Greatest And Unique Talisman Of Prophet Suleiman

Humans are not the only specie living in this universe. Nature has bonded him with every creation in this universe. From the elements of creation to unseen galaxies every thing has a connection with humans. Stars are always the part of human nature. He loves to look at the starry sky. The stories of star fairies and other creations living in these stars are told to him since his childhood. A human never breaks his relation with stars at every stages of age. In fact a human life circles around two stars or planets called Sun and Moon. These stars are so dear to humans that they love to resemble their closest relations with them. Literature, poetry and painting have no value and meanings without these stars. Humans are so obsessed with their love to these stars that they are trying to find ways to reach them. Modern science is also playing a vital role in developing human star relation. Plans are under way to make these stars a home for human race.

On one side we can see strong human love towards stars but on the other side we hear voices of dislike whenever a human is told about his spiritual relation to these stars. Without any solid reason people starts to argue whenever the role of stars in human development is highlighted.

In western world the spiritual relation of stars and human is often linked to the secret societies of the world. Due to this reason an ordinary person starts to question the use of various talismans and amulets based on planets. Certain images are used to make these talismans. Without any proper information some people try to link these symbols to freemason and illuminati. These criticisers forget that these secret societies were formed one hundred to two hundred years ago whereas the use of planets and their associated images is thousands of years old. It is not wrong to say that these secret societies realised the importance and use of the planets and images after witnessing their effects on human life and due to this reason these secret societies decided to benefit from the planets and their related images to expand their reign and to control the world affairs.

The situation is worse in Muslim society. It is the irony of Muslim world that they have given their faith in the hand of a person who is not educated enough. This self claimed religious authority has failed to differentiate between two simple words used in Holy Quran ‘’Bism بسم’’ and ‘’Baism باسم’’ for more than 14 hundred years. Whenever he hears or reads anything about the relation of planets and human he immediately issue the decree by declaring this relation as unlawful(haram) in Islam. Muslim community does not pay an attention to the attitude and practices of this religious authority. For 28 days of every month he declares human planet relation as unlawful but on 29th day this religious authority stands behind a telescope to observe the new moon so that he can make a schedule of his life according moon dates.

We find various chapters in the Holy Quran which are related to planets such as Al Shams(The Sun), Al Qamar(The Moon) and Al Najam(The Star). We present here few verses which put a light on the human and stars relations.

Surah Al Nakh verse 12: ‘’ And He has subjected for you the night and day and the sun and moon, and the stars are subjected by His command. Indeed in that are signs for a people who reason’’. Surah Al An’am verse 97: ‘’ And it is He who placed for you the stars that you may be guided by them through the darkness of the land and sea. We have detailed the signs for a people who know’’. No one can deny this historical fact that humans were used to travel in seas, land and deserts by taking guidance from the position of the stars. The human under the planetary guidance is according the verses of the Holy Quran. Surah Yunus verse 5: ‘’ It is He who made the sun a shining light and the moon a derived light and determined for it phases – that you may know the number of years and account [of time]. Allah has not created this except in truth. He details the signs for a people who know’’. The planet Moon holds a prominent place in the world of spirituality. Many talismans, amulets are made and spiritual exercises are conducted according to the different moon phase. Surah An Najam verses 1 to 3: ‘’ By the star when it descends. Your companion [Muhammad] has not strayed, nor has he erred. Nor does he speak from [his own] inclination’’. In these verses ALLAH is swearing a star to show the greatness and nobility of His Prophet. These verses of Holy Quran were revealed during the life of the companion of Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon Him and His Family). We find no exegesis of Holy Quran where the companions questioned about the relation of humans with stars. Every human relation has different effects of his life. The relation with stars also has positive and negative effects on a person’s life. Surah Al Waqia verses 75 to 77: ‘’ Then I swear by the setting of the stars. And indeed, it is an oath – if you could know – [most] great. Indeed, it is a noble Qur’an’’. In these verses ALLAH is taking swear of various phases of planetary movements to show the greatness of Holy Quran.

