Summoning The Spirit Of Binatul Maluk A Complete Guide


Summoning Binatul Maluk – A Guide To Get Started

Summoning the Spirit of Binatul Maluk is an ancient practice. It is said, this practice can be used to Summon spirits. However, there is very little information on how to actually perform this ritual. This blog post will provide a guide on how to get started with Summoning the Spirits of Binatul Maluk.

What Is The Spirit Of Binaat ul Maluk? And How to Summoning The Spirit?

Binatul Maluk is a lady spirit, When we summon her through a ritual so sometimes she comes alone and sometimes with her sisters. Summoning spirits It is used to connect with and consult with spirits This method is believed to date back to ancient times and has been used by many cultures throughout history. The most important aspect of this practice is the intention or purpose behind it This must be made clear before any attempt is made to summon a spirit There are both positive and negative aspects to summoning spirits, so it is important to be aware of both before undertaking this activity.

What Is Zakat In Spiritual World?

To accomplish a goal in spirituality requires spiritual authority that can infuse spiritual power in any talisman, amulet, and other items. Without spiritual authority, if your talisman or amulet shows some effects it is either a miracle or a mere coincidence. Like other fields of knowledge spirituality also has certain rules and regulations. The rules are the base of the spiritual world and without following them every effort to attain spiritual power is an effort in vain. To achieve success in the spiritual world it is necessary to go through certain spiritual exercises and methods. If you want to make a talisman or amulet then you must have the authority to use letters, verses of the Holy Quran, and ALLAH names. This authority comes by doing spiritual exercises and courses. If you want to use any name of ALLAH or verse from Holy Quran then you must recite that name and verse for 1,25000. This recitation is called ‘’Zakat’’ in the spiritual world. After that, you will obtain spiritual power to use that single name and verse in your talisman or amulet.

How To Summon The Spirit Of Binatul Maluk?

This method of Summoning the spirit of Binatul Maluk is especially published for women and if any man wants to do then no issue he can too. Let us clear you first that there is no any process to read or recite anything for this method,  You all just need to give the Zakat of the particular template after completing this process a spirit of Binatul Maluk will be appeared and you will be able to ask answers of your questions.

Draw the given template 131 times on the first Thursday of the rising lunar month then make 131 small balls of wheat flour dough and keep these templates in that one by one cover it with wheat flour dough and give them a shape of a small round ball.  Afterward, throw all the balls in the sea. Now you have rights to summon the spirit of Binatul Maluk, but on daily basis, you must have to draw the same template just three times so it will be in your under control.

The Holy Template To Summoning The Spirit Of Binatul Maluk

What Is The Method Of Summoning The Spirit Of Binatul Maluk?

When you want to summon the spirit just draw the same template with the ink of rose water and saffron, make a fragrance of incense sticks then put this template on the head of any person you want to the spirit appear on, say him/her to close his eyes and you take to start reciting three times 4 Qul with any Durood Sharif 11 times in first and last after recitation blow on the person, By The Gracing of Almighty Allah within few minutes it will be successfully completed and the person will be able to see the spirit of binatul maluk with his/her close eyes you can ask to this spirit any question or say to do any of your work. It is 200% an effective method. Anyone can have experience this.

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