Other Talismans And Courses For Jupiter Dignity

At the event of Jupiter dignity we are presenting other talismans and courses. The talisman and courses are short without lengthy explanation. A simple and unique talisman is also given so that any needful can make it with ease. A person with good knowledge of talisman or amulet making and a person with good knowledge of Letters(ilm ul haroof) can fully benefit from these methods.


Treatment for Urinary obstruction:

It is a severe health problem in which the flow of urine from the body is blocked due to various reasons. It can result into other physical problems and sickness. The planet Jupiter will be dignified on 14th September 2016 at 08:31:19 as per Pakistan standard time. If the following talisman is engraved on a piece of crystal weighing 13.80 grams and tied to the arm of the patient he will immediately get cure from the disease. If you cannot find crystal then it can be made on any white colour stone but make sure it does not have any lines or spots. Urine obstruction can also cause stomach swelling and if it is not treated earlier the patient’s life will be in danger. Ayurvedics, Hakeem and doctors can benefit from this time to have this talisman with them so that they can use at patients suffering from this sickness.

The talisman is given below:


Simple And Powerful Talisman:

The talisman presented here is simple, unique and very powerful in its effects. It is helper to increase income and to gain wealth. The talisman must be made during the hour of Jupiter. The Talisman is given under:

Daily recite Surah Al Muzammil 11 times at the hour of Jupiter. You will witness the increase in wealth in short period of time. The talisman will be made on pure silver. It will be made as per ‘’Musalas Khali Al Batan’’ method. The first box is where a value of 555 is written. Please note that you have to add a value of 555 in the value for next box. The box with value of 3338 is with remainder. In normal way a value of 3330 should come here but as per the rules of this typical method we will put 3338 here. Next boxes are filled with an addition of 555 to it. Draw the boxes with قولہ الحق ولہ المک . Also write the names of four angels جبرائیل، میکائیل، اسرافیل، عزرائیل .


Special Wealth Talisman Through Dream:

The talisman presented here is for those who accepts challenges and are not afraid of hard work۔

Follow the general rules of talisman making strictly. After checking the position of Rijal ul Ghayab sit with your back facing them. Recite Surah Zalila Tul Arz twice, Surah Al Akhlas thrice and Surah Al Fatiha five times and offer it as a gift to noble spirits. The talisman will be made on silver or gold.

The talisman includes a three by three(Musalas) template. For this talisman we will take the numeric values of entire Surah Jinn and Surah Muzammil. Make the boxes as per the general rules or make the boxes with the hidden names of ‘’Daba tul Arz – دابتہ الارض .

The template is given here for your convenience:

weath talisman through dream
Write your purpose in empty bottom row. Now recite Surah Jinn 53 times and Surah Muzammil 110 time with 11 times Darood Sharif at the start and end and blow on the talisman.

Stitch talisman in a piece of green cloth and wear in your right arm. You will start observing strange things. Kindly note that this talisman has two conditions which must strictly followed . If you do not care then the talisman will loose its powers. The wearer must not attend a funeral when wearing it. If you wish to participate in a funeral then first put the talisman at a safe place. After funeral take a shower and then wear the talisman. Similarly if your body is impure you cannot wear it unless and until your body is purified again.

The talisman is for those who are familiar with these types of things and due to this reason no details are given to make this talisman. Those who daily recite Surah Muzammil, make this talisman, they will experience unbelievable things in life.

Another Jupiter Talisman:

Now we present a talisman which has been tested and has great effects in achieving its objective. For this talisman we can chose any verse that we like:

۔ واللہ یرزق من یشاءبغیر حساب
۔ اللہ لطیف بعبادہ یرزق من یشاءوھو القوی العزیز

The other way to select the verse is according the four elements association with your name. In our example we are using the second verse.

The verse contains 38 letters and its numeric value is 1287. First we will take the name of the person along with his mother name and purpose for whom the talisman is made. Make sure that names and purpose also contain 38 letters according the verse. We are making this talisman for person Mohammad Faisal Latif and his mother name is Nazir Begum. The purpose is promotion in job, money and wealth. We will write all this in one line letter by letter:

م ح م د ف ی ص ل ل ط ی ف ب ن ن ذ ی ر ب ی ک م ت ر ق ی ع ھ د ھ و م ا ل د و ل ت

Now mix these letters with letters of the verse. We will get total 76 letters. We will make words by combining four letters. These words will be written around the talisman.

If you have taken word Bin(son of) with person name then we must take the numeric value of it. We will make a box of eight by eight with values of verse, name, and purpose. The 8×8 box is associated with planet Jupiter.

From the total of names, verse and purpose we have to subtract 252 and we will divide the new value to 8. Whatever value we get after division will be placed in box no. 1. We will add 1 to the value of the previous box to fill the next box.

After division if get a remainder of 1 we will add an extra value to box no. 57. The other remainder and their extra value boxes are given here:

OTHER ARTI remainder
The talisman will be made on silver, gold, and tin. Also arrange to have green light where you are making the talisman. Place some green plants in the room and give Neyaz on green sweets.

Daily recite the verse as per the numeric value of your name. You will be convinced after seeing the benefits provided by this talisman. Please make sure that you are burning associated incense of Jupiter during talisman making. The person who is making the talisman must have performed the ‘’ZAKAT e HAROOF’’.

The talisman template is below:


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