Every talisman and amulet works as a medium between highest universal energies and the person who is using it so that by making a link and contact with these highest forces he can live a better and happy life.

Today we are highlighting the role and importance of few stars that have played an important role in human history. We will also present a great talisman in the article.

Seven Pointed Star:

The number 7 always hold high ranks in the world of spirituality. When we look at the creation of the universe we can find number 7 prominently. The concept of seven skies, seven earth, seven planets of our solar system and seven chakras all highlight this number. According the numerologists the number 7 is a number for miracles and it represents the peak in human abilities. The entire universe is in balance due to this number.

The seven pointed star has a very important role in human life along with five and six pointed stars. It is said that the seven days of the week are associated to this star. According to Cheiro this star holds all numbers from one to nine which produce tremendous power in it. In many spiritual and religious groups the seven pointed star is known as the symbol or seal of the Prophet Suleiman a.s. According to eastern spiritual traditions the clockwise movement of the lines of this star represents 1 as the number for planet Sun. The number 9 is to Mars whereas 3 is to Jupiter, 8 to Saturn, 2 and 7 to Moon, 5 to Mercury, 6 to Venus and at last 4 to Sun. Sun rules 1 and 4. The line divided in seven parts is associated to seven planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Saturn. The seven pointed star is also related to the seven phases of life.


In Kabbalah seven pointed star is associated to Venus and is known as the symbol of love. The star is famous as a protection shield against black magic among Christians. Many nations and tribes believe that seven pointed star has magical powers due to this reason it is very important in magical works.

Many business houses have adopted seven pointed star as their trade mark. We can find this star on the flags of Jordan and Australia. Australian flag has six seven pointed stars on it. Some also call seven pointed star as seal of Solomon.

One of the leading shipping company Maersk also use seven pointed star. Almost every ship of the company bears the mark. According to Maersk the use of this star was initiated in 1886. An interesting incident is told on the adoption of this sign as the trade mark of the company. According to company sources Capt. Peter Maersk along with his wife on a sea journey when she suddenly fell sick. Capt. Maersk started to pray for the health and life of his wife at night. During the prayer Capt. Maersk say a seven pointed star shining from the clouds in the sky. The emergence of this star ensured him that his wife will get health.

These details were written in the letter which Capt. Maersk wrote to his wife few year later.

Seven pointed star is also called as Elven star and Fairy star. Some groups consider it as sacred. The book Key Of Solomon includes a seven pointed star talisman which is given here for reader.

Five Pointed Star:

The five pointed star always holds a prominent place in every time and civilization. The human history is incomplete without this star. The five pointed star was very important in various civilizations such as Maya, Egypt, Greeks, Hindu and Chinese. The old Sumerian tablets reveal that the five pointed star was guiding star that sets the directions and it was also associated to the five visible stars. In ancient world the five pointed star was associated to planet Venus and its deity.

The five pointed star is also linked with five elements of creation such as fire, water, air, earth and soul. This star has also been used to contact and proximity with the creator of the universe. The Holy Quran has given an importance to the nation of Bani Israel. This nation is well known for the use of spiritual things in their life. Two holds are very important in Jewish spiritual world which are Book Of Moses and Zohar. The Bani Israel set their spiritual rules on these two books. In modern world Jewish spirituality is known as Kabbalah.

Book of Moses gave special attention to the five pointed star. The book includes various talismans and other spiritual material related to this star. The book says that the five pointed star is very useful to achieve material and spiritual gains. It can also be used to make contact with powerful entities. We give some images from the Book Of Moses for our readers:

Five pointed star is famous with the name of Seal of Solomon(khatam e Suleimani) in Arab and Western world. According to our research there is difference between seal of Solomon and five pointed star. Five pointed star is widely accepted in every Muslim country. We can say that it is only star against which we do not find any religious decree. Sheikh Baha uddin Amli, well known as Sheikh Behai has written many things on this topic which we will present time to time. A talisman of five pointed star from Sheikh Behai book is presented here:

It is said that five pointed star talisman of Sheikh Behai enables a person to have contact with the entities governing the four elements of nature( fire, air, water , earth) and can ask them to fulfil the wishes of the wearer of this talisman.

