Mushkil Kusha Ring

Mushkil Kusha Ring

This process is demonstrated by Late Mr. Allama Dr. Ghulam Abbas Shad Gillani. Needy peoples can acquire benefits by following this given method. The matter of destiny is an intricate matter. Troubled waters, death and life, health and disease, enrichment and poorness these all by God, We don’t want to be worried without any reason to write on this topic. If problems and difficulties are here for us by God so also have the solution of matters by him. What is Amaliyat?

Some powerful methods of Amaliyat are also a better source for pray to God and he accepts pray very soon. There are lots of strange methods of Amaliyat and the ring of Mushkil Kusha is one of the best.

This ring can be prepared from evening to night of 27th Rajab till 12 A.M after passing the day time of 26th Rajab. First take a bath, wear neat and clean clothes, make your self fragrant and light the olibanum (bukhoor), with all these management engrave the given Naqsh on silver plate but it is necessary to keep a bead of pearl (Merwarid) in mouth while engraving, face should to be towards the west, Bukhoor of Loban or Agarbati is being lighten, whole body should to be fragrant by redolence, after eating any sweet thing engrave this Naqsh on silver plates as how much you can then on the second next day fix it on the place of stone in silver’s ring through jeweller, tie a thread of red color in this ring then oiling it and keep it in sunshine for an hour daily but remind one thing that at the time of going to toilet keep this ring in your mouth then after getting free keep it in your pocket. You can’t wear this ring in your hand till three days just keep it in your pocket and on third day wear it in your right hand’s ringfinger but again it is going to be repeated that whole the life you are bounded for this obstreperousness while going to washroom you must have to pull of it from the ringfinger and keep it in your mouth.

          There are many benefits of this ring.

  • People will treat and deal you with great respect.

  • People will attract towards you.

  • You will have the plenty of wealth.

And whenever you may have any trouble or difficulty so do oiling on the ring keep it in sunshine for 15 minutes then take it in your hand and pray to Almighty Allah InshAllah your problem will be solved soon

 At last year, we had prepared this ring. Many friends have taken advantage by its spiritual influences hitherto. Those have this ring in their hand still they have been praising about it.

The distinctively method of preparation this ring has already been written howbeit those wishful persons who can’t prepare it by themselves due to any reason and have desire to get it directly from us so they can contact.


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