Jupiter Dignity 2016: Famous Jupiter Talisman

اردو میں پڑھنے کے لیے یہاں کلک کریں

The planet Jupiter will enter in the phase of Dignity on 14th September 2016 and will remain there till 19th September 2016.

Before presenting talisman related to Jupiter dignity we would like to highlight some benefits of this planet. According to gurus of astrology and spirituality planet Jupiter is the lord of worldly possessions, wealth, money, increase in finances and elevation to high ranks. Jupiter is also associated with spirituality.

A person under debt or unemployed for years can benefit from this event. All pain staking financial crisis can be turned into prosperity with the powers of Jupiter.

With the passage of time every human needs a satisfactory flow of finances to meet his requirements and to spend a comfortable life. Nature has blessed planet Jupiter to bring financial stability, easy flow of wealth, opening the doors for promotions in every field of life and to bring wealth from unseen sources.

Modern world has given new horizons to earn wealth. Online trading, forex, lottery, and prize bond are new ways to make money. Jupiter has the power to enable a person to increase his wealth through these areas.

Gambling, bingo, lotto, etc are legal in some countries. We see large lines in front of lottery shops especially on Christmas and New Year. Very few are lucky to win. Those are trying their luck for years but face failure can increase their chances of winning with Jupiter talisman.

Every human spends his life in positive and negative energy circles. The flow of negative energy brings failure and all sorts of worries to a person whereas positive energy makes a person lucky to attract wealth and success in every matter. Planet Jupiter talisman attracts positive energy to the wearer so that wealth and success is pulled towards him like iron to the magnet. This talisman brings wealth, happiness, success and luxury beyond human expectations.

The planet Jupiter was in exalt from 27th June 2013 till 1st September 2013. The planet Jupiter is exalted after a period of 12 years. Jupiter exalt starts when it enters in Cancer. Cancer is the exalt
zodiac for Jupiter. Exalt of a planet is known as the most benefic point to make different talisman and other spiritual products during this period. If someone has missed this time then he can benefit from the Dignity of the planet. Dignity is most auspicious state of a planet after exalt. When planet Jupiter reaches 2 degree of Libra it is blessed with dignity. Many spiritualists perform various courses to achieve high powers in spirituality.

Those who were unable to bless themselves during Jupiter exalt can now benefit from its dignity. The planet Jupiter will be dignified from 14th September 2016 at 8:23 in the morning till 19th September 2016.

Time never waits for us. We have to utilise the time in the way to receive best for the life.

Jupiter is associated with Sagittarius and Pisces. Its day is Thursday and it is the lord of the sixth sky. Various talisman, amulets and other spiritual items can be made during exalt and dignity of the Jupiter. All these will be made during the hour of Jupiter.

The talisman presented here is associated to planet Jupiter. It is very famous for Jupiter talisman. It has been written by various famous personalities in spiritual world including late Kaash Al Barni. We provide here useful information so that everyone can prepare the Jupiter talisman. If you act according instructions given then you will have a greatest tool in your hand.

During the month of August at any auspicious time start the recitation of Darood Sharif for 125,000. It is up to you in how many days you finish it. If you want to complete the recitation in 7 days then for six days you have to recite Darood Sharif for 17.857 daily and on 7th day it will be recited for 17858.

You can perform the recitation without any specific restrictions of spirituality.

Recite ”Astaghfar” for 125,000 times in the same manner.

This Jupiter talisman holds powers of a particular part of verse of Surah Al Noor of Holy Quran. The verse 33 is used for the talisman. You also have recite this part for 125,000. The verse part includes یغنیھم اللہ من فضلہ . Its recitation should be started from Thursday and must be finished in 7,21 or 40 days as per your convenience.

The recitation of Darood Sharif for 125,000 is enough to make the talisman but is you recite other two then it will give an extra powers to the talisman.

We present two talismans for our readers. One talisman is for general purpose. Anyone can use it. The second is talisman is specially made for a particular person.

If you have no knowledge of talisman making then follow the steps of talisman template to make your talisman. The talisman will be made during the hour of Jupiter. Also make sure to burn the associated incense of Jupiter. The talisman will be in round shape. Therefore make sure that you have an unwritten talisman before time.

During the dignity time at the Jupiter hour you have engrave the talisman on the metal by following the template. According to the masters it is better to make round talisman during exalt and dignity of a planet for greatest results due to this reason we are also making a round talisman. On the other side you will inscribe the Jupiter talisman. We give final talisman here:


In the template where you find number 1 you have to write word یغنیھم . At number 2 you have to write the value of 1116. At number 3 you have to write 1120 and at number 4 you will write 118. By following the template we will write numeric values and words in our talisman.


Numeric value of the یغنیھم اللہ من فضلہ is 2186 and its Servient(Moakal) name is و ف ق غ غ : وفقغغائیل .

Names of other Servients(Moakals) associated to this talisman to attract wealth are given here:

servients moaklat wealth

The backside talisman does not have any specific template. You inscribe any symbol first.

If you feel difficulty in finding the Jupiter hours you can use our Planetary Hour software. The talisman can be made from 14th September 2016 to 19th September 2016 during Jupiter hours.