In Western spiritual world many spiritual courses are associated to five pointed star. It is also called with different names. The book Key Of Solomon includes various talisman based on this star. The book reveals that through these talismans a person can make a contact with universal forces. A talisman is given from the book here. This talisman belongs to planet Mercury:

It is said that the five pointed star talisman give in the book Key Of Solomon are also very useful to predict the future and to control the forces of nature to take work from these according to our needs or desires. According to famous western writer Agrippa, Prophet Moses a.s. had various talismans of five pointed star.

Five pointed star is linked with human race and sometimes is known as the symbol of Prophet Adam a.s. The points (tips) of the star are associated to good and evil. These points play a major role in the creative and spiritual development and progress of a person. People in ancient times used this star as protection while contacting other entities. If all the points of the star are equal in length then it works as a great protection shield. A change in the length of the point of this star changes the effects of the talisman.

The up side down position of the five pointed star is used in evil and black magic. We can find various talismans with a goat head in the centre. This talisman is known as the sigil of baphomet.

The famous book Greater Key Of Solomon presents various talismans. The book also includes talisman of five pointed star. These talismans are used to have a spiritual relation with different planets.

In Kabbalah five pointed star is associated to the upper five parts of the Tree of Life. In Christian world it is known as the symbol of Prophet Essa a.s. Five pointed star was used as a symbol of identity in the Christians before the use of Cross. They also relate five points of the star to the five wounds on the body of Jesus. Two of them were on wrists, two on knees and one on the ribs.

If someone doubts that a sorcerer comes to their house then they should place the talisman of the five pointed star in such a way that its upper point is towards the entrance of the room while lower point is towards the exit of the room, this will stop the sorcerer to come into that place.

In Islamic history Ottoman emperors used five pointed star as identity icon. We can find this star on the flag of many Islamic countries. It is also known as the symbol for the five pillars of Islam. We also find five pointed star on the flags of USA, European Union, Pakistan, Morocco, China and many other countries.

Famous Australian singer Kylie Minogue wore a dress with five pointed star during her meeting with British heir to the throne Prince Charles.

The building of the American defence office is built in the shape of a five pointed star.

The Vatican City is the most famous place in Christian world. The five pointed star can be seen in the construction of this city.



In human history various designs have been used for various purposes. Swastika is among the symbols that have a strong relation with human history.
We can find a swastika inscribed tablet in the British Museum. This swastika plate belongs to Mohinjo Daro and Harrapa civilization.

Some Indian historians claim that the symbol of swastika was first used by a Hindu emperor Raja Vikram Madia. It is said the Raja reigned seven thousand years before Christ. The European history reveals the use of this symbol in different fields of life before First World War. The Nazi party of Hitler adopted this symbol on their flag before Second World War. Swastika became a symbol of hatred due to man slaughter of Hitler. Nazi Germans adopted this symbol due the hidden powers in it.

Swastika is also recognized as Gammadion Cross in western culture. Swastika is a Sanskirat word meaning good luck and prosperity.


In Iranian province Gilan a necklace was also discovered with swastika. The necklace was made by Marlek people three thousand years ago.

In Asia swastika was first used by the Mohenjo Daro and Harrapa civilizations in 3000 B.C. The idea to that swastika was first used by Hitler is not correct. This sign is not the property of any party or nation. Swastika has been used by various nations. Swastika is the form of a star. We find the use of swastika in China, Japan, Arabs, Hindus, Europe and America.

Since centuries Swastika holds a very important place in Hindu, Budh, China and Japan. The symbol can be seen in daily life. Swastika was also popular among Greeks. We can see it in the city of Troy some four thousand years ago.

