Saturn Dignity 5 June To 18 June 2016

The planet Saturn will start its journey towards ‘Dignity’ from 5th June 2016 at 01:24:43 and will remain in this state till 18th June 2016 at 08:31 morning time. Please note that time given here is of Pakistan.

Since ancient time astrologers associate planet Saturn with misfortune and misery. Saturn negativity is a world known fact. Saturn is the seventh planet of our solar system. It is the ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius.

We can say that Saturn has the opposite characteristics of all benefic planets. Some astrologers call Saturn Ruler Of The Malefics. It has been feared as the ruler of sickness, poverty, loss of love and death. It brings delay and obstacles.

But this is only the one side of the coin. Saturn is not always a malefic planet. It brings wisdom, survival skills, seriousness and awareness of attitude towards life that resulted in various problems. It leads to adopt discipline in life and sense of responsibility to lead a better life. Saturn is a teacher of life.

When Saturn is exalted or is in Dignity it brings wealth through property, lands and other assets. It brings stability to life including finances and permanent job. Saturn plays a major role in spiritual development. When Saturn takes is journey towards dignity and exalt it turns negativity into positivity.

At this auspicious time we are making various talisman related to Saturn. Those who are under the malicious circle of Saturn (Sarth Satti) can also benefit from this time by having its talisman to remove its negative influence. The other talismans include world famous Saturn Talisman Az Ghayat Al Hakeem. You can read the details of the article here:

A Saturn ring will also be available for those who have Alif, Baa, Jeem and Daal as the first letter of their name. The link is given here for your interest:

Loh e Nusrat is a great talisman for the stability in married life and business partnership. The talisman is also used to overcome enemies and for safety. You can read the details here:

Greatest And Unique Talisman Of Prophet Suleiman

Every human wants success in every matter of life. At this auspicious event we present a talisman associated to Prophet Suleiman a.s. which has never been presented before in any book. The talisman holds the spiritual powers of Surah Al Dahar of Holy Quran. The values of the entire Surah have been placed by a special method of ILM e Jafr. The values of three sides make the total of Surah Al Dahar and other two sides make a total of 12. For details please visit the link:


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