Venus Dignity 10 June 2016

The planet Venus will enter in the state of Dignity on 10th June at 16:49 and will remain dignified till 11th June 2016 at 12:21 as per Pakistan standard time.

Venus is associated to the discipline in human life. It is the ruler of 2nd and 7th house. The second house belongs to wealth whereas the seventh house to life partner and partnership. Various talisman and amulets can be prepared during the positive state of Venus related to the conquest of masses, winning the heart of a particular person, marriage with a desired person and attracting wealth.

Winning The Heart OF Masses And A Person

Love is the most important element among living beings. The one who has the power to win hearts is known as uncrowned king. The talisman presented is written by Sheikh Abdul Majeed Maghribi in his book Mufati Al Jaffr and also by respected Kaash Al Barni. For details please visit the link:


Amicable Numbers Talisman For Love And Conquest

Amicable numbers holds a prominent place in the world of spirituality and occult. The amicable numbers are also knows as Love Pair due to their magical powers in love and conquest of all sorts. Please visit the link for details:


Attracting Wealth

All human efforts are focused on financial stability. We work hard to have enough wealth to meet our requirements. All our efforts fell short of our needs and expectations. The Venus wealth talisman opens doors of opportunities to have financial stability. Please visit the links and read under ‘’Wealth’’:


Harmony And Unity In Relations

Life brings good and bad. Sometimes human behavior brings fear of losing someone we keep close to heart. The relations that look stronger and mightier than sky touching mountains fall apart like a fragile glass. A talisman of Hakim Tarablisi is presented to create love and understanding among couples and troubled relations.
Please visit the link under ‘’Unity Talisman’’:


Greatest And Unique Talisman Of Prophet Suleiman

Every human wants success in every matter of life. At this auspicious event we present a talisman associated to Prophet Suleiman a.s. which has never been presented before in any book. The talisman holds the spiritual powers of Surah Al Dahar of Holy Quran. The values of the entire Surah have been placed by a special method of ILM e Jafr. The values of three sides make the total of Surah Al Dahar and other two sides make a total of 12. For details please visit the link:


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