Swastika is known with different names in different cultures. In Chinese it is called Wan, Japanese call it Manji, England calls it Flyfot, Germans call it Hakenkreuz and Greeks call it Tetragammadion.


Another meaning of swastika is continuous success. It can be used in two forms. The clockwise swastika represents male and is associated with powers of the planet Sun whereas anti clockwise swastika is a feminine and is related to the planet Moon and its energies. Solar and masculine swastika is the symbol of creativity, good luck and high ranks where as feminine swastika is the symbol of constructive energies, pregnancy, spirituality, intuition and obedience. It sometimes also related to the education.

In 1920 Coca Cola also used swastika for its products.


Before Second World War the use of swastika can be seen in some European countries as well as in USA army. The sign was made on American air force planes.


In recent years a picture of American Navy was in debate. Google Earth showed a picture of navy building which is built in swastika shape.


Six pointed Star:

The main topic of this article is the six pointed star. We present a talisman of six pointed star that has never been given in any book.

Often six pointed star talisman is associated to Prophet Dawood a.s. due to this reason the six pointed star is also called Star Of David. A talisman of six pointed star is very famous in the spiritual world due to its connection with Prophet Suleiman a.s. who is the son of Prophet Dawood a.s.

The talisman presented in the article is associated to Prophet Suleiman a.s. The Holy Quran reveals that Prophet Suleiman a.s. asked for a mighty empire and great rule that no one has ever seen in the history of mankind. The talisman of Prophet Dawood(David)a.s. is often named as the talisman of Prophet Suleiman a.s. According to our research it is not correct. Both talismans are different. We will write a separate article on the difference in two talismans. At this moment we only highlight that the talisman of Prophet Dawood a.s. contains is star of two triangles. These triangles are lying on each other whereas the lines of the star used in Prophet Suleiman a.s. intersect and pass through each other.

The star of Prophet Suleiman a.s. talisman has twelve angles. Six belongs to masculine energies and six to feminine energies. In astrology all zodiac signs are measured with this star. The star holds every information related to zodiac.

The six pointed star is also associated to Prophet Dawood a.s. and Israel has adopted it as it’s national symbol. In ancient books the star was known for balance in the fire and water energies. Traditions say that the star was also used to attain balance in positive and negative energies. The star is also shown as stationary and moving object to achieve complete balance. It is also known as the balancing factor in good and evil energies. These two energies are always in a conflict to overpower other. The six pointed star talisman brings balance in life.

The talisman of six pointed star is also used to make contact and work with hidden powers. Some spiritualists associate the six pointed star talisman to planet Saturn. The six pointed star is very famous for the union of material and spiritual world and to excel in it.

In modern world six pointed star got fame when Israel and Jewish people started to use it. It is fact that the use of this star is not limited to Jewish only. The star holds a prominent place in Christians, Hindus, Budh, Jain and Muslims. The star can be seen on the flag of Israel. The star on the flag of Israel is associated to Prophet Dawood a.s.

The star was adopted by Jewish from Kabbalah. In Kabbalah the six pointed star was taken from Arab culture. The star is used for protection talisman in Kabbalah. This protection talisman is associated to Prophet Suleiman a.s. and is known as the Seal of Solomon and in Arab world it is called Khatam e Suleimani.

In Christian world six pointed star can be seen on the church windows and other material. Roman Catholic gives great importance to the star. The triangle of the star is associated to the Trinity. Pope John Paul was used to wear a long cap with six pointed seal of Solomon.


In Hindu religion the six pointed star is known as shat kon. Hindu religion relates upper triangle to the male and lower triangle to female. The sign can be found in many worship places and daily life. The statue of Natraj is also associated to six pointed star.


Similarly Budh and Jain also give great importance to six pointed star. Budh name it afte a deity Eshta which is for the protection against accidental death and spiritual elevation. The picture of the deity is drawn inside the star. The same image can be found in Jain.


