Talisman Ras Al Ghaul: Syed Mohammad Ajmal

The Ras Al Ghaul talisman making time will occur on 18th Jan. 2016 at 7:39:57 pm according to Islamabad, Pakistan. The chart of the event is giving here for our readers.

Alghol timings

ras al ghaul 1

ras al ghaul 2

ras al ghaul 3

ras al ghaul 4

ras al ghaul 5

ras al ghaul 6

Talisman Ras Al Ghaul Front

ras ul ghaul talisman frontwm

Talisman Ras Al Ghaul Back

ras ul ghaul talisman backwm

Talismanic Ring Ras Al Ghaul

ras ul ghaul ring silverwm

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