Health And Cure : Sun Mars Sextile December 2016

Nature has provided vital sources for the life and protection of every creation living on planet Earth. If we look closely we will find that nature is always very generous to humans. It is not wrong to say that the entire universe has been created for humans. It looks that nature is in great love with humans as it has provided fresh air to breathe, food and fruits in countless variety. It has given sunshine during working hours and the magical moonlight and sparkling stars to sooth and comfort body and mind of a person at night when he wants to rest.

Nature’s generosity to humans has not stopped here. It also provided a protective physical system to guard against diseases. Along with immune system nature also gave wisdom so that human can experiment to make medicine to get cure and health.

Though humans have achieved great success in medical science yet they are unable to find the cause of every disease. It also happens that due to the negligence of doctor the exact causes of disease are overlooked due to this reason a person has to spend his life fighting the sickness. His happy and healthy life is eclipsed by a disease.

Everything has been created for the benefits of humans. Apart from other things nature has provided a planetary system and human life is dependent on the movement of these planets. Every planet is associated with different body parts and diseases. People now pay special attention to the effects of planets on their life.

From our solar system the planet Sun and Mars have great effects on our health. The power and weakness of these planets put good and bad effects on health. The sextile of Sun and Mars is considered an auspicious time. During this time various spiritual items are made and courses are done to get cure and good health. On this event we are presenting a very simple and powerful spiritual course. It is beneficial for those who are suffering from disease without proper findings of the causes of the sickness or those who are using medicines for a long time but are not getting full health. The disease strikes at regular intervals.

During the Sun Mars sextile at the time of the event give three kgs. of Oats or green Urad lentil. The patient must lie straight on the floor and the other person pours oats or green urad on the stomach of patient. During this exercise the patient must recite ‘’Al Haseebo’’ for 70 times. When this exercise is completed throw oat or urad in the sea, river, lake or at a place where fish can eat it.

Perform the same exercise for next six days at the same time and place. During this course it is not allowed to change the time and place. The duration of the course is seven days. With the blessings of Almighty ALLAH soon the patient will get full cure and good health no matter how hard his sickness is.

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