Mughals ruled India for hundreds of years. Six pointed star is visible in the Mughal construction art. The star is made on various places in the tomb of Mughal emperor Naseer uddin Humayon. Humayon had a great interest in astrology. After his death, his son Jalal uddin Akbar built his tomb with six pointed star. Akbar holds the highest place among Mughal emperors. Like his father he had a keen interest in astrology. It is said that Akbar used six pointed star on one the flags that he used in his reign and his royal court also had this star. According to some astrologers Akbar’s outstanding stature was due the use of star.


Apart from Mughal dynasty six pointed star can also been in other Islamic countries. The star has been used in mosques and other places of importance. The Crimean Muslim ruler also used six pointed star in the mosque. The mosque is known as the Mosque of young khan. The ruling family of Crimea were called Khan. The mosque was built in the 16th century. The star used in the mosque is also made in talisman of Prophet Suleiman a.s.


The use of six pointed star was not limited to only Muslim rulers. In Islamic spirituality the star has been used to make various types of talismans.


It was believed that everything with six pointed star has great hidden powers in it. The reason for hidden powers was described due to 12 triangles. The number twelve has magical powers in it.

Many Arab Muslim rulers ordered to inscribe six pointed star on coins of their era. We give few names here. The first coin was inscribed with six pointed star during the rule of Egyptian ruler Sultan Al Ashraf Saif uddin Barsabi.


The coin below belongs to the Muslim Caliph Nasir Al Yusuf.


This coin with six pointed star was used by Arab Muslim ruler Alzahir Al Ghazi.


Harvard University has a book titled Anami Sharif in its bookcollection. The book was written during the Ottoman era. It was written in Turkish and Arabic. The book also shows talisman of Prophet Suleiman a.s. which is given for our readers:


This greatest talisman is based on the spiritual powers of a Quranic Surah Al Dahr. The Surah is also known as Surah Al Insan and Hal Ataa. The talisman holds the numeric value of entire Surah in special way. The particular method has never been done before for any talisman and amulet.

Majority of Quranic exegesis associate Surah Al Dahr to Ahle Bait a.s. Sunni and Shia agree that the entire Surah and in some tradition few verses of the Surah are for Hazrat Ali a.s., Hazrat Fatima a.s., Hazrat Imam Hassan a.s., Hazrat Imam Hussain a.s. and their servant Fizza r.a.

The summary of the Surah tells that when grand children of Prophet Mohammad(pbuh&hf), Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain a.s. fell sick, Prophet Mohammad(pbuh&hf) asked Hazrat Ali a.s. that why he does not make an avowal(Nazar,Mannat) for the quick health of both children. When ALLAH blessed the children with health Hazrat Ali a.s. and Hazrat Fatima a.s. decided to complete their avowal. They decided to fast for three regular days. When grandsons of Prophet Mohammad(pbuh&hf) heard about the avowal they also decide to take part in it with their parents. The servant Fizza r.a. also decided to participate in avowal. At breaking time of the fast every night a beggar comes to the door of Ahle Bait a.s. and ask for the food. Every member of the house of Ahle Bait a.s. gave their food to the beggar and break the fast with salt. This continued for three regular fasts. ALLAH revealed this situation in verses 7 to 9 of Surah Al Dahr: ‘’ They [are those who] fulfill [their] vows and fear a Day whose evil will be widespread.

And they give food in spite of love for it to the needy, the orphan, and the captive. [Saying], We feed you only for the countenance of Allah . We wish not from you reward or gratitude’’.

In the following verses Holy Quran reveals the reward of this deed by telling the blessings of paradise(Jannat). The verse 22 says that ‘’ [And it will be said], Indeed, this is for you a reward, and your effort has been appreciated’’.

