Sun Benefic or Malefic


At the start of this writing we would like to highlight that the objective of this writing is to provide basic information to readers about the benefic and malefic effects of planet Sun. The writing is not based on any birth chart therefore do not make conclusions about planet Sun when you are looking at a birth chart.

In astrology planets have divided into groups by looking at their good and bad effects. Some planets are benefic and some are malefic. A majority of astrology readers have this understanding that a benefic planet always bring good in life and a malefic planet is always a trouble maker.

Some planets are always a part of hot debate about their effects with astrology masters. A group considers one planet benefic while others have opposite opinion. This debate create  doubts in the mind of astrology readers. They find it hard to judge who is saying right and who is wrong. Modern astrology has so far failed to bring a comprehensive and conclusive view about the good and bad effects of newly added planets in astrology such as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Planet Sun is also included in the list of benefic or malefic. Some astrologers say that Sun is malefic but to some it is benefic.

It is true that every creation has some traits. Every human has some qualities and flaws. If he makes his qualities prominent then his flaws will not over shadow his personality. Even if he has done something wrong it will be ignored due to his highest qualities. Unfortunately if a person develops his negative side then most probably his good deeds will also be ignored because his negativity has shadowed his goodness.

Like all other creatures planets are also created with special task and purpose. The planet Sun is the most important planet of our solar system. Its brightness swallows the darkness. A certain level of Sun light produces food for every living being on planet earth.   

By looking at the qualities of planet Sun astrologers call it king, ruler and life giver. The abundance of Sun positivity hides its negativity. Sun is the body of fire. We can only cook food when fire is at a suitable level for cooking. The high or low levels of fire will destroy the food. Similarly if the energy of the planet Sun is compatible with our atmosphere it will be a source of life but the higher or lower energy levels of Sun can bring death.

The benefic Sun brings respect, honour, increase in wealth, progress, fame and success in every matter of life. It makes a person authoritative. The malefic Sun will bring opposite.

Human life is connected to planetary powers. Zodiacs also play a major role in our life. Every planet is present in a zodiac sign at every moment. Every zodiac sign has its own house. Normally planet Sun enters zodiac sign Aries between 20 to 21 March. In astrology Aries occupies first house of the chart. After a period of one month the Sun moves to zodiac sign Taurus. Taurus occupies second house.

There are twelve houses in a chart. These can be exemplified as twelve rooms of a house. In astrology every zodiac sign owns a house. Every zodiac sign has a ruling planet. Some planets rule more than one zodiac like Mercury, it rulers Gemini and Virgo. Every zodiac sign has degrees. These degrees help to understand the benefic and malefic effects of planets. We can symbolize these degrees with light in a room. Every zodiac has 30 degrees. 

When Sun is in Aries at comes to 19 degree then it is exalted. We can simplify it by saying that planet Sun is a guest and he is seated in the best room of the house. The higher and lower degrees will tell us about the power of Sun in this sign. When Sun comes to 19 degrees in zodiac sign Libra then it is debilitated. This state is against the grandeur of Sun. It is not a good place for Sun and 19 degree in Libra means that Sun is sitting in a dark room of the house.

In order Libra occupies seventh house which represents charm, personal and business relations, different types of agreements and contracts, differences and ideas. Seventh house is associated to life partner, business partner, marriage, pursue legal matters and public relations.

As we mentioned earlier that planet Sun debilitates at 19 degree of Libra. This is the most inauspicious state. The Sun is deprived of all its majesty and powers and it brings quarrels, misunderstandings, fights, worries and obstacles in every matter of life, it brings defame and decrease in popularity, marriage suffers, obstacles in getting married, give a bad turn to business relations which ends up in financial loses, poor health and sickness. The person loses its importance to the high rank officials and important people of the society. People divert from him. He can no more attract masses with his charms.


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