Sun Exaltation 2019

Many people ask this question that do planets have influence on our life. We can understand the role of planets on human life with simple example of four seasons. These seasons depend upon the position of the Sun in the solar system. When Sun changes its position in solar system it brings different season. Every season has a different weather. The planet Sun forces us to change our living according to the new season. The winter position of the Sun brings cold and in this season we cannot wear summer clothes. Then there are different diseases brought by the movement of the Sun. In winter we have cold, flu. In summer we have heat stroke, rashes etc. Thousands of examples can be given on the impact of Sun movement in the solar system and its changing effects on human body. Similarly the movement of the Sun also brings positive and negative effects on the spiritual life of human.

Everything in the universe has its own energy. This energy is transmitted to the planet earth. Our body and spirit are being influenced by this energy through our sensory system which brings different body, mental or spiritual action and reactions.

We find many experts from the area of science who are studying the planetary system acknowledging that planetary energy effects human life. This has been openly accepted by the Russian physicist Prof. Georges Lakhovsky. According to Georges Lakhovsky the planets can affect the future of a new born.

Similarly we find many verses in Holy Bible and Holy Quran on the planetary effects. The Holy Quran elaborates the planetary influence in human life.

The planet Sun takes first step towards exaltation at the arrival of Nowruz.  Those who find this event are the luckiest. The planet Sun is exalted when it comes to 19 degree in zodiac sign Aries. This exaltation point is superior to any other exaltation. Just like Nowruz, spiritualists prepare many spiritual items to help a person in getting promotions, to have highest ranks and to have great honour and influence among his family and friends and to have great fame and noble name in the society.  

This event also gives great benefits to people who are in job but not getting promotions.  Rulers, doctors, lawyers, people in property business, travel agents, shop owners, spiritualists, beauty salon owners can take great advantage of this auspicious event.  Anybody who wants fame, reverential respect and increase in business they must not miss this opportunity.  

This year the Sun exaltation will start on 8 April 2019 at 07:59 and will end on 9 April at 08:23. These timings are as per Pakistan standard time.  

The first exaltation period will start on 8 April 2019 at 10:04 in the morning. The second period will be at 17:26 at evening. The third period is at 00:12 midnight. The fourth and final period will be on 9 April at 06:54.

We will get four periods but note that the planet Sun belongs to day therefore we will make talismans and amulets only in day periods. 

We have published many articles on Sun exaltation. We have been making Solomon seal for many years for our customers. This year on this auspicious event we are presenting a typical method of a talisman which has been written by various masters but we are writing it in the method that we find most effective.

It is hard for a person to make talismans and amulets that require big mathematical calculations and to write lengthy JAFAR TAKSEER. It is also very difficult for a person to make the conjuration of a talisman and amulet.

Looking at the problems faced by people we are presenting a simple yet most effective talisman that can help them is solving their problems.

In this talisman we are using the powers of first name of four names of Almighty ALLAH. The name shows the sublimeness of Almighty. This name showers respect and fame. The author of the book Jawahar-e- Khamsa has written in detail about this name. 

The name is :

یَا اِلٰہَ الْاَلِھَۃِ الرَّفِیْعُ جَلَالُہ۔

The people will surrender and obey to the person who recites this name daily for 15 thousand times for 40 days. 

If someone is poor and people are disrespecting him then he should recite this name 15 times after Fajar(morning) prayer. With the blessings of this name he will receives special favours and his worries will be over soon.

If a person wants highest ranks, respect, fame and wealth along with favours from high ranking officials then he must recite this name 170 times after every prayer.

If a person wears a ring made of seven metals with this name inscribed on it then his fame will not fade. He will be in a prominent position in the society. The ring must be made during Jupiter hour on Thursday and wear it on ring finger of the right hand. The ring must be removed if the body is not clean and it must not be taken to toilet.

Now we write the typical method of this talisman. It can be made on pure gold and silver.

Take numeric value of your name along with your mother name. Do not take values of word ‘’Son of / Daughter of’’. You can obtain values from our online Abjad Calculator. Add 974 to values of names. Now subtract 60 from this total. Divide the value to 4. Write this value in box number 1 and then by adding 2 to the previous value fill the rest of the boxes. After division if you get a remainder of 1 then add extra value to box number 13. If the remainder is 2 then extra will be added to box number 9 and with remainder of 3 extra value will be added to box number 5. Make the corners of the talisman as per rules. Write the following at the bottom of the talisman:

وَکَفیٰ باللہ شھیدا محمد رسول اللہ

Write these words  ابرثا صبرثا صارثا صورثا  on right and left sides of the talisman.

At the bottom also write the conjuration which is given here:

اللھم سخرلی جمیع خلقک کما سخرت لسلیمان ابن داؤد علیہم السلام بحق الرفیع

At the back of the talisman write a ‘’Naqsh Murabba Zulkitabat’’. You will write the same naqsh without editing anything. It will be written in the pattern of ‘’Atshi Tasalsul Al Daur’’.

It is best to make it on gold but if you cannot afford it then it can made on silver with gold water on it. You can also make it on paper with saffron and rose water ink.

When the talisman is made, put it in a piece of yellow cloth or paper. Then recite the names used in the talisman for 19 times and blow on it. Place the talisman at a dark place where nobody comes. Next Sunday go to a place where you can see sun rising. You can also go to the top of your house/building where you can see sunrise. You must go to the place few minutes before sunrise and start reciting names used in the talisman. When you see the Sun is rising place the talisman on your right hand and pray that  ‘’Almighty ALLAH bless me with highest ranks as YOU have blessed the Sun. Bless me with highest respect’’. Now wear it in your neck or in right arm. From next day recite names as per the values of your name. If the values are bigger and not possible to recite in one sitting then you can divide it into three or four parts. You will do the recitation for 40 days. After 40 days select values for recitation that you feel easy. You will recite it daily. With the blessing of Almighty ALLAH you will great results.  


Values of name along with mother name: 461

Value Added: 974

Total: 1435

After Subtracting 60: 1375

After division to 4: 343

Remainder is: 3 therefore an extra value will be added to box number five.


Here is template of ‘’Murabbat Atshi’’

Exemplary talisman:

Back side of the talisman:

Its corner will be made as per the exemplary talisman.

We have explained the method in detail so that anyone can make it. If you are unable to make it yourself and can afford to pay the price of the time and hard work then you buy it from our institute.  


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