Djinn Summoning – Rare Method


Today we present a special spiritual rare method. Instead of going into other details it is better to directly write the method. The method is also known as summon a djinn or djinn summoning for the fulfillment of wishes.

Offer your prayer five times a day. Perform Isha prayer sitting alone in a room. After the prayer, recite 101 times (a Tasbeeh) following conjuration. Remember that there must be no one in the room except you. Don’t forget to burn a fragrant incense. The conjuration is given here:

Repeat the same for a week at same time and same place. Inshallah, the process will be completed in a week. It is also possible that the process will be completed at the first tasbeeh. The sign of the completion of the process is that the djinn or moakal will come in invisible form, they cannot be seen with human eyes, but the person will starts to yawn heavily. When this condition occurs, stop recitation. This method has a great connection with yawning. You can experience yawning on first, second, third or seventh night of the method. The night this situation arises, understand that the process has been successful.

Whenever you need spiritual help for a legitimate task, start reciting the conjuration for seven, fourteen, forty-one times. You will start heavy yawning. At this stage say your wish for three times and request the djinn or moakal to help you in achieving your goal. Inshallah, the result will come immediately.

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