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The present era belongs to computer and science, which are not ready to accept and recognize anything without reasoning and proof.

David Copperfield is a well-known name worldwide. He is the guy who made disappear famous Statue of liberty of USA for quite a few moments, made vanish an aero plane and a moving   train, caused an Egyptian pyramid out of sight, and walked right through the Great Wall of China. These astonishing demonstrations are available on videocassettes and CDs, which can be seen or shown, if required. Even then any rational human mind finds it hard to determine, whether all these events are some supernatural/magical arts or just tricks of circus. The secret of human progress lies in its Imagination and experimenting, whether it belonged to era of 10,000 B.C or semi bionic human being of modern era. It continues to experiment; sometime it fails, sometime succeeds; however this failure ultimately paves the path for success in future. We should never forget the message of a great intellectual called Natchez “Let me tell you the real secret of success. A human being contains such mercurial elements, which motivate it to create new shining and dancing star, and be sure; you have such elements in you”.

Long ago late scholar Raees Amrohvi wrote about pyramids in Daily Jang. In his column, he threw light on the nameless energy of say that every conscious action is reflection of collective unconscious.

Omar Garrison (Author of “Tantaric Yoga”) is an American doctor. He has referred to American women who spent some part of her life in Tibet, where Tibetan lamas taught her, then she created a lama through sheer mental concentration and that lama used to carry out her entire domestic works, purchased grocery from market and attended her visitors. He was a normal human of flesh and bones. After sometime, some element of arrogance began to surmount his manners. That American woman somehow succeeded in evicting that lama through gradual and hard struggle of her brainpower. . (We are giving this pleasant tidings to the Readers of The Online Roohani Magazine, in advance that a research item on Tibetan lamas will be presented in The Online Roohani Magazine which will be based on experiences, events and observation of a person who spent major part of his life with Tibetan lamas and those events and observations will be published in detail which occurred to him during his stay.

It means that though forms do turn into material shape. Actually this is base of the knowledge called magic. Now question will arise in your mind that why other rituals like fumigation, sacrifice, blood sprinkling etc. are performed along with mantra or recital? Imagination and sentiment are synchronized to each other. If sentiment is weak, effect of imagination will also be reduced, if sentiment is strong, imagination will also be more imposing. There is only one motive of these ritual “Intensity of sentiment enhanced to the extreme, so imagination became too forceful to modify and amend the material world, i.e. take material form. American and Energy.” He thinks that this Bio-cosmic Energy is the secret of long life.

“Death occurs due to deterioration of energy and body parts.”Phile Nigan says that History is full Bio-cosmic energy’s phenomena and examples. Egyptian mummies, Yacht of Noah quoted in Bible and a chief of worshippers called Methuselah who reached the age of 966 are prime examples.

It also has observed in recent those strayed animals that entered the pyramids and died there, were found completely mummified after few years. Phile Nigan believes that pyramids and Bio-cosmic Energy can be taken into practical use. “Its use can solve the problem of hunger from the world.” He says “We can preserve food items e.g. grain etc. for indefinite period, without fear of becoming decomposed and decayed.” He thinks that anyone can produce mean of Bio-cosmic Energy for itself by making pyramid of equilateral triangle. It is necessary that one side or segment of this pyramid should be vertical to magnetic east. This symmetry of pyramid is hub of this energy. While researching the energy pyramid, Phile Nigan also looked meaning of pyramid. “Pyr is derived from Greek syllable pyro, which means fire or heat. Amid is also a Greek word, which means close to center or middle. So pyramid means Fire in the center. That’s why I use the terminology of Bio-cosmic energy to express the energy of pyramid. Russians call this energy Sychotronic bio plasmic energy. Actually this energy is what we call the life energy. This has been here since forever but nobody has ever recognized its different status or none has tried.

