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The current deadly virus has refuted the claims of world leaders that their country’s defense system is so strong that the enemy cannot harm them in the slightest, and because of the strength of that their defense, they are so strong that they can defeat their biggest enemy at anytime, anywhere. There is no doubt that the world has equipped itself with dangerous and deadly weapons, but the whole world has succumbed to a tiny virus. The corona virus has created an atmosphere of fear and death all over the world. No human being in the world can say when he will be completely protected from this torment. The covid19 is now a reality and this reality has forced humans to reshape their life style. Many vaccines are now available such as Pfizer Biotech, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson for fight against Covid 19. The vaccination is in top speed in many countries.

Whenever the planet Mars is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is war, death, murder, enemies and diseases. Nature has given everything a negative and a positive energy. In astrology, the planet Mars is called malefic. There was a time when man was used to worship the planet Mars and to make Mars happy humans were slaughtering animals and their relatives. Today’s man is also enchanted by the mysterious powers of Mars. Due to the magical effects of Mars man wants nearness of Mars. In order to get nearness of Mars, modern man has decided to settle on this planet and trillions of dollars are being spent annually for this purpose.

In astrology, the benefic and malefic of a planet is judged due its presence in different constellations. The same rule is given for the planets which are considered to be very benefic. The Sun is the ruler and most powerful planet of our solar system.  All of its positive energy becomes negative when it is in the zodiac sign Libra. The most malefic planet Saturn becomes benefic when it is in the constellation of Libra or Sagittarius.

Similarly, Mars has different energy in different constellations. Mars has a very positive force when it comes those zodiac signs that are ruled by Mars.

Many tasks are accomplished with the positive energy of Mars. For example, to boost physical power and get rid of fatigue, for success in sports and competitions, to defeat enemies. Mars give cure from various disease. It also gives full cure from anemia. Mars has great power to boost the body’s immune system so that it can fight off various diseases. This can be achieved by utilizing Mars positivity during its exalt and dignity.

Mars gives full physical strength. Mars also strengthens the human body’s immune system, which protects man from all kinds of diseases. The talisman made at the exaltation and dignity of Mars, gives human body strength to fights against disease. Due to the magical effects of Mars talisman, the human body acquires the full power to fight all types of viruses. Mars talisman enables a person to lives a completely healthy life.

Today we are presenting a talisman that can be made at the dignity of Mars to protect oneself and others from infectious diseases and deadly viruses.

You can also make other Mars talisman during this event. We are giving links to these talismans.

To boost business

For sexual and physical health

Victory over enemies and opponents

First of all, understand the template of this talisman. The talisman will be made in a square of fire element. The template is giver here for the convenience of the readers.

We explain how to make the Mars talisman with an example. When you start making talisman, it is necessary to burn specific incense of Mars. These incenses put extra effects on the talisman and it brings great results. Mars incense includes cinnamon, red pepper, opium, sal tree, sandroos,qast and rie. If all are not available then use as many incense as you can find easily. Burn incense on coal to produce smoke.

The numeric values that we will take for the talisman are:

The numeric value of name along with mother name.

Law numbers of the talisman

Our exemplary talisman has 480 numeric value for a person name along with his/her mother name. The number of the law is 1678. Adding the two together, we get a total of 2158. Now, according to the law of square of fire element, we subtract 30, we get 2128. Divide it by 4 and we get 532. With this number 532 we will fill all the boxes of the talisman. Dividing numeric value to 4, if we get remainder 1 then we will add extra 1 to the value in box 13, if we get remainder 2 then then we will add extra 1 to the value in box 9, and with a remainder of 3 then we will add extra 1 to the value in box 5 ۔
Here is the talisman of Mars in final shape.

Write the moakal name “Lukhail” at the top of the talisman.

Before preparing the talisman, make sure that you are sitting according the position of ‘’Rijal ul Ghayab’’ ‘’Unseen Men’’. The talisman will be made in the hour of Mars. When the talisman is ready, wear it around your neck or right arm.

In Sha ALLAH, all the physical weaknesses will be removed, the best immunity will be achieved and if there is anemia, then it will gradually disappear.

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