Separation Through ILM e JAFR

The success of every spiritual course is dependable on the extraction of its associated time. If it is calculated perfectly then it shows fast and effective results. Spirituality is a continuous hard work. Success embraces those who have great enthusiasm and determination. Along with other basic principles of spirituality, the knowledge of astrology is an essential tool. Without this knowledge one cannot achieve the desired results. The importance of time is also a great influence in spiritual world. Failure is must if someone ignores these basic rules. There are countless courses of long and short duration. Modern day living style has made is difficult to sit for hours to do a certain recitation. Under these circumstances the best spiritual items can be made with the help of ILM e JAFR.

A short but effective method is given today which has been tested with great success from time to time. The method is useful for separating two persons who are causing harm to someone and also to end the love which is causing defame for the family. The method will be performed during Mercury and Saturn opposition. This event will occur on 20th June 2016 at 6:33 morning. The maximum event will happen at 7:56 on 20th June and will last till 21 June 2016 at 9:07 as per Pakistan standard time. The separation method performed during these hours will show desired results. You should write the entire method on a paper before this time. When you find the maximum event time just copy it for original.

Method And Details:

Write names of persons along with their mother names whom you want to separate. Write every name letter by letter. Perform the method of Maqloob ul Takseer.In this first letter is omitted and second letter is selected. Perform this takseer till we get Zamam.

When we get Zamam then cut one letter full and other letter half. It is not necessary to exactly cut the letter in half. A part of the letter will be sufficient. At the end, if you get a single full letter then cut it half and if you get a half letter let it in the same manner. Please make sure that no letter is missing. Place all letters in an envelope. The first piece of letter must be burnt on the same time. Before burning recite Surah Alam Tarakaifa 70 times. Every time when you come to word ”Fajaalhum” say the names of both with mother names. Once the recitation is completed burn the piece of paper.

It will be better to burn Neem leaves(Azadirachta leaves) during recitation. Daily burn a piece of letter. With the will of Almighty ALLAH a separation will happen between two during the method or when it is over. The first piece will be burnt when the method is prepared. Burn other pieces after sunrise till 12 at noon. During recitation you must sit facing west. Do not perform this method for fun as it will bring dire consequences for the performer.

The method is presented with an example. To avoid the lengthy details we are selecting the name of one person. The name of the person is Javed in our example.

separation takseer
In the 5th line we get Zamam. Now cut every letter one and half and recite Surah ”Fil” 70 times and burn one piece. Repeat the same procedure daily on other pieces.

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