sarfaraz Ahmed encouraged us to test the method in different forms. It is a human behaviour to criticise anything which is above his intelligence level. Instead of doing some research to find new spiritual methods they just want to copy the old traditions. We have tested this spiritual method on countless occasions and find it very successful. We present it for our reader here so that they can make on the day of Nauroz.

The talisman and amulet presented here brings great business profits. If a business or shop is blocked due to some black magic this talisman will remove the magic and set the path so that business can flourish. It will also benefit those who are not promoted for a long period. The heart of masses can be won by this talisman. It is also a very powerful tool to attract others. Any matter related to conquest can be accomplished through this talisman.

As we have mentioned earlier that this method showed great results in negative times too. Its magical power will definitely be at great height when it is prepared in an auspicious time such as Nauroz. Based on our various experiments we give a method here that is most effective in achieving its objective.

Kindly note that along with Surah An Nasr of Holy Quran the following sentence will also be added in the method. The sentence in Arabic is: ” یا مفتح الابواب افتح لی ابواب رحمتک”.

Safaraz Ahmed and Shafaq Rampuri used a different sentence which is also given here: افتح ابواب فتحک لی یا مفتح الابواب . You can use any sentence you like.

The numeric value of Surah An Nasr is 6124. The numeric value of our sentence is 1791.

First of all the person who will prepare the talisman and amulet must give the Zakat(recitation for a fix number of time). When the day of 9th March is passed, at the night start the recitation. From 9 till 18 March daily recite Sruah An Nasr for 556 times with 166 times recitation of the following sentence.
” یا مفتح الابواب افتح لی ابواب رحمتک”

On the last day which is 19 March recite Surah An Nasr for 564 time and ” یا مفتح الابواب افتح لی ابواب رحمتک” for 171 times. Always say 11 times Darood Sharif before and after the recitation. You must burn the white and red Sandal in the room where you perform the recitation.

On 20 March at time of Nauroz you will prepare two talisman. One talisman will be made on pure silver while other on white paper with saffron and rose water ink.

The numeric value of Surah An Nasr is 6124 and has 80 letters. The numeric value of our Arabic sentence ” یا مفتح الابواب افتح لی ابواب رحمتک” is 1971 and it contains 29 letters. The total of Surah An Nasr with Arabic sentence is 7915. The total of letters is 109. The combined total is 8024.

Now take the numeric value of your name along with your mother name or the other person along with his/her mother name for whom you are making the talisman as per lunar alphabet. Multiply this value to 4. The value we get after multiplication will be subtracted from the combined total of 8024. The new value will be placed in the box number one of the talisman. For remaining boxes we will add the total of names to the value of the previous box. We elaborate the entire procedure with an example.

In our example the numeric value of a person name along with his mother name is 461. After multiplication with 4 we get a new value of 1844(461×4=1844). We have a combined total of 8024. We will subtract 1844 from 8024. We get a new value of 6180. We will put 6180 in the box no. 1 of the talisman.

For box no. 2 we will add 461(total of names) to 6180. We now have a value of 6641. We will put this value in box no. 2 of the talisman. The other values with corresponding box numbers are given here:
box no. 3:7102, box no. 4: 7563, box no. 5: 8024, box no 6: 8485, box no. 7: 8946, box no. 8: 9407, box no. 9: 9868, box no. 10: 10329, box no. 11: 10790,
box no. 12: 11251 , box no. 13: 11712, box no. 14: 12173, box no. 15: 12634 and in box no. 16 we will put 13095. The final shape of the exemplary talisman is given below:


You can also write the name of the person with his/her mother name along with purpose at the bottom of the talisman. When you are making the talisman of silver inscribe it with a sharp nail or engraving tool. The talisman on paper can be written with ordinary ink pen. The ink will be made from saffron and rose water. Stitch the silver talisman in white cloth and wear in the neck or right arm. Hang the paper talisman at home or place of business.

We are publishing the article almost a month before so that any person can perform the Zakat in time and have clear understanding of how to make this talisman. Those who perform the Zakat can continue the recitation afterwards to get great benefits of it. If spiritualists prepare this talisman by following the rules of Asar ul Jafr the talisman will show great results.

Those who wish to obtain the talisman from our institution and can pay the price of the time and hard work can contact us before Nauroz. This year the Nauroz talisman will be in the shape of locket on silver.

For further details you can email us at A large number of people ask various questions on facebook. It is not possible for us to answer every question on facebook. If you want to ask any question it will be better to email us on the above given email.

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