Huruf al Muqatta’at – Disjoined Letters

We find 29 Surahs of Holy Quran starting with Muqatta’at. These are also known as Huruf al Muqatta’at. The meaning of Muqatta’at is disjoined or disconnected letters. Sometimes Muqatta’at are also called “Openers’’ because they appear at the start of a Surah.

We can read great details about Huruf al Muqatta’at in many Islamic books. We are writing here about a special ring that is prepared with the “Hidden Spiritual Powers” of these letters and method of ‘’zakat’’ for Huruf al Muqatta’at.

Another ring made with Huroof e Muqtta’at can been seen from this link  .

There are many methods to make ring of Huruf al Muqatta’at. One of the method is to obtain numeric value of letter Kaaf Haa Yaa Aein Sa’ad and Haa Meem Aein Seen Qaaf from lunar alphabet. Draw a 3×3 box as per fire element template on silver ring and wear it on the smallest finger of your hand. With the blessings of Almighty ALLAH you will always enough money to fulfill your needs. The ring of Huroof al Muqatta’at  will be made on Sunday during sunrise in the first dates of Moon.

Zakat of Huroof Al Muqatta’at

The term ”Zakat” means the recitation or writing of a particular letter, word, verse for a particular number of times and days to achieve the authority to use it according to our desire and need.

This is very special method of zakat of Huroof al Muqatta’at. It is not possible for everybody to do it therefore make sure that when you start the zakat you do not leave it till its completion. The zakat of Huroof al Muqatta’at will give you power to achieve all goals of life and to fulfill every desire and you will not need any other spiritual method. During zakat you have to abstain from raw onion, garlic and Asian radish. You should also refrain from activities not permitted by the religion. The time period of this zakat is lengthy but if you are determined then you can do it.

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Before explaining method of zakat we would like to present two tables. These tables will give you the Huroof al Muqatta’at with their Angels and days.

Huroof al Muqatta’at Angels

The numeric value of letter Aliph ( ا ) is 1 and its servient (Muwakkal) is Israfil. The values along with servient can be find in similar manner.

Huroof Al Muqatta’at Days

  1. Zakat of letter Aliph ( ا ) will be started on Saturday.
  2. Zakat of letter Haa ( ھ ) will be started from Thursday .
  3. Zakat of letters Taa, yaa, Kaaf, Laam (ط ی ک ل ) will be started from Tuesday.
  4. Zakat of letters Meem, Noon, Seen, Aein ( م ن س ع ) will be started from Sunday.
  5. Zakat of letters Qaaf and Raa ( ق ر  ) will be started from Friday.

Now we explain the method of zakat of Huroof al Muqatta’at. Recite the conjuration of every letter with its servient-muwakkal name as per the numeric value of the letter. You will also recite the conjuration for the number of days according to its numeric value. For example you want to the give the zakat of letter Aein ( ع ), we will look at the table given earlier. The numeric value of letter Aein ( ع ) is 70 and name of the servient-muwakkal is ‘’Lau-ma-eelo ( لومائیل ). Now look at days column and we find Sunday is the associated day therefore we will start the zakat on Sunday. The following conjuration will be recited for this letter:

اَقسَمتُ عَلَیکُم وَ عَزَّمْتُ عَلَیْکُمْ یَا لَوْمَائِیلُ بحق یا عین

Aqsamto alaikum wa azzamto alaikum yaa Lau-ma-eelo bee haq e yaa Aein

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From Sunday you will recite it for 70 times for continuous 70 days. After 70 days your zakat for Huroof al Muqatta’at letter Aein ( ع ) will be completed.      

The zakat for other Huroof al Muqatta’at will be completed. The entire duration of Huroof al Muqatta’at zakat is 693 days.



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  1. Salam alaikum.
    What if we miss it one or two days..
    What if we eat raw onions or garlic without knowing.. Please reply.. Khuda Hafiz..

  2. Salam,

    There are two possibilities for missing days. One is to that you have started the zakat of a letter and you miss one or two days, in this case you have to start the zakat again.

    The other possibility is that you have completed the zakat of a letter but cannot start the zakat of other letter for few days. In this case there is no problem in missing days.

    As far as eating of raw onion and garlic is concerned, spiritualists have the opinion to avoid these things as they are the source of bad breath. They also say that eating these things can effect the amal you are doing. If you eat it accidentally there is no harm, make sure to clean your teeth and eat something of good aroma such as green cardamom .

    Best wishes.

  3. Sallam alaikum, i have been trying to get my names numeric value, and my mother’s name numeric value as well but i can’t just get it right, please can you help me in anyway? My name is ALIYU and my mother’s IDAYAT, thanks.

  4. Salam,

    Here are numeric values of names required by you.

    ALIYU numeric value is:
    A: 1, L : 30, I : 9, Y : 700, U : 300 – Total : 1040

    IDAYAT numeric value is:
    I : 9 , D : 4, A : 1, Y : 700, A : 1, T : 200 – Total : 915

    Total numeric of both names will be: 1955

    With best regards.

  5. Salam alaikum,

    I was very happy to know that my query was answered by you so promptly.
    I really thank you for that.
    I am from Chennai, India. And I work in Bangalore.
    I need further help from you. I would very humbly request you to answer the following:
    I want the values for my name and the names of my Family Members.
    Mir Maqsood Ali s/o Mir Hyder Ali,
    Nayara Begum urf Tamanna( my wife ) d/o Ahmadi Begum, Kiran Zehra ( my eldest daughter) Sana Fathima ( my younger daughter) Mir Hyder Abbas ( my son – the youngest )
    I would be very great full for this noble gesture of yours.
    Also, my wife is suffering from pain in the right leg since the past 1 and half years. Doctors say reports are normal. But the pain is huge. Severe pain when nearing New Moon. I don’t know why.
    Was Salam.

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