Mars Jupiter Trine May 2017

یہ مضون اردو میں پڑھنے کے لیے کلک کریں

One of the important events of the year 2017 is the trine of planet Mars with planet Jupiter. The event time will start on 11 May 2017 at 07:48 in the morning and will end on 13 May 2017 at 23:02 at night as per Pakistan standard time.

This planetary aspect is very effective to increase wealth and to open new doors to have great income. People working in iron industry or any machinery especially benefit from this time.

Engineers, drivers of all means of transportation, army and police servants, pilots, people engaged in mechanical works and metals, persons working in the field of medicine, dealing with finances and money such as cashiers and bank employees can utilise this auspicious event for great success in their career and income for a prosperous life. Forget the past failures and start a new life filled with happiness and joy.

We are presenting the complete method of a unique talisman to be made on Mars Jupiter trine. People with little knowledge of ILM e JAFR can easily make this talisman. You can make the talisman on dates mentioned at the start of article during the hour of Jupiter. The talisman can be made on brass, silver and mix metals. On 11 May 2017 the Moon will come out of the negativity of Scorpio at 21:59 minutes. You can make the talisman on 11 May night after this time or on best suitable day of Friday. If you are making the talisman on metals make sure that they are cut in the suitable size before time. Engrave the talisman on the metal with a sharp needle or with any other engraving tool. If it is not possible then you can make the talisman on white paper with Saffron and rose water ink.

If people working in the above mentioned filed of professions are not getting any increase in their income and business then must try this talisman. It will open new doors of opportunities to expand business and for promotions. Spiritualists consider this talisman more effective than Jupiter world famous talisman.

Another benefit of this talisman is to protect you from your superiors who are always trying to create problems in your job.

Make sure to burn the associated incenses of the planets while making the talisman. When the talisman is completed put it in a new piece of cloth. Wear it in your neck or right arm. You can also keep it in your wallet. Donate some money to the poor before using this talisman.

The method of this talisman is simple and easy. It will be made as per ”Zulkitabat” rules. We have written the method in our various articles in detail but for your convenience we are writing here again.

The template of ”Zulkitabat” is given below:

zulkitabat template

You will find the template in four different colours which are red, green, light blue and grey. The template has four parts.

Take the numerical values of the person name along with his mother name as per Abjad e Qamri(Lunar Alphabet). The values will be placed from box one to four.

In our example the name of the person is Zaid and mother name is Bakar. The value of the name is 243. In box no. 1 instead of any value we will write the names. Add 1 to the names value and write it in the box no. two which will be 424. In box no. three write 425 and 426 in the box no. four. The first part of the talisman is completed.

In second part we will take numeric value of رب اغنی which is 1313. Subtract 1 from 1313 and write 1312 in box no. five. In box no. six write the words رب اغنی . Write 1314 in box seven and 1315 in box eight.

The third part is based on ALLAH name ”Munem” منعم . The value of this name is 200. We will subtract 2 from it and will write 198 in box nine. In box ten 199 will be written. In box eleven instead of any value we will write منعم . In box twelve write 201.

The final part of the talisman is based on box thirteen to sixteen. We are using verse 73 and 74 of Surah Aal e Imran. The verses are given here:

Surah Aal e Imran verses 73 74

The value of these verses is 7323.

Sum the values of name, رب اغنی and منعم . Now divide this total to 7323 and then subtract 3 from new value and place it in box thirteen. By adding 1 to the previous value fill the rest of the boxes. The value of the names is 243, value of رب اغنی is 1313 and value of منعم is 200. It makes a total of 1756. After division to 7323 we get a total of 5567. After subtracting 3 we get a value of 5564. We will write 5564 in box thirteen and 5565 in box fourteen. The box fifteen will hold a value of 5566 and box sixteen with 5567.

The sum of columns from every row will be 7323 which is value of verses. If you do not find this total then your talisman is incorrect.

After talisman completion recite the following conjuration as per the value of ALLAH name منعم and blow on the talisman :

conjuration mars jupiter trine 2017
Now recite the two verses for 21 times. Make sure to recite 11 times Darood Sharif at the start and end of recitation.

Bring some sweets and recite Quranic Surah’s that you remember and distribute sweets among children. Then wear the talisman in your neck or right arm.

Daily place the talisman in front of you and recite the above conjuration for 200 times with 11 times Darood Sharif in the beginning and end. With be blessings of Almighty ALLAH you will be a rich person in a short period of time. Even if a beggar strictly follows the instruction within a year he will have great amount of wealth.

The final talisman is given below:

mars jupiter trine 2017 talisman

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