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Written / Researched by: Dr. S. Masroor Hussain Rizvi
M.A (Economics) L.L.B. D.H.M.S. R.H.M.P
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 It is obvious that streams of knowledge and arts are rapidly drying. It is hard to find the knowledgeable scholars who are able to acquaint humankind to deeply veiled mysteries of nature. Geomancy (Foretelling by figures) is an ocean of knowledge which has been captivated in the breasts of its experts.Geomancy is science of points and lines but its secret is concealed like a tremendous enigma which requires a small hint to be solved.Single calculating chart of geomancy reveals whole past, present and future of any person. You get answers of 144 questions, within seconds. Only one drawing of geomancy is enough to point out the upcoming events and fatal accidents and dangers hovering in future.Geomancy is an amazing science which is based on points and lines. It consists of sixteen graphics.  There are thirty two (32) points in these sixteen graphics and 32 lines as well, i.e. total number of points and lines are 64. My fondness and thrust to seek this science was initiated by an incident. It happens like this that one of the best friend of mine once met with a learned personality who had great command over geomancy. Using his geomancy expertise, he revealed some of those events of my friend’s life which were known only by my friend. After unmasking those aspects of my friend’s life, which were never told to anybody else by my friend, this knowledgeable man asked the house number of my friend and accurately described the exact location and interior built of that house. My friend wanted to buy a motor bike and was trying for sometime but was not able to succeed. He asked this erudite person about this purchase. That geomancy expert handed over Holy Qura’an to my friend and asked to open it four times, then he drew the geomancy chart and told my friend that InshAllah, you will buy a motor bike within two week, which will be of red color and it will have a broken head light. My friend purchased the motorbike within specified period which color was indeed red but its headlight was intact. When this friend of mine met with the geomancy practitioner, he told about getting bike within fore-told duration but its head light was not broken. This learned person re-analyzed his geomancy and argued that it is not possible, that bike must have broken head light. He insisted my friend to meet ex-owner of bike and ask if he had replaced the head light before selling this bike. My friend had copy of NIC of bike seller with his address. He reached seller’s home and asked if the head light of that bike was replaced before sale. Ex-owner of bike confessed that his bike’s head light was smashed due to a collision and he replaced the head light one week prior to selling it. 

Honorable Mr. Laadle Hassan Zaidi (Its heart wrenching to recall him as demised) had completed command over geomancy and possessed a special position among the practitioner of this science. He once told an event which occurred to him. He informed that he resided in Quetta from Nov.1979 till Feb.1984. There was a guy named Ilyas who worked in the PIA Traffic. This happened in 1982 or 83. Mr. Ilyas came to Mr. Zaidi’s room and asked him to analyze the outcome of his forthcoming wedding through geomancy. Mr. Zaidi asked him to tell any four random numbers, upon which his geomancy chart was to be drawn and he was to be informed whereabouts of his impending wedding. Mr. Zaidi drew the geomancy chart and stated the information attained through chart that you are tying the knot in your close relatives and your spouse is to be most intelligent among her siblings and she is of same disposition as you. Life will be very pleasant and I also want to tell you the date of your matrimony. My chart informs that you will get married on 7th July. At hearing this finding, that Pathan, resident of Zhob, Balochistan, suddenly lost his temper. He said my wedding date is 30th June and we have already distributed wedding cards. Your comprehension is rubbish. He did not stay after proclaiming his dissatisfaction. Three or four days later, he hurried back and declared in harassment that my brother-in-law has gone to Karachi where he is in police custody. My father-in-law has sent a telegram stating there is no need to worry; he will be released in a few days. You extend the wedding date till 7th July and inform all invitees.

Well known religious scholar of Indo-Pak, Hujatul Islam o Muslimeen Allama Talib Johri Mad Zillaho Aali has great expertise in geomancy. Very few people know that Allama Talib Johri is not only a famous orator but also a scholar of top caliber. Allama is also a practitioner of Amle Aashura and it is said that practitioner of Amle Aashura becomes the person whose prayers are always accepted by God. Following incident is an attestation to that. A few months ago Karachi came under spell of continuous rains and Met. Department predicted that that rainfall will persist for at least a week with its full intensity.  I visited Allama’s home to get his blessings where many experts of geomancy were presented at that time. For testing their depth, Allama asked will it rain today or not. Even before drawing the chart, he told them that his own answer will be contradictory to their prediction. If you claim, yes it will rain then I will reply “No, it will not” and if you say their will be no rain, I will say it is going to be rain today. After saying that, Allama stood up for Wudu. All of those experts of geomancy engrossed themselves in their individual chart and they unanimously proclaimed “Yes. It will definitely rain today.” But that happened to be a rare rainless day, while looking at the weather condition any ordinary person would have insisted that it will be rain. But by the grace of Allah the almighty augmented by the blessings of forty Masoomeen Alehe Salam, every word of Allama is granted acceptance. Many more such incidents, having seen with my own eyes will be presented to readers, but only with the permission of Allama.

Last year Ayatullah Hujat Hashmi, a prominent religious scholar of Iran and also known as an ultimate expert of geomancy as well, visited Allam’s residence. Ayatullah’s maternal grandfather is buried in the yard of Tomb of Imam Raza Alehe Salam and it is said if there is some delay in the acceptance of your pray, one should pray with the reference of Ayatullah’s grandfather for instant approval. During the stay of Ayatullah, well known Zakire Ahle Bait R.A, Nisar Qalandri’s car vanished from the parking area of Habib Bank Plaza. Mr. Qalandri requested me to analyze through geomancy that will he be able get his car back. And if yes, how long it will take. I decided to take advantage of presence of Ayatulla and during a sitting at Allama’s residence, as per my suggestion, Mr. Qalandri requested Ayatullah to inform about the whereabouts of his missing car through geomancy. Ayatullah drew geomancy chart and informed Mr. Qalandri, in the presence of all that his missing car is presently in an industrial area of Karachi and it will be recovered in maximum 15 days. Ayatulla left for Iran in a few days but his prediction immensely encouraged those who love and accept geomancy as authentic science when this missing car was recovered even a week prior to given period. And off course, it was recovered from industrial area of SITE, precisely as per prediction of geomancy. When Mr. Qalandri and other friends were presented at the occasion, came to know about the recovery of car, they all were convinced that Geomancy is indeed science of Holy Prophets and its authenticity can never be denied.

Above mentioned incidents and their implications are definitely confirmed by the genuineness of geomancy. 

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