Mars Talisman For Victory Over Enemies And Opponents

یہ مضون اردو میں پڑھنے کے لیے کلک کریں

The planet Mars will enter its point of Dignity on 17 August at 18:24 and it remain there till 19 August at 7:59. The time is as per Pakistan standard time.

Greed and jealousy are the two main factors behind the problems of human society. These two factors are also the basic reason behind crimes.

The one with wealth do every right and wrong to increase his wealth. The one who is sitting on the throne is always making plans to set a path for his coming generation to rule its people and for this he does not care in killing innocent people.

Every human has his own circle of life. We have many examples where people cannot see the progress and happiness of others in life. Instead of working to have good life he starts to think how to stop the progress of others and how to deprive them of their happiness.

Colleagues start to hate other employee due to his promotion. One business man cannot digest the business success of others. We also see many cases where in laws misbehave with their daughter in law or daughter in law doing same to her in laws.

There are many ways to solve an issue. The best way is to live with peace and harmony with other. We should praise the progress of others and try to work hard to achieve a great position in life. Some people in our society take negative path. They think that if he is not happy and successful they why should others be. The negative thinking arouses him to harm others. He burns himself in the fire of jealousy and enmity. He even takes steps to destroy the lives of other people.

On the auspicious event of Mars dignity we are presenting a talisman that will save you from the evil of your enemies and opponents. Your enemies will be failed in harming you. With blessings of this talisman people will abandon their enmity and will start praising you.

This talisman will be made in 7×7 template. Take the numeric values of your name with your mother name and add 2162 to it. Subtract 168 from the total and divide it to 7. After division if you get a remainder of 1 then add an extra value in the box 43. With a remainder of 2 add value to box 36. With a remainder of 3 add extra value to box 29, with remainder of 4 add extra value to box 22, with remainder 5 add extra value to box 15 and with remainder of 6 an extra value will be added to box 8. Fill the entire talisman by adding 1 to the value of previous box.

The talisman will be engraved with a sharp edge tool. You can make the talisman on red paper with saffron and rose water ink or with red ink. The incense of Mars must be burnt during the making of talisman. When 7×7 boxes are completed then write at the bottom:

رب انی مغلوب فانتصر

Put the talisman in red cloth and keep with you. If you make a talisman on metal and other on paper then the power of the talisman will be increased tremendously.

Due to this talisman you will be protected from enemies and opponents. Your enemies will be afraid of you. The talisman will also give you success in legal cases in the court. The talisman has great benefits which cannot be explained in short. It has the power to protect a person from bullet and other weapon. The high ranking officials will give you great importance.

Now we give an example of how to make this talisman.
Value of the name with mother name : 363
Special value : 2162
Total : 2525
After subtracting 168 from 2525 we get a new total of 2357.

By dividing 2357 to 7 we get a value of 336. We will fill all the boxes from this value by adding 1 to the value. After division we have remainder of 5 therefore will add an extra value in box 15. For your convenience we are giving the template. The boxes will be made with رب انی مغلوب فانتصر .

The talisman in final shape is given under:

aojemareekh7x7 dushman

The template of the talisman is given here too:


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