Relation between pyramid and Bio-cosmic energy has already been disclosed that it is very powerful source of Bio-cosmic energy. There are many names of this energy or force. It has been called Life energy, Bio-plasmic energy, Odice force, Purana Yam, Enteric force, Sychotronic energy, Animal pyramids, which relates to healing, mysterious, life enhancing, nurturing, productive and eternal effects. Raees Amrohvi’s broad mindedness and passion of knowledge enabled him to cover the subject so comprehensively, explained that how energy of pyramids can turn ordinary water into curative water.

This brief feature presents all aspects of pyramids scientifically i.e. Pyramid and chemistry, Pyramid and different curative skills, Theories regarding pyramid, Pyramid and ailments, Pyramid and food items, Latest discoveries about pyramids, movement of construction of pyramids etc. In this regard, no claim is based upon merely conjecture, speculation, hypothesis, or illusion.

Let us check the background of these proceedings and observe the life of those persons who have been associated with the research of pyramids, what happened to them? James Breasted, Professor of Chicago University, slept for 15 nights continuously in pyramid. He died in 1935, at the ripe age of 70. Sir Flinders, father of Egyptology, died at the age of 89. Professor Newberry reached the age of 70 and died of natural causes. These gentlemen were closely associated to pyramids but all embraced natural death.

We can’t say definitely but recent psychological research has proved that thoughts perpetually affect the practical life of a human being, even if they are in form of easy to understand dialects or concealed. Famous psychologist Yong infers that numbers are also indicators towards collective unconscious. Whole life of human is linked to collective unconscious or we can European universities are doing research on those persons who can bend iron rod, spoon and other items, smash glass utensils to smithereens with only their brainpower.

According to my personal opinion, heirs and relatives of persons buried in pyramids froze them in thought forms. When these pyramids were opened, these frozen thought forms became active and began showing their tricks. A strong person can only overcome a weak opponent but he cannot compete with more strong and powerful person then him. When these thought forms become active, weaker personalities turn into their victims.

Latest information about marvels of pyramids

Acquired through recent research and modern theories.
30 years old
Phile Nigan has been displaying astonished acumen in electronics since childhood. He is among the most prominent researcher who has a keen interest in the amazing field of energy of pyramid. This brainy boy from Glen Dale, California has many inventions and is owner of more then 200 patents. Few years ago, when “Life” magazine compiled chronicles of 100 most important personalities, 4 pages were bestowed to Phile Nigan. His scientific and innovative talents were candidly acknowledged for inventing an electronic gadget, which helped deaf in hearing.  “Laser stereo conference system” is another instrument invented by Phile Nigan, which can record many human voices accurately on separate tracks in a room full of noises. Afterward, if its transcription is carried out, every voice can be heard clearly. Pyramid and its power are on top of the list of Phile Nigan’s current interests. He believes that an extraordinary energy is hidden in the symmetry and edifice of pyramid, which he has named “Bio-cosmic magnetism, Condoliny, and Magnetic life force. Hundreds of books have been written on different aspects of this energy. One of Peat Phile Nigan is “Pyramid products, P.O. Box No.6863, Glen Dale, and California 50219. A copy of his single article on Bio-cosmic energy costs three dollar. A pyramid made of cardboard and an instruction manual regarding experiences also included in the price.

Another comprehensive book by Phile Nigan on “Pyramid energy” is also available at price of 6.95 $ which has his theories and research material on all energies from Etheric plasma to Condoliny. This book also contains images and details of tools to probe and measure the energy of pyramid. A 6 square feet wide and 50 inch high tent similar to shape of Cheops’s (also called Khufu) pyramid is another product of Phile Nigan. This tent has capacity to accommodate an adult person comfortably. It is said that getting inside this tent sharpens the senses of those who practice Transcendental Meditation, Biofeedback, Alpha waves, Yoga, and other techniques like these.

We have to discontinue this feature here because it is going to cover many pages of this Almanac. This subject is like an ocean; we have been able to present only few drops from this. We shall offer our readers account of further investigation, search, and exploration in next The Online Roohani Magazine InshAllah!

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