For highest results and effects we strongly recommend to make the talisman on pure gold. If someone cannot afford, then it can be made on mixed metals or pure silver. If you wish to make the talisman on white paper, then use ink of four colours. The talisman is based on 16 boxes. Box number 1 to 4 four will be written with Red Ink. Box number 5 to 8 will be written in Blue Ink. For box number 9 to 12 we will use Green Ink and for box 13 to 16 we will use Yellow colour ink.

The paper talisman has a typical folding method. It will be folded only in 4,8,12 and 16 order. Stitch the amulet in a piece of silk cloth.

Select a room or place where no one can come during the making of talisman. Make sure to wear rose perfume and room is filled with the aroma of Jupiter incense. Once you have finished the talisman distribute sweet cooked rise(Zarda) among elders, children and neighbours. Sweet rice must be cooked before sitting for talisman.

Now place the talisman or amulet in front of you and recited Ayat ul Kursi for 70 times with 11 times Darood Sharif at start and end. You can now wear the talisman or amulet in your neck or right arm.

Keep reciting the part of the verse یغنیھم اللہ من فضلہ for 21 days. If you have the time it should be recited for 2186 times daily for 21 days and if you have recited the verse for 125,000 times as per method mentioned earlier then you can recite the verse for 21 times only.

We write the names of Jupiter incense for your convenience:
Hub Ul Ghar , Jadwar, Amber, Oodh, Nagar Motha and Red Sandal

The talisman presented above is for general public. Anyone can use it as it does not include any name of a person. The talisman will show its great effects to the wearer and he will spend a happy and luxurious life.

The talisman is given great divine powers. It is a very effective tool to attract wealth, increase in income, availability of wealth from unseen sources, respect in the society, winning money through lottery and prize bonds.

We have elaborated the entire process and have not kept anything secret. We have spent a great time in providing you this useful information. It will also take your time to make the talisman. You have to work hard on it. The final results are in the hands of ALLAH and HE always blesses the person who works hard.

Each and every talisman and amulet is a special method of pray to Almighty ALLAH to shower HIS blessings on us.

If you are confident that you can make this talisman then you must try it during Jupiter dignity. This is a rare opportunity to fill life with joy, happiness, wealth and luxury. If you cannot make it by yourself then you can ask any person who has its knowledge or you can obtain the talisman from us.

Second Jupiter Talisman For A Person:

Now we present the second method of Jupiter talisman which is for a particular person. In our example we are making the talisman for a person named Mohammad Hassan.

The numeric value of the name is : 210
Value of the verse part is : 2186
Value of ALLAH name Munam(منعم) is: 211
The total is : 2607

As we have mentioned earlier that this talisman is based on four parts. First part is based on box nos. 1,2,3,4. The second part includes box nos. 5,6,7,8. The part is consist of box nos. 9,10,11,12 and fourth part includes box nos. 13,14,15 and 16.

Following the above template you can fill the values in the respective boxes with ease. In box no. 1 write the name Mohammad Hassan. The numeric value is 210 by adding 1 to it we will put 211 in box no. 2, 212 in box no. 3 and 213 in box no. 4.

The second part of this method is based on verse part یغنیھم اللہ . Its value is 1181. We will subtract 1 from this value as per the rule. In box no. 5 we write 1180. In box no. 6 instead of a value we write the words یغنیھم اللہ . In box no. 7 we will 1182 and box no. 8 we will write 1183.

The third part is based on the words من فضلہ . Their value is 1005. We will subtract 2 from this value and write 1003 in box no. 9. In box no. 10 we put 1004. Box no. 11 will be written with words من فضلہ . In box no. 12 we write 1006.

The fourth and final part is based on ALLAH name منعم . Its numeric value is 211. We will subtract 3 as per rule. In box no. 13 208. In box no. 14 we put 209. The value 210 will be written in box no. 15 and in box no. 16 we will write ALLAH name منعم .

The total of each row of the talisman will be 2607.

You will place the values as per your requirements. At the top the talisman write the name of Servient(Moakal) صرفیائیل . Make the boxes with قولہ الحق ولہ المک . Also write the names of four angels جبرائیل، میکائیل، اسرافیل، عزرائیل . At the bottom write the name of helper(Awan) of the talisman which is السید شمھورش .

On the back side of the talisman you have to engrave the Jupiter image. The name of servient(Moakal) will be changed. The Moakal name will be derived from the total value. In our example the total value is 2607. The letters obtained for this value are ز خ ب غ . Add these words at the end of these letters ایئل and combine them زخبغائیل .

The talisman will be made on gold, mixed metals, pure silver and paper. The talisman made on gold will show quick effects. The talisman on paper will be made with four colour ink as mentioned earlier. Place the talisman at a safe place and daily perform TANJEEM for seven days. When the Tanjeem process is over stitch it in piece of cloth on Friday and wear it. Please note that the stitching and wearing will be done only on Friday.


The following image of Jupiter will be engraved at the back of the talisman:


We have done our best to explain the method is easiest way. Hope you will find it helpful to make talisman for you and others.

At this auspicious time our institution is also making general and particular talisman for planet Jupiter. Wishful person can contact us before times.



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