A Miraculous Love Method


The human history reveals that it is always divided in two sentiments. These sentiments are love and hatred. The overpowering of love makes a person to invent medicines to save lives and to conquer Moon and Mars for the betterment of mankind. When hatred overpowers then man slaughters millions of innocent people in wars for his personal goals. It is said that one who has mastered to control these sentiments becomes most powerful king or magician of his time.  

Love is in human nature and it is also natural that he falls in love with which attracts him. In most the cases this love is one way. A lover tries his best to get his love and for this he starts to take hard tasks. We see him wandering in deserts for love and then cutting the heart of the mountain to make a lake of milk to please his lover. Love compels a man to do impossible without fearing for his wellness.

There are those who are looking for divine love, love with their creator. They perform difficult prayers, rituals and recitations to have their divine love. But most of the times these people face failure in their pursuit as they ignore the basic principle of nature which is to love other humans. It is in the nature of every human to love others but when we ignore the importance of loving others we start to walk on the path which is against the nature of man. Walking against nature always bring failure and destruction. In reality loving other humans sets a path for us of divine love.

In spiritual and magic world we find many methods for winning love, some are very famous due to their effectiveness. Some methods are simple and some are very complex. Their simplicity and complexity does not change their effectiveness. Both are very powerful in achieving their goal.  

We are presenting a method that has miraculous effects in igniting love in the heart of a person. Anybody can do it. No talisman, amulet and magic square will be made instead we will call the ruling forces of different elements of creation to put love in the heart of a particular person.

Before doing this method it is better to consult with a person who has some spiritual and magic knowledge.

We need red rose flower, the cloth or piece of cloth of your desired person, if cloth is not available then take few hairs of him/her, red ink for writing, two small pieces of white paper, red thread and a red candle.

To call the forces ruling this method we have to give something as present. A nice present puts affection and liking in other’s heart and then if we make a request they try their best to do it. For this method we will take sweet rice, honey and jasmine flowers as a present. Put all these in a clean plate.      

The method will be performed on Friday at sunrise. Before doing this method make sure that Moon is waxing and it is not in zodiac sign Scorpio. Friday is associated with planet Venus and all love methods are done during the hour of Venus. Burn best aromas during this method, it will be of great if you burn Venus aromas. 

First of all we will call the ruling entities of Friday and planet Venus for our help. Put plate of presents in front of you. Now recite this statement with firm belief three times. The original statement is in Arabic language but we are writing here in English as for most of the people it is hard to pronounce exact Arabic words. The wrong pronunciation does not help. The statement is as:

 ‘’ O Jibrailo, O Aein yailo, O Abu Al Hassan, O Zuba Abiyaz I swear you to accomplish this method of love for me in the Holy name of Khabeer’’ .

Say this statement three times. When statement is completed focus your eyes on the plate and say that :

‘’ I present all these things to Jibrail, Aein Yail, Abu Al Hassan and Zuba Abiyaz as gift’’. When you have finished the entire method put these things in running water such a lake, river and sea or   distribute among children.   

We explain this method with an example. The exemplary couple is Anisa daughter of Nisa and Rajal son of Khanam. We will do the method to put the love of Rajal in the heart of Anisa. Inscribe the sentence ‘’Anisa daughter of Nisa Loves Rajal son of Khanam on the red candle with a needle. Write it carefully so the candle is not broken. You will write the name of the desired person first then yours.

The picture of the candle with writing is given under:


You have two pieces of white paper. These must be of the same size. On first paper write the name Anisa daughter of Nisa and on second paper write the name Rajal son of Khanam. Make sure that the size of the writing is also same. These names will be written with red ink. Now put both pieces on each other with both names facing. Wrap piece of cloth or hair on this paper.

Place these papers and candle in a plate. Light the candle. The moment you show fire to the candle your love will be illuminated in your lover heart. Now recite this conjuration 21 times. It will be recited in three parts and in each part it will be recited for seven times.

Close your eyes for few seconds and minutes until you see clear face of your beloved then recite this conjuration seven times. The conjuration is :

 ‘’ I swear you O the holy and divine spirits that by the Holy name of our Creator pay attention to me and turn the heart of Anisa daughter of Nisa towards Rajal son of Khanam, burn the heart, soul and body of Anisa daughter of Nisa in the fire of love of Rajal son of Khanam. Take the control of Anisa daughter of Nisa heart, mind and soul in your hands so that she cannot ignore the love of Rajal son of Khanam for a moment, Pull the heart of Anisa daughter of Nisa towards Rajal son of Khanam as magnet pulls the iron. O the ruling Muwakalat by the Holy names fulfil my wish right now, at this moment at this time’’.

Now with closed eyes imagine your lover is running towards you and recite the above conjuration seven times. At the end visualise that you lover is in front of you and recite the conjuration again seven times. 

When you have completed the recitation for 21 times now blow on papers and rose for seven times.

You must be seated in front of the candle till it is fully burned. During this time keep your eyes closed and visualize your lover face and hear his/her voice that he/she is saying ‘’I love you’’. When candle is burned put the paper of names inside rose and wrap it with red thread so that the petals are closed. Take this flower outside and bury it in a clean place. Within few days your desired person will be madly in love with you and he/she will try to be with you all the time and he/she will say the three magical words to you that ‘’ I LOVE YOU’’.


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