The Ahle Sunnat religious scholars such as Imam Razi, Allam Zamakshari, Allama Nizam uddin Nishpuri, Ali Ahmed Al Wahdi and others have written the details of this incident in their books. Further details can be read from Ahle Sunnat books Al-Durr-ul-Manthoor of Hafez Jalaaluddeen al-Suyooti, Al-Bahr al-Moheet of Abu Hayyan al-Aandloosi and Yanabee’ al-Mawaddah of Hafez Sulaiman Qundoozi Al Hanfi. Most Shia religious scholars have similar views about Surah Al Dahr.

Apart from other reason the selection of Surah Al Dahr for this talisman is made due to the reward of human effort from ALLAH. The reward of human effort is this Surah is paradise(Jannat). Paradise is a place where everything will be in the perfect excellence. Due to the blessings of this talisman the difficulties of life are turned into happiness and stability by ALLAH.

Everything in the universe is created with a purpose to fulfil. Every material found on earth is to benefit human race. With development of human intelligence he discovered the use of hidden energy in these materials. Gemstones always attract human attention with their beautiful colours and shape. Frome the crowns of kings and queens to the houses of rich gemstones are always a part of human history. Kings placed gemstones in crown and throne for the stability and longevity of their reign. Gemstones also work as the tool to attract wealth, luxury and success. The important role of gemstone in human life is found in history.

We have selected few gemstones for this talisman. These gemstones are not for the beauty of the talisman but they are used due to their hidden powers and magical connection with this talisman. We give a short introduction of gemstone used in the talisman. Cats Eye has the power to protect its wearer from black magic, evil eye, jinns and other negative entities. If cats eye is tied to the arm or body she will deliver the baby with ease. The best place is to tie the gemstone in the hairs of a pregnant woman. The wearer of cats eye will be dealt with respect and dignity in the society. It is also famous for winning the heats and to bring success in the matters of heart. Traditions also say that cats eye was also used to defeat the enemy. The leading commander of the army put the stone in his ring or in the neck to overcome his enemies in the battle.

Pearl is also used in this talisman. It is known as Marwareed in sub continent and Lulu in Arabic. Royals have a special bond with pearl. From Mughals of India to the kings of Europe and Persia pearl was always the essential part of life. Pearl is known for the stability and happiness in life. The wearer of the stone will live a great married life. It is also known to absorb the spiritual powers of a person. It brings calm and peace to heart.

Opal is famous for miraculous powers. It can turn a beggar to a king. In human history opal was used to have higher value than diamond. It removes bad luck and opens the doors of great luck. It also brings success in romance. Opal has unique place in the world of spirituality.

Turquoise has a prominent place in Islamic history. We found many traditions where Aima Ahle Bait a.s. put turquoise in the rings. Turquoise protects from vicious animals and disasters. It is very helpful for protection against evil eye. It provides energy to heart. It helps to control anger. Turquoise brings control over opponents. Those who are fond of any race can benefit from turquoise.

Topaz helps to ease the troublesome matters of life and protects against failures by creating favourable atmosphere for its wearer. Business man can achieve high profits by wearing the ring or necklace of topaz. It overcomes adultery and unfaithfulness that results in a great success in love and marriage. It protects from separation of love and other relatives. It is also very helpful to attract wealth. Those who wear topaz will be seen with great respect in the high ranking officials. Its wearer will achieve a great status in the society.

Sang e Mahi is also known as Sang Sarey Mahi. It is stone that is produced in the head of the fish. It is associated to the planet Jupiter. During the Jupiter Exalt a spiritual course in performed to become rich.

Ruby is another gemstone that has been used in this talisman. It is narrated that Imam Ali a.s. was used to wear ruby in one of his rings. The traditions associated to Ahle Bait a.s. show that ruby removes poverty. It is very helpful for job and to start own business. Ruby protects from sickness and gives control over enemy. It fills the heart with enthusiasm and happiness. It enables a person to stand firm in the difficult period of life. Ruby helps to make good relations with high ranking officials and with important people of the society. It removes all sort of doubts from heart.


The picture of the talisman given is according to the website layout. The original talisman may be a little